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Odyssey Of The Soul
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of the Soul 

Hugh Harmon, Ph.D.
Pamela Chilton, C.Ht. 
Book ISBN: 0-9659891-0-0

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Story Angles


The mind has an uncanny ability to support the health of the body. By working with your body and your brain through your mind, you can enhance your own natural healing processes. We can all help our bodies heal or stay healthy by taking very simple steps. See backgrounder for Seven Simple Steps for Health and Well Being


Children are very open to “suggestion,” a powerful method of engaging the cooperation of their subconscious minds to help them generate desired results. This means that as a parent, what you say, how you listen and the examples you set can make a difference in their grades, attitudes, behavior, health, and intelligence. See backgrounder for Seven Simple Steps to Great Parenting

Story Angle: New approach to psychology / self help -- SEE THE LIGHT!

Lighten up, these experts suggest. And they aren't talking about finding good Internet jokes. Psychotherapists Pamela Chilton, and Hugh Harmon, Ph.D show people how to become involved in their own personal development and their own healing using spiritual light. By visualizing a powerful light entering the top of your head and flowing out to various parts of your body, to loved-ones, and even the Earth itself, you can make profound improvements in health and other forms of well-being. More info:

Story Angle: HYPNOSIS: What's behind a fascinating and often misunderstood phenomenon

From its popularization in Europe during the Enlightenment, when Franz Anton Mesmer became a sensation in the parlors of wealthy nobility, hypnosis has been a fascinating and often misunderstood phenomenon. Discover the ancient origins of hypnosis and uncover current thinking on the matter --  including how hypnosis is used to control pain during surgery.

Story Angle: The truth behind those  UNCANNY COMMUNICATIONS WITH PETS 

Those of us who have a close relationship with a pet know that aspects of the relationship are uncanny. Do you talk to your pet and feel that they "talk" back? Did you ever think your pet can read your mind or feel that you are communicating non-verbally? From the ancient practices of shaman, who sometimes used animals to communicate with people, to the experience many of us have had of feeling the presence of a recently departed animal friend, looking at the spiritual aspects of pet life is a fascinating subject. More info:


Pack your bags! For some of us, the idea of beginning a spiritual adventure sounds like a fantasy vacation. But, like all great adventures, it's good to have a guidebook and some destinations in mind. See backgrounder for Seven Simple Steps to Begin a Spiritual Odyssey.


For some of us, this sounds impossible, for many females just achieving an orgasm during face to face (missionary position) intercourse is impossible. Or used to be. See backgrounder for Seven Simple Steps For Simultaneous Orgasms. Seven Simple Steps How To Achieve Simultaneous Orgasms.


1.Seven Simple Steps to Health and Well Being

Here are the Seven Simple Steps for Health and Well Being -- suggested by Pamela Chilton, author of Odyssey of the Soul, and specialist in using suggestion as an approach to healing.

(1) Talk yourself into it

(2) Think yourself into it.

(3) Avoid toxic people, suggestions and situations.

(4) Seek and embrace positive people and experiences.

(5) Eat healthy foods.

(6) Be kind to your body and brain. 

(7) Lighten-up with a daily "Light" meditation. (Not light as in "light popcorn." Light, as in the power that guides us all.) 

More details on the above seven steps:
Seven Simple Steps for Health and Well
2.Seven Simple Steps to Great Parenting:
(1) Set a great example.

(2) Use the power of positive suggestion.

(3) Listen more, lecture lesss.

(4) Help your child find positive outlets for negative emotions.

(5) Help your child honor the worthy.

(6) Teach your child to respect other cultures and races. 

(7) Give your child a spiritual foundation.

More details on parenting:
             Seven Simple Steps to Great Parenting

3.Seven Simple Steps to Begin or Enhance a Spiritual Odyssey:

(1) Realize that you are spirit.

(2) Become sensitive to all living things.

(3) Accept the greatness of your spirit.

(4) Connect with your spirit.

(5) Listen to your spirit.

(6) Ask to be of service.

(7) Lighten-up daily.

More details on embarking on a spiritual odyssey:
            Seven Simple Steps to a Spiritual Odyssey

4.Body, Mind and Spirit

Many researchers are coming to the same conclusion: aspects of an individual’s “mind” exist independently of the body and the brain. Sometimes called "spirit," this non-embodied mind communicates with the body and brain of the individual.


The principle of reincarnation is a fundamental belief of the majority of the world's population. While unfamiliar to many individuals in Western cultures, exploration of earlier incarnations as a form of therapy—sometimes called Past-Life Regression Therapy—has become a common practice among many psychotherapists worldwide. More info on Past-Life Regression Therapy:
Past Life Regression
Presentation of A Past Life Regression

For Recording Guiding You To A Past Life Review of One or Your Own Lives Email us or go to

Sometimes children as young as two-years-old spontaneously remember past lives that include startling detail about the circumstances and relationships from those lives. While often dismissed as fantasy, in a number of cases where researchers have been able to confirm these stories. The most famous of these researchers is Dr. Ian Stevenson who has published a number of books on the topic. 


Interview Questions

  • How does hypnosis work?
  • What is the difference between the conscious and the sub-conscious mind?
  • Why is the sub-conscious mind so powerful?
  • How can you use the sub-conscious mind?
  • Pamela says she is performing the act of writing for a spiritual "consciousness" that is the actual author of the second book of the Odyssey Trilogy. Can you tell us more about this?
  • Pamela, I understand that the Bette Midler song "Friends" has special significance for you?
  • What is a spiritual odyssey and how can you safely start one?



    Pamela Chilton & Hugh Harmon 


    Dr. Hugh Harmon, Ph.D. and Pamela Chilton, C.Ht. who are co-authors with the "Master of Light" for the book series Odyssey of the Soul met as teacher and student. They now work together in an extraordinary partnership, offering self-awareness and healing therapy through hypnosis. Their understanding of non-physical realms, numerous modalities of healing and the many levels of human consciousness is literally "mind boggling" as their many readers, clients and students can attest.

    It is not just the individual that needs healing. Chilton and Harmon emphasize that the Earth itself needs spiritual healing, and that the spiritual energy produced by focusing more individual energy, or prayer, towards healing is exactly what the Earth needs to regain its balance. "Multiply the human minds focused on light and the positive effects multiply. Surround the earth with Light and all the world benefits," say  the authors. 

    Together, Pamela Chilton, C.Ht. and Hugh Harmon, Ph.D. wrote Odyssey of the Soul -- the first in a trilogy of spiritually infused books of self-awareness and healing for individuals and the Earth. The book is recommended as a resource for articles and interviews about self-awareness, self-development, metaphysics, victims of abuse, and people seeding physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual healing.

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