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In 1979, Hugh Harmon, Ph.D. (Doctorates in Psychology, Religion, Metaphysics), established a public, non-profit teaching, healing, and research foundation dedicated to discovery, demonstration, and dissemination of knowledge of the mind and of spirit and their effects upon the physical.

After fifty years of study, research, teaching, and clinical practice, Dr. Harmon sides squarely with researchers who have concluded that the mind exists independently of the body/brain, but uses the body/brain when physically embodied. His own research and work have added to the body of evidence suggesting that the non-embodied mind - or that which is generally called spirit - does indeed exist and readily communicates with embodied mind.

Dr. Harmon and his partner, Pamela Chilton - also a teacher and therapist - have dedicated themselves to developing and teaching techniques for:

  • Receiving "spirit communications" with as little interference as possible from the mind of the receiver.
  • Increasing the ability to ascertain the source of spirit communication.
  • Using the power of spirit effectively and responsibly.

Dr. Harmon and Pamela are committed to sharing their tools and knowledge without reservations, but with respect for the reservations of others. Accordingly, they teach private classes and public seminars for those who are desirous of more in-depth information. Their primary goal, however, is to reach as people possible with a simple message of empowerment - how to use the mind more effectively and responsibly for greater control of oneís health, wealth, and everything else. Among the "every thing else" - how this planet earth can be restored to the balance of nature that is beneficial - not destructive - to human life.


copyright: F.R.E.O.M.M.

Permission to copy or duplicate all or part of the following without editorial changes

and with proper credit and references is hereby granted.

  1. Dr. Harmon, Ms. Chilton. There is such a wealth of information in your book itís hard to know where to begin. You cover everything from a simple home process to remove pesticides from our groceries, pressure points to relieve us from allergies, unlocking subconscious programs that prevent our successes in life to the spirituality of humans, the earth, and the universe. Iím going to start with the simplest of my questions. The title of your book, how do you pronounce it and what does it mean?

DR. HARMON: The title of this book trips off the tongue: Apo-cat-a-sta-sis. Itís the first book of a trilogy named "Odyssey of the Soul". "Apocatastasis" is an ancient word. To the alchemists of yore, it was the process of turning lead into gold. To Plato it meant the restoration of a thing or condition to its original, pure state. Hyppocrates used it for the restoration of physical health. The apostles use it in the Greek New Testament when Jesus returns a shriveled hand to normal and when Peter speaks of Jesus restoring all souls in the apocatastasis to come. In the Greek Old Testament it is used to refer to the return of the Jews to the Holy Land and their ultimate return to the heavenly fatherland. The Babylonians used it, as did the Romans. In the Persian folk tale, ĎThe Three Princes of Serendipí, the princes use it to mean the fortune to be found if one looks for the hidden treasures in misfortune.

  1. So would you say "Apocatastasis" is an individualís transformation into their true, or best, self?

PAMELA: Thatís a good definition, though weíd add itís also the transformation of a thing or a condition to its truest, purest form. For example, the restoration of earth to its natural balance and pristine beauty would truly be a universal apocatastasis.

  1. Please tell me the difference between the conscious and the subconscious mind.

DR. HARMON: The conscious mind is the director of thought. The subconscious mind carries out those thoughts by directing the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energies.

  1. How is hypnosis a tool for unlocking our subconscious and why is it important?

PAMELA: Hypnosis is a state of focused concentration. When the mental focus is turned inward, one can find the thoughts - and the emotions attached to them - that have been stored in the subconscious mind. This is important because the subconscious acts upon the stored thoughts and emotions as well as the present ongoing ones. Most people have stored thoughts they donít even realize they have.

  1. What is regression therapy?

DR. HARMON: Regression is a hypnotic method of finding the thoughts and emotions stored in the subconscious from the womb to the tomb. Regression therapy is weeding out the negative thoughts and emotions and replacing them with positive ones.

  1. You often refer to the negative subconscious thoughts and emotions as negative programming. Would you say that everyone suffers from negative programming and needs regression therapy in order to grow in our lives.

