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Odyssey Of The Soul
Seven Simple Steps for 
Health and Well Being

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of the Soul 

Hugh Harmon, Ph.D. 
Pamela Chilton, C.Ht.
Book ISBN: 0-9659891-0-0

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Seven Simple Steps for 
Health and Well Being


The power of suggestion cannot be overestimated. Successful people in all fields use it. Advertisers, promoters, coaches, sales people, business leaders, teachers, healers, hypnotists - all use it. You can use it too.
One of the "miracles" of "today" is the realization that cells respond to what you say and think as well as what you do. Use the power of suggestion to talk and think your way to vibrant health and joyful well being.
How? Make a statement you know to be true and link it with a statement you want to be true. For Example:
  • "Bodies have an amazing ability to heal." This is true. Think how many scrapes, cuts, burns and bruises your body has healed in your life time. Now add: "My body heals and keeps itself well."
  • "The cells of the body and the brain regenerate continually." This is true. Now add: "My brain and body renew themselves daily. I renew my health and youth every time I breathe."
  • "Bodies that store fat well are built for survival in times of starvation." This is true. Now add: "Now that I know my body stores fat well and these are not times of starvation, it’s safe for my body to metabolize away a pound of fat a day until it weighs ________ pounds again."
  • Have you been told you have a fatal or irreversible condition? Say to yourself, your doctor and everyone else: "There are always exceptions to every rule. The body has an ability to heal that amazes even the most skeptical doctors." This is true. Now add: "I feel my body healing itself so perfectly and rapidly right now that I know I am the exception." Afraid that smacks of denial? Then put your affairs in order and add this as well: "Everything’s in order, I’m ready for anything, even healing and great health."
Hypnotist Hint: The power of suggestion increases through repetition. Repeat your positive suggestions seven times daily.


Do what "spin doctors" do: Deliberately put a positive spin on every negative.
Have negative thoughts you just can’t shake? Sit in a favorite chair. Close your eyes. Imagine the darkness behind your lids is the blackboard of your mind and written on that blackboard is a negative thought you don’t want. Take three deep breaths, then say it aloud. Now say: "I’ve thought this before, but I don’t want it to be true for me anymore. I erase and replace this thought now." Imagine you are erasing the negative from the blackboard, moving the eraser and your eyes side to side beneath your lids. Think as you erase that your subconscious is removing this thought forever. Now imagine you are writing a positive thought on the board to take its place.
EXAMPLE: Erase "I never get what I want" and replace with "I always get what I want."
Hypnotist Hint: If you are not visual, just imagine what you would see if you could see and what you would hear or feel. This works just as well!


Negativity is contagious, avoid it. When it can’t be avoided, counter suggest by thinking mentally: "True for you if you want it to be, not true for me."
Avoid arguing. If someone makes a thoughtful point to which you have a thoughtful counterpoint—make it. To idiotic statements simply reply, "Amazing." They will think you think they are amazing, which will mollify and flatter them while you are thinking, "Amazing how idiotic that is."
Avoid situations where trouble is likely to be served. If trouble begins to brew, leave. Society today is terribly intolerant of "mistakes", "folly", "foolhardiness" and "thoughtlessness". Be adventurous but err on the side of caution.
Hypnotist Hint: Always suggest what you DO want, not what you DON’T want.


"Positivity" is contagious too. Nurture your relationships with people who are infectious with enthusiasm and joy.
Compliment people and pets - old, young and in-between. There is something special about every one at any given moment. Find what’s special and comment on it. Then think: "Like attracts like. I feel great."
Most people know that positive is best. If you try to be positive, but just can’t seem to break old negative patterns of thought and behavior, or you become angry and resistant trying to do so - seek counseling. A good counselor will help you and will know how to refer you to a good therapist if therapy is needed.


Food fuels your body and your body needs good fuel. What you eat affects mind, mood, and motivation.
When you must eat "junk" food—Water It, Bless It, Breathe It Out. Before eating, drink a glass of water and think, "Water is good for the body. This water fills me and energizes me." After you eat, breathe aerobically for seven minutes. Breathe out through the mouth. Inhale deeply through the nose. Expel the breath rapidly through the mouth while pulling in your abdominal muscles to push it out. Hold your stomach in without taking another breath for seven seconds. Repeat whole sequence. Think of the oxygen providing combustion for the food fuel you just took in. As you exhale think of this oxygen and fuel "burning up" the calories for immediate use and your body later "dumping" what it didn’t need.
Suggest—in writing—to your local grocer that the store offer fish, fowl, beef, and other animal meats from sources proven to be free of injected hormones and feed filled with pesticides. Or buy from organic or kosher sources. Livestock that is caged its whole life in cramped quarters and livestock that is slaughtered inhumanely store stress in their flesh. You must avoid stress.
Soak fruits, vegetables (including potatoes) for three minutes in a sink half full of water to which a capful of real (not generic) Clorox bleach (no substitutes) has been added. This will remove the pesticides that have permeated through the skin and will kill harmful bacteria. Then soak for three minutes in a sink half full of clear water. The steps will become so automatic you will not mind, especially when you think of the health benefits gained. The "normal" daily assault on your immune system from today’s environmental toxins is already on overload—why add to it. Soak eggs last to kill the salmonella on the eggs.
Some people say that soaking diminishes vitamins and minerals in fruits and vegetables. The truth is, most food today is so depleted of vitamins and minerals that the trade-off of less pesticides and bacteria is the better bargain. Because food is so depleted, take essential vitamins, minerals and good bacteria in daily supplements. The increased nutrition can dramatically reduce the compulsion to over-eat as well as add to your good health. Note: Eating to 80% of full brings better health and longer life.
"Nuke" "junk" food only. Microwave cooking changes the chemistry in food and robs it of the nutritional value your body needs.
Bless your food. If you are not spiritually inclined, keep in mind that, statistically, the "spiritually oriented" heal quicker and report greater satisfaction in all facets of their lives. Light is a spiritual force for many and a life giving force for all. Bless your food with mental thoughts of Light while you bless nature for its bounty.
Get sunlight daily. Be sensible about it, but get it. Sunlight is a direct source of healing energy and sustains the life force the body, mind, and spirit need daily.
Hypnotist Hint: Remind yourself seven times a day of the weight, shape and fitness you desire and everything you eat, drink and do supports the fulfillment of these desires.


