What follows is a recent Spirit Session regarding relationship concerns. This session was 40 minutes in length.

January 2003

Information From The Records as Accessed By Master of Spirit (MS), which is Higher Spirit.

Higher Spirit speaking through Hugh Harmon, Pamela Chilton asking questions at request of


Name is: _____________. Date of Birth is: _________ . Please give from the Records the place of birth.

HS: Place of Birth is _______________.

Yes, these are the correct records. First question: How many times has this soul incarnated into human form?

HS: Seven

Please give his last three Earth incarnations before this one, with the gender, name, date of birth, place of birth, greatest interest in that life and manner and date of death.

HS: 1777, Aug. 8th, Martha Jerimia, rural part of Pennsylvania. Wife, mother, farming, rural. Gave birth to 5 children. Died of consumption in 1828. No associations from that life seen in this life.

1612, Jan. 3rd. John Adam Princeton. Sussex, England. Barrister (law). Upper middle income. Married to Jane Rubbles, three children. Died at age 35. Gun shot wound from a street person. Was very unusual for guns werenít very well known in that area, but somebody who was trying to rob him. What you would call today a mugger or robber. Shot in left side of chest, perforating the pericardium (heart). Bled internally and externally, expired very shortly. His wife used income from his investments to provide for their growing children.

Is any one from that life in this life today?

HS: he will encounter that same person and he will be aware, a sense of awareness, of that person [who killed him] although the person in this life will not be a threat to him. He has, to the best of these knowledge of these records, not encountered that person yet. Maybe he has, but we have no (indication of this). Interesting, it will be female in this body in this life.

Thank you. And the life before that?

HS: 1512. Umbangondo. Sounds like. Native name. Central Congo Tribe in Africa continent. A great hunter. Was a Tribal Elder. Died of natural causes at 42 years of age.

Anyone in that life in todayís life?

HS: I see one and none. I donít know what that means. Maybe one that he knew earlier but is no longer in his life.

Please give the past lives, if any, in which his life partner today, _______________, was associated with him and the nature of the association.

HS: 42 B.C. Mesopotamia . Both were males in the service of the Emperor/Leader of Mesopotamia. They were soldiers. Guards. Close friends.

Were they lovers?

HS: Perhaps. I donít have that showing here. Both were killed in the service of the Emperor in a battle.

What brings them together in this life?

HS: You might surmise their continuing their life lesson in this life that was cut short in that life before they completed their lesson of service, giving service more than just the Emperor, to the spirit of living, of life, and this might now be directed toward your author in this life time called LIGHT.

He writes: I am interested in knowing about my current physical and emotional detachment: I have intuition about a possible sexual abuse encounter when I was younger. Is this the case, and is it the cause for my lack of physical intimacy?

HS: There was several incidents at an early age where some molestation took place, but the major influence is fear of losing the relationship, which was part of the past life in Mesopotamia and also a continuum in this life. it can be accomplished when he releases fear and moves through the releasement into the light, into the joy of giving as well as receiving.

So does this mean the sexual molestation is resolved that there is not any trauma that remains?

HS: All that memory is stored in his memory bank and you, as a therapist, must know the answer to that.

As a therapist, I would say probably has to be addressed.

HS: Probably would help him, being administered in regression therapy and finding the sources. If I told him he would find it unnecessary to do the regression so he would not have the benefit of healing the old wounds.

I am interested in knowing why I feel "different" than others. I sometimes believe that I have not been incarnating on Earth for many lifetimes. Is this the case?

HS: You have the number. (Yes, not too many.) And before that he was in spirit observing and sometimes attaching to those to feel the sensate of a physical form. When he finds his healing as a child and moves into the feeling of giving and helping Earth create the balance he needs, he will find that sensation of love that he sorely seeks. Itís not about physical, itís about spiritual.

And then his lack of emotional and physical connectedness?

H.S. Will be open because he will find his spiritual, what you would call Higher Self. Certainly he could benefit from hypnosis, but he could learn perhaps a greater degree of connectedness to that spirit [his] through a form of meditation that elevates him to that level of Higher Self.

Are there other traumas that are limiting him other than the molestation?

MS: Well, if he finds a good therapist once healing this life, they might find the past life trauma healed or perhaps touching on those life times would help administer a soothing balm to his heart, which was pierced if you recall.

So these are the current life lesson?


He asks why he chose to be Ďgayí - our current word for homosexual - in this life time, was this choice made before incarnating?

HS: Itís a continuum of the previous life time in Mesopotamia.

He writes: I am very interested in knowing what role I have in this lifetime - is it more to work on myself, or helping others, or combinations of both?

HS: He will accomplish the healing of self through the service of spirit. He will find a very healing energy in spiritual state as he communicates with spirit and promotes the healing of the Earth through Light.

He lives in Atlanta, and heís wondering if Atlanta is to his highest good or if there is a Highest Good Path that leads him elsewhere?

HS: His life is more of spiritual plane than a physical so it matters not where he lives, eventually he will seek and find what he wants in the spiritual aspects of his Higher Self , thus resolving his place, because Higher Self will give him the guidance that he needs.

His final question is: Is there any other general guidance or information that would be to my highest good at this time?

HS: If he will place the three fingers - first, middle and ring finger - of his left hand on the center of his forehead which you commonly call the third eye, he will gain illumination. Goodbye.

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