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Odyssey Of The Soul
Seven Simple Steps to Begin a 
Spiritual Odyssey

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of the Soul 

Dr. Hugh Harmon, Ph.D. 
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Pack your bags! For some of us, the idea of beginning a spiritual adventure sounds like a fantasy vacation. But, like all great adventures, it's good to have a guidebook and some destinations in mind. 

Seven Simple Steps to Begin a Spiritual Odyssey:

(1) Realize that you are spirit. 

You are not your body. You are spirit. When your body dies, you will not die. You will move into the higher vibrations of spirit to assess your life experiences, what you have learned in them, and what your spirit needs and desires for further learning. The strongest desire of your spirit is to grow in awareness and understanding. Embrace life in all its "ups" and "downs", for your spirit rejoices in the opportunity to learn through all of life's experiences.

(2) Become sensitive to all living things.

Without spirit, life cannot be. All living organisms have with them a level of spirit intelligence that can be "tuned into" mentally. Listen with your intuitive mind. Spirit communicates through thought, so when you ask to receive, listen to your thoughts.

While form is not spirit, do honor the forms of spirit for they are the creations of The Creator that house spirit. As all humans - even vegetarians - survive through the death of other living organisms, see death as part of the cycle of life, but be humane in your treatment of the life forms that sustain your own. Spirit does not die, but does feel the pain and suffering of the form it is in. When you must be the agent of death, suffering or pain, do so with honor and respect. 

(3) Accept the greatness of your spirit.

You are a part of The Creator that is The Source of all Creation. Be wary of the thoughts you think and the words you speak, for within you is the spiritual essence that gives what you say and what you think the power to create your destiny.

Examine the beliefs you hold as well as the opinions held by those who raised you and those who have influenced you. When your mind was young and even today, when it is unguarded (like when you are reading, making social conversation, or watching films), you do not always think to counteract the opinions of others. The opinions of those who raised you and those who influence you because you admire them OR fear them are often "absorbed" by the subconscious as "subconscious programs" you are not even aware you have. Such programs are part of the "automatic programming" that affects the emotions and drives the behavior that affects your life.

Make it a habit to erase from your mind the conscious and subconscious thoughts that resist or restrain your greatness. Some of these negative thoughts you may know. Others are those you suspect you have or could have. Because this process requires a state of highly focused concentration, find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. State aloud the negative thought or the belief you want to make sure is not part of your subconscious "programming". Then say aloud, "This may be true for some, it is not true for me. I erase this thought from my mind now and replace it with (state the positive thought you wish to put in its place)." 

Take a deep breath and close your eyes. Let your eyes float gently up as high as is comfortable and take another deep breath. Now focus your eyes beneath your lids on a spot in the lower middle of your forehead. Now think or state aloud, "Open to the programming center of my mind".

Imagine the blackness you see in your mind is the "blackboard" of your mind. Imagine this "blackboard" is the place you go to direct the programming level of your subconscious mind. Now imagine that written on this "blackboard" is the negative thought or belief you choose not to have. (If you don't see this, just imagine it is there. It works just the same.) Now imagine you are "erasing" this thought from the "blackboard" of your mind with big eraser. Actually moving your eyes side to side (without moving your head) as you erase this thought is very effective. If you like, lift up your hand and move it as though you are erasing the board while following the shadow of your moving hand with your eyes (keeping your head still). . 

Now, imagine you are writing the positive thought you chose to replace the negative on the blackboard of your mind. When you are done, raise your eyes up and down (while keeping the head still) and say the positive thought aloud, followed by, "This is my truth."

If you wish to hasten this process, keep a list of all the negative beliefs you think you might have "picked up" in your past. As you "erase" each one from the "blackboard" of your mind, cross it off your list. Never do more than one at a "sitting" as this is not effective when you are doing this process yourself. If a hypnotist is doing this "erasing" for you, several can be done at one time.

(4) Connect with your spirit.

The greater whole of your spirit is not part of your physical being and is not affected by your brain, your body, your beliefs, or your emotions. This part holds the knowledge of your spirit and remains connected always to the higher levels of spirit and to the Creator. This part uses its knowledge, as well as the knowledge to which it has access, to guide you in the experiences necessary for the growth of your awareness and understanding and to protect you from that which you do not need to meet. Many call this part The Higher Self, but there are many names that are used as well. Among these are: Spiritual Self. Over-Soul. Atman. Guardian Angel. By whatever name you choose to call it, call on its guidance and counsel daily.

Connect with this part in daily meditation. Sit quietly where you will not be interrupted. Choose silence or a background sound that does not invite the attention of your mind and soothes, rather than excites, your body. If you have a question to ask this spiritual part of yourself, ask your question aloud before beginning the meditation as this is helpful in focusing the attention of your spiritual self on your question.

Close your eyes. Breathe deeply. Let your eyes float gently upwards beneath your lids as high as is comfortable for you. Think to yourself you how long you wish to be in this state of meditation, then focus your eyes (beneath the lids) on the middle of your forehead, on the point some call the "window" or the "gateway" of the mind and others call the "third eye" or "psychic eye". 

Imagine you are moving through this point into the "light" (meaning the higher vibrations) of spirit. With each breath, go deeper. Do not be afraid to lose consciousness. You are not asleep. You are moving into and connecting with the inner, higher levels of spirit. When you once again regain consciousness (which will happen in the time you requested), you may be aware of having received your answer. If you are not, be patient. The answer is there. It will come to you in the manner and at the time you are most open to receiving it.