PAMELA: We would say life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are all about correcting old negative programming. Regression therapy is just a quicker, easier, and more effective way of doing it.

  1. Dr. Harmon, as I understand it, you invented a way to physically test subconscious thoughts and emotions. You call this process Neuro-Muscular-Response, or NMR. Please explain this.

DR. HARMON: Thoughts affect the body, including muscle response. By testing muscle response to precisely worded statements, it is possible to uncover subconscious thoughts and emotions. It is possible to discover the causes of conditions of the mind, body, and spirit, as well as find all the memories of the soul. NMR also accesses the superconscious mind and the spiritual energies we call the Higher Self.

  1. Q: I have had both a chiropractor and health food store attendant use a similar technique they called applied kinesiology. How does your process of NMR differ from what they used?

DR. HARMON: I developed NMR after using applied kinesiology for several years. I wondered why a tool that could prove so accurate would sometimes prove so inaccurate. What I discovered was if the one being tested says one thing and thinks another, the muscle response will be to what the thought was, not what the person said. Also, if the testor does not keep his or her mind clear, the response may be to the thoughts of the testor. NMR training addresses these and other concerns, thus increasing the accuracy of the testing.

  1. Please explain your concept of "Spirit" and how it relates to our conscious and subconscious minds, as well as to our lives in general.

PAMELA: Spirit is the essence of all that is. Like many rivers that flow from one source, all of spirit flows from one source. There are many names for this Source. Some use God, others a different name. The name is not important for the true name of THE SOURCE could not be known in the realms of form.

  1. Why is that?

PAMELA: Vibration. Vibrations affect form. We know the vibrations of sound can destroy mountains. Can you imagine the vibrations of the sound of the true name of "That Which Is The Source Of All That Is?" What form could survive those vibrations?

DR. HARMON: As to how spirit relates to the mind and our lives - spirit exists independently of the mind, but uses the mind to form the thoughts that create and affect all the conditions of our lives.

  1. You believe in past lives, as does the greater percentage of the worldís population. But you also believe that we can carry trauma from our past lives into our current lives, is that correct?

PAMELA: Yes. We observe the negative effects of unresolved trauma - whether in this life or past lives - over and over again in regression therapy as we help people to heal their bodies, their minds, and their lives.

  1. Can we also carry positive lessons and experiences from past lives into the present?

DR. HARMON: Of course. The purpose of regression therapy is to clear the negative influences that keep the positive from flowering.

  1. Can you give an example of a past life trauma affecting the present?

DR. HARMON: The origins of phobias, panic attacks, anxieties, illness, and disease can often be traced to events in previous life times. One client found the origin of his extreme aggressiveness and drug use was in a past life when heíd been an English aviator. His plane had been shot down and he was captured by natives who caged and tormented him. They drugged him with an hallucinogenic plant. After he released this trauma in regression therapy, his whole nature changed. He found he no longer desired or needed cocaine. It was a remarkable recovery. There are many other examples in our book.

  1. What do you believe the end purpose of our living many lives is?

PAMELA: Spiritual growth. The greatest desire of spirit is to grow in awareness and understanding so as to become closer in consciousness to THE SOURCE. Imagine how many soul experiences that takes. More than one can accumulate in a few lifetimes.

  1. If we donít remember these experiences from life time to life time, how do they help our souls grow?

DR. HARMON: The soul remembers. These memories are kept in the subconscious level of mind and come forward when we need them or want to review them - as in dreams, hypnosis, flashes of inspiration, and other altered states of awareness.

  1. I know you believe our spirits can travel independently of our human bodies. Many people have heard about out of body experiences. But you talk about many different ways of experiencing this, either through dreams or altered states. Itís a fascinating concept that has filled numerous books. Could you expand our horizons a bit and tell us about this?

PAMELA: Spirit is of a very, very high vibration. In order to be in a body, spirit must slow down its vibrations. This is done by donning several layers of forms, each decreasing the vibration of the spirit. The astral form, or astral body, is the next level up in vibration from the physical body. This astral form is the one spirits from "the other side" use when they appear to the living. It is also the one used by the living to travel outside of their own bodies.

