Seven Simple Steps For Simultaneous Orgasms During Male/Female Intercourse

Studies show (one wonders about those studies) only about 30% of women achieve orgasm regularly during intercourse with male partners.  Enter (couldn’t resist) coital alignment technique (CAT).  A study (how many of these are going on??) of sexual response prior to and after CAT training showed only 23% of women achieved orgasm during intercourse on a regular basis.  After CAT training 77% of the women achieved orgasm during intercourse on a regular basis.   Before CAT training no women reported having regular simultaneous orgasms with their partners.  After CAT, one-third of the women reported doing so. 

The CAT position gives clitoral stimulation to the female, but does not allow for deep penetration by the male.  However, once the female begins to orgasm, the male can thrust deeper.  This often can result in simultanous orgasms. 

1.      Female lies on her back.

2.      Male places his pelvis over hers in a ‘riding high’ orientation. 

3.      Female wraps her legs around the male’s thighs, with legs bent at an angle (not exceeding 45 degrees) and her ankles resting on his calves.

4.      Male lowers his torso on female’s torso, placing his weight on her.  If the male is too heavy for her, he can shift part of his body weight to the right or the left so it is partially on the surface beneath the female.  (Important:  Male avoids using his hands or elbows to support his weight.)

5.      The penis enters into the vagina, but shallow enough so the base of the shaft of the penis is pressed firmly the female’s mons veneris – the soft fleshy mound covering the pubic bone. 

6.      The female pushes gently up with her pelvis, the male allows her pelvis to push his pelvis upward while the base of the shaft of his penis maintains a constant pressure on the mons veneris (and thus the clitoris) of the female.   

7.      Reverse step 6.  The male pushes his pelvis downward, pushing the female’s pelvis downward, while keeping a constant pressure with the shaft of his penis on the mones veneris (and thus the clitoris) of the female. 


Hypnotist Hint:  The emotional levels are very suggestible during orgasm.  This is the time to program the positive:  I love you.  I love your body.  I love our bodies together.  You are so exciting.  You are so sexy.  We are so great together. This is so great.  You are so great.  And so on……..