When you are seeking to improve or change your physical being in any way—do it lovingly. Would you degrade, humiliate, harangue, insult, or in any way hurt the feelings of a beloved pet in order to get it to lose weight, gain weight, heal or cooperate with you in some way? Then why would you do that to the very body that you need to cooperate with you in every way? Speak and think of your body kindly. Speak to it soothingly. Compliment it. Encourage it to accept the goals you seek. Promise it a reward for reaching the goal. Then set "mini-goals" along the way and reward yourself and your body every time you reach a mini-goal. Let movement (any kind of exercise) be a reward. Your body LOVES movement.
Refuse to ingest, inhale, swallow, inject, sniff, or absorb any drug—whether "approved" or "disapproved"—that has any possibility of side effects that are harmful to the body or its brain. Your body and brain are precious to you. No one is as committed to protecting them as you should be. Remember, many herbs affect the brain and body as powerfully as caffeine and nicotine. "Thrill rides" can harm the brain and the central nervous system. Be adventurous, but err on the side of caution.
Read everything you can find on the medications and supplements you are considering taking. Your doctor doesn’t have the time. Your health is your responsibility. If there are bad effects for even one person, why take the chance you will be next? Ask your doctor if you can take a minuscule amount while you monitor your reactions. Trust your intuition, consult with your doctor, and reject what your body rejects.
Eliminate allergies in yourself and your loved ones. The immune system is already overtaxed in today’s stressful and toxic environments. Use the Allergone Allergy Correction Method® to end your allergies. Posted @
Hypnotist Hint: Just after you wake and just before you fall asleep are powerful moments for empowering self-suggestion.

(7) Lighten Up Daily.

For seven minutes a day pause and withdraw from the daily fray. Close your eyes. Take three deep breaths. Tell yourself you wish to meditate for five minutes. (Or however long you desire.) Keep your eyes behind your closed lids focused on the spot where your third eye is. This will quiet your mind. (Notice when your eyes are closed that when your thoughts wander, your eyes wander too.) The first several times you will need to gently bring your eyes back and up to focus on your third eye position. Eventually, this will happen automatically and your mind will learn to become silent. Done daily, your intuition, psychic awareness and spiritual guidance will open more each time.
Seven times a day take a few seconds to silently - without talk or thought or pray or affirmation - bless and heal the Earth with your spiritual light. Close your eyes and focus them on your third eye position. In your mind’s eye, imagine you are holding planet Earth between your hands. In your mind’s eye see or sense white light beaming through your third eye to surround and fill the Earth with white light. The Earth and every being and thing upon it need the light of your spirit. Lighten-Up several times daily. When you are done, think of a protective Gold God Light surrounding Earth.
Hypnotist Hint: After you have added to your light by lighting the Earth, use it to help yourself and your loved ones. Think of white spiritual light filling your mind, body, and spirit and the Gold God Light surrounding you. The light with you now adds power to your thoughts. Image how you would like to look and feel, and other goals important to you. THINK of having already achieved these goals and FEEL the excitement of that achievement. Now think of people and pets and places important to you. Fill them with white light and surround them with gold light. This Gold God Light not only shields from all that is not to the higher good, it attracts positive wealth and health. Don’t forget loved ones who are in spirit. Remember world leaders and the peoples of the world. Daily Light enlightens us all.
Surround The Earth With Light

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    It is not just the individual that needs healing. Chilton and Harmon emphasize that the Earth itself needs spiritual healing, and that the spiritual energy produced by focusing more individual energy, or prayer, towards healing is exactly what the Earth needs to regain its balance. "Multiply the human minds focused on light and the positive effects multiply. Surround the earth with Light and all the world benefits," say  the authors. 

    Together, Pamela Chilton, C.Ht. and Hugh Harmon, Ph.D. wrote Odyssey of the Soul -- the first in a trilogy of spiritually infused books of healing for individuals and the Earth. The book is recommended as a resource for articles and interviews about metaphysics, victims of abuse, and people who are ill. Collectively, the techniques in the book will help impact our world problems with the environment and other issues. 

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