DR. HARMON: People astral travel - or leave their physical bodies - frequently in sleep. Dreams are often astral experiences. The astral body and the physical body are protected in astral travel by the omnipresent spirit. Unlike drugs, which can induce out of body experiences, hypnosis is beneficial to the brain and the nervous system and can be used to induce and control out of body experiences.

  1. Throughout your book you talk about Light. You even say this Light helped you to write the book. What is this Light exactly?

PAMELA: Light is the energy of The Creator. Light is the energy used to create and the energy out of which all is created.

  1. Yet, in your book, this Light seems more than an energy. You say it speaks with you. You even claim Light as a co-author of your book.

DR. HARMON: When we first began to communicate with Light we asked if it was a spirit of light. The response we got was, "I am THE Light."

  1. Which means?

DR. HARMON: The spirit of THE CREATOR speaking as Light.

  1. You must realize this is a hard concept for people to believe - that you are talking to THE CREATOR on a daily basis. It certainly is for me, though I am open to hearing more about it.

PAMELA: THE CREATOR is communicating to all spirit all the time in many ways. This communication is filtered through the levels of spirit, much like sunlight is filtered by passing through various levels of atmosphere. The reason is vibration. Everything has vibration, even thoughts. For the thoughts of THE CREATOR to come directly into the realms of form would be akin to the sun itself entering our atmosphere. Nothing would survive. Thus the communications of THE CREATOR pass through the various levels of spirit. Some levels of spirit have greater awareness and understanding than others. The levels your mind tunes into and its ability to understand what it is receiving, depends upon your own development in awareness and understanding.

DR. HARMON: It is like tuning into a radio station. Your mind will tune into the frequencies, or vibrations, it is capable of picking up. When THE CREATOR speaks to us as LIGHT, we are tuning into the part of THE CREATOR that functions as THE CREATOR ENERGY. This energy has been named LIGHT since the Dawn of CREATION, which began with the words: "Let There Be Light".

  1. So how do you know, when you channel Light, whether you are receiving the thoughts of Light correctly?

DR. HARMON: An excellent question. I, myself, am very leery of channeling, for I have often observed the gradual infiltration of the ego of the messenger into the channeled messages.

PAMELA: I have to mention a wonderful quote from our book: "Channeling, like religion, suffers from the company it sometimes keeps."

DR. HARMON: So Pamela and I became quite determined get our own "bloated nothingness" - as Emerson put it - from interfering with the messages of Light.

  1. A worthy goal, but how?

PAMELA: We keep our "intent" pure, wanting to know the truth, even if it challenges our own personal beliefs. We also pray every time either of us channels. In fact, we asked for Godís Light to protect and guide us so often, I think this is why Light finally spoke with us.

DR. HARMON: In addition, weíve trained our subconscious minds to alert us when our own thoughts are interfering or when there are other spirits intruding their thoughts. Finally, we verify the accuracy of the messages we receive, and their origin, with NMR testing.

  1. What would you say is the most important message Light has for human beings today?

PAMELA: That our beautiful planet earth is gravely endangered, and humans are the problem. BUT, humans are also the solution to that problem. We CAN save planet earth.

DR. HARMON: Nature can save planet earth, as well, and the most important message of Light is that the drastic changes in climate, as well as the increasing volcanic activity and earthquakes, are the result of Nature beginning to restore the balance humans have disrupted. These earth changes will intensify beyond the ability of human endurance unless humans themselves intensify their efforts to heal the damage they have caused.

Pamela: Nature, too, is a part of The Creator, and has creator intelligence and intent. If humans restore the balance, Nature will slow down or stop what it has begun, giving humans time to figure out how to live in harmony with Natureís Laws and with one another.

  1. Sounds good, but how?

PAMELA: Itís simple. Almost too simple, though the execution of it is challenging because it requires a daily commitment.

DR.HUGH: As quantum physics demonstrates, thought affects energy and matter, as does light. Laser surgery is a demonstration of what light can do when it is focused and concentrated.