Know this, the answers you receive are the truth of your spirit for your present level of awareness and understanding. They may not be truth for others. Be prepared, for as you grow in consciousness, your truths will grow also.

This daily connection with your spirit is important, even when you do not have questions to ask, for it lifts your vibrations, expands your consciousness, and makes it easier to cope with the daily challenges of the state of physical being. 

(5) Listen to your spirit.

Learn to discern the "voices" of your thoughts, for it is through thought that your spirit speaks to you.

The quiet "voice" within is the communication from your spiritual self. This "voice" does not direct, coerce, or "fix" you or your life. It offers only awareness, knowledge, and guidance for the best use of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energies.

Nor does your spiritual self argue with the louder "voices" of the ego, false beliefs, and emotions of yourself and others. It speaks to you in the silence of quiet contemplation, solitude, and meditation. It does not inflame the emotions. It seeks to lift the mind to greater awareness and understanding.

Should the louder "voices" refuse to be quieted in times of meditation, give yourself a time to listen to them. Don't censor these "voices", listen to them and address their concerns. If you are unable to resolve these concerns yourself, seek professional counseling.

Often, "stuck" emotions from events in the past can be released by writing about the past events. (If you don't want to write about them, speak them into a recorder.) Write what happened, write how you felt, and "let" each of your "stuck" emotions (like anger, fear, guilt, shame) write how they feel about those events now. Don't be shocked by what your emotional self writes. Remember, these emotions are still "stuck" in the past, even though you have moved forward, and they have had years in which to gather more energy. Help your emotions to find resolution. Talk to yourself. Say, "I can see why I felt as I did and reacted as I did, but I’d do it differently now." Then write how you’d handle that situation with the greater knowledge you have now. If you can't seem to get your emotional self "unstuck", or you become anxious, depressed or irritated by this process, seek professional therapy to help your emotional self resolve the events of your past.

Respect the spiritual guidance of others and honor the spiritual guidance others receive, but do not follow them slavishly. Seek always the truth of your own higher spiritual self. 

Protect yourself from the emotional thoughts of others. Surround yourself with Light (meaning the higher vibrations of higher spirit) daily. 

Do not be overly focused on spirit guides or angels for they come and go as your spiritual self bids them and they shall change as your needs change. The one constant source of guidance in your spiritual odyssey is your spiritual self. Trust in it and its connection to the highest levels of spiritual guidance. 

(6) Ask to be of service.

Your spirit is here for personal reasons. It is also here to serve the greater good for all spirit. Many call this service to the greater good a "calling". Other’s call it their "purpose" or their "mission". Ask daily to serve the greater good and your spiritual self will guide you to your "calling", "mission", and "purpose". You will know you are on the right path by your growing sense of a deep inner joy. 

(7) Lighten-up daily.

At least once a day (more is better), pause to bring Spiritual Light into your life. You can do this wherever you are by simply closing your eyes for a moment. Let your eyes float gently upwards, as high as is comfortable, and focus your mind on the thought of Light coming in through the top of your head. Imagine this Light flowing to your "third eye". (Or "psychic eye" or "mind’s eye", or if you prefer, the "window" or "gateway" of your mind.) 

Now imagine this Light flows from your "third eye" to the Earth. Imagine the Light spreading around the Earth and filling it and all of its organisms from the atmosphere down to the magma with Light. Or imagine a beam of Light going into and through the Earth. Imagine it coming out the other side, shooting out into space, faster even than the speed of Light. Imagine the faster and the father it flows outward, the more the Light beam in the Earth spreads outward to the magma, the surface, the organisms and the atmosphere of Earth. Mentally imagine Earth shinning with Light.

Accept that higher spirit is more aware than you of how to direct the Light of the higher spiritual vibrations for the greater good of Earth and the life forms of the Earth, including its human beings. Refrain from adding thoughts and words to the Light you shine on the Earth. Let your silence be your affirmation that the greater good will prevail. 

When you have finished blessing the Earth with Light, focus your mind on bringing Light into your own body and being. You have a right to direct this Light for yourself. Your thoughts have greater power when you focus the higher vibrations of Light on them, so think of your body in the healthy condition and shape you desire. Think of what you desire in life and imagine this is being drawn to you. The more you Lighten-Up, the greater power you give to this process.

Finally, think of the people (and the places and things) you would like to fill with the higher vibrations of Light. Refrain from thinking or saying aloud what you want this Light to do for others. People tend to resent being told what is best for them, even if it is what is best for them, and will block the energies accompanying such thoughts. The Light you send will lift their vibrations and they will be better able to discern their higher good. Whether they choose that good or not is up to them. Every spirit has free will.

Pray frequently and pray in the manner you choose. Also Lighten-Up daily and as you contribute to the greater good, you will gradually lift your own vibrations to the higher levels of your spirit. When this happens, "miracles" will "Lighten Up" your life!

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    It is not just the individual that needs healing. Chilton and Harmon emphasize that the Earth itself needs spiritual healing, and that the spiritual energy produced by focusing more individual energy, or prayer, towards healing is exactly what the Earth needs to regain its balance. "Multiply the human minds focused on light and the positive effects multiply. Surround the earth with Light and all the world benefits," say  the authors. 

    Together, Pamela Chilton, C.Ht. and Hugh Harmon, Ph.D. wrote Odyssey of the Soul -- the first in a trilogy of spiritually infused books of healing for individuals and the Earth. The book is recommended as a resource for articles and interviews about metaphysics, victims of abuse, and people who are ill. Collectively, the techniques in the book will help impact our world problems with the environment and other issues. 

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