PAMELA: Light says, "You have minds to focus and concentrate Light. Focus and concentrate your thoughts on Light surrounding this planet earth and earthís vibratory rates will change. The balance will be restored. It will require many minds to do this, but as has been amply witnessed, when many people pray or focus on an objective, it is irresistible to manifest. It WILL manifest."

DR. HARMON: It takes only a moment or two several times a day, every day. There are personal rewards, besides that of healing earth. This makes the process of sending Light as compelling to do daily as brushing oneís teeth.

  1. Can you give some examples?

DR. HARMON: Yes. But better than that, are Lightís own words on the personal as well as planetary benefits of using the mind to focus and concentrate Light. Read Chapter 8 of "Odyssey of the Soul, Apocatastasis", which you can access on our website.

  1. Could you give the name of your website, as well as how people can purchase your book?

PAMELA: The name of the website is the same as the trilogy: Odyssey - spelled O D Y - S S E Y - Of The Soul. The web address is all one word: www.odysseyfothesoul. The first book of the trilogy, subtitled "Apocatastasis" is available at amazon.com, barnesandnoble.com and borders.com. It can also be ordered through any bookstore and the entire book is posted, without charge, on our website.

  1. Free? Isnít that unusual?

DR. HARMON: It was Lightís suggestion in order to spread the word of Lightís Plan to help humans restore the balance of earth. It is very urgent to get as many people as possible to surround the earth with Light daily. Only a small percentage of the worldís population is needed, around 200,000. However, no one knows whether she or he is that last person necessary to reach the critical factor needed. So we need as many people as possible to commit to this daily, simple act of surrounding the earth with Light.

PAMELA: Plus, people arenít very consistent, even with something as important as this. So every person who surrounds the earth with light is very, very important to Lightís Plan.

  1. Q: Okay, say I was willing to participate in this Plan of Light as you call it. How would I do that?

DR. HARMON: Several times a day, take a moment to focus your thoughts on THE CREATORíS LIGHT surrounding the earth. Itís important not to think of what you want the Light to do. While you might think you know what is best for restoring the balance, it is The Creator Intelligence in the Light that knows best. Say your prayers and meditate as you will, but when you focus your thoughts on surrounding the earth with Light, focus only on the Light, nothing else. This is simple, but difficult, to do. It gets easier the more you do it.

PAMELA: After mentally surrounding the earth with Light, think of Light filling your brain and body, structuring every cell in its perfect form and function. You can direct the Light and tell it what you want it to do for your own body and life. You have a right to use THE CREATORíS LIGHT as you will.

DR. HARMON: After you have sent Light to the planet and to yourself, send Light to any thing or any one else you care to. Donít tell the Light what to do when sending it to the planet or to other people. The Light will help them accomplish what they need or want - which may or may not be what you think is best for them. It may not even be what they consciously think is best for themselves. It may be what their spiritual self knows is best. Thatís not for you to know or decide. Simply send them Light! Let the giving be the gift.

  1. Weíve come to the end of a fascinating interview. Iím sure weíd all like to know when Book II of the "Odyssey of the Soul" trilogy will be out and what it will be called.

PAMELA: It could be called divine in the sense that Light wrote it. All of it. Itís titled, "Odyssey of the Soul, Light: The Act of Creation". It will be available in the latter part of February 2001.

DR. HARMON: Itís fascinating and, obviously, enlightening.

PAMELA: When I asked Light how to best promote Book I of the Odyssey trilogy, Light responded, promote Book II. People will want to read Book I after reading Lightís book. When I asked how to promote Book II, Light responded: "Say it is full of Simple, Exciting, X-tra information. S-E-X: Isnít that the most powerful marketing tool on this planet right now?"

DR. HARMON: If you think that a rather shocking remark for The Light of The Creator to make, we might remind you THE CREATOR is the Source of All That is, including humor. As Light says to us often - Lighten-Up. Lift your vibrations. Joy! Joy! Joy! May this be your daily thought, mantra, and experience!


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