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The Treasure Chest contains more information created by Pamela and Hugh to further develop the ideas and techniques you've read in the book. Find out how to correct your allergies in people and pets. Learn more about hypnosis, past lives and much more.


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Talk to the Animals Main Pet Page Pamela and Hugh's Animal Stories
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If you would like to add a true story about a pet you know,
plesae email Pamela at odyssey at odysseyofthesoul.org (Replace the at with @.)

Also read following interesting article: What Do animals think

We talk to animals. They talk to us. And we KNOW they talk to you. Are you listening? They "speak" the same way spirit does - in your thoughts. Mind to mind communication is a natural animal AND spirit ability. As your body is a human animal and you are spirit, you are doubly talented at Mental Telepathy - mind to mind communication.

When talking with an animal - speak aloud or think. Then, open your mind to the thoughts you get in return.

Shamans know spirit often uses animals to bring messages to people. The animal - hawk, crow, bird, deer, bear, wolf, whale, dolphin, beaver, hummingbird, any animal - calls your attention to a special message from spirit that is already in your subconscious mind. Stop, ask yourself, "If I had a message now from spirit, what would it be?" Pay attention to your next thoughts. That is the message.

This planet is the natural home of animals. They belong here. You don't. You are a visitor from the Light. Many of you have "shared" the body of an animal in the past. You are sharing the body of an animal now. The human animal has a spirit of its own, separate from your spirit. This animal spirit watches over its body and directs its functioning. Your spirit and the spirit of the animal "meet" in the subconscious mind. The spirit of the animal, and its body, serves YOUR spirit. This means, even if the animal spirit of the body knows something is not good for the body, but YOU want it, your bidding is done. This is true even at the cellular level.

This is why you must take care of your bodies as well as you would care for any animal. Your body is an animal. Treat is as lovingly as you can. Your spirit needs it to do its work here.

Those of you doing muscle testing or applied kinesiology for animals, including humans, PLEASE read about NMR in Chapter Four. SO many drug, herb, mineral, and vitamin companies are teaching it WRONG. You MUST pay attention to getting the polarities properly balanced and you MUST check all levels of the mind and body before knowing a substance is good for or accepted by a person or an animal. Note the following must be checked:

    "This substance is good for the cells." "This substance is wanted by the cells." "This substance is good for the body." "This substance is wanted by the body." "The subconscious accepts this substance." "The subconscious wants this substance." "The conscious mind accepts this substance." "The conscious mind wants this substance."

If any of these answers are "no" that substance will not do well in the body. If something is not good for the cells or the body, it might be an allergen or toxic to the body.

We do allergy balancing for animals as well as pets. We will be putting a diagram up soon to show how to do this.

We must admit, we do more than mind to mind communication with animals. We talk to them, and their Higher Selves, in trance states. Here are some of our "stories" - all TRUE - with animals. Won't you share yours with us too? Please email us with your stories of communicating with your animals or with Nature. Let us know in the email if we can post your story on our website. Email us at odyssey@odysseyofthesoul.org


This is an amazing true story. All animals have a kind of group consciousness, a spirit, that guides them. We call this the "diva". We have had great success with the "diva" of mice and of ants - with both ourselves and clients - in getting ants and mice to leave a house. Usually, it requires the person to agree to feed the mice and/or ants in a safe place away from the house. It works! Here is what happened to us with the Rat Diva:

Pamela is working on Book II. (She types while Light writes.) Hugh is working on promoting Book I and getting financing for Book II. One night, we heard rats in our attic. Our attic is impossible to get to, so this was quite alarming. We asked, mind to mind, for the rat diva to take her rats away, saying we would leave food for them in the compost pile. This didn't work. Soon, we saw rats in our garage, attached to the house.

Pamela, in trance, channeled the rat diva. She said her message was to spend time daily on Book II writing and Book I promoting. We agreed. Rats went away.

Four weeks later, rats were back. Pamela guided Hugh in trance state and asked to speak to the diva. "You are not keeping the bargain," she said, "so my rats are back." It's true, we weren't. So Pamela promised to spend 6 hours a day on the book. Diva agreed to bargain and said, "I'll leave you a sign showing my good faith." The next morning we found a dead mother rat and six dead babies in the middle of our garage floor. Just dead. No poisons. No cat. No injury. Just dead. No more rat noises either.

Six weeks later, we heard a rat scratch. Just one. Pamela spoke with diva to apologize and say "6 hours a day just too unrealistic. I have clients. I have work to do promoting Book I too. How about 3-4 hours a day." It was agreed. No sign of rats. This time, Pamela is keeping the bargain. Master of Spirit and Master of Light had already warned events were escalating rapidly and the Light must be spread IMMEDIATELY (pay attention!) and Book II must be finished quickly. What really is keeping our nose to the grindstones, however, is THE DIVA OF RATS. She has POWER!


Morris with his warrior shield Morris on the couch

Our cat, Morris (whom we love dearly), was "fanged" in a fight with the neighbor's cat. Morris is 19, but he thinks he is 7. Very healthy. Very wise, but VERY unwilling to back down. We checked him after the fight, but didn't notice any major marks on him. A few days later, his whole neck opened, from throat to sternum, exposing raw muscle. We rushed him to our vet who did surgery, stitching up his wound. When the stitches were removed, we took him home, and five minutes later, his wound opened up, just as big as before. We took him to a vet specialist. She operated again. This time, the instant his stitches were removed, his neck opened up, deeper and wider - to the dismay of vet and us. Morris didn't seem to mind. We decided to give Morris a "reading".

We have been giving readings for people for two years now. These are Edgar Cayce type readings, where I guide Hugh into an unconscious trance state. Then I ask for the Higher Self of the person we are reading for to communicate with Higher Self of Hugh - for guidance - or for Master of Spirit to read that person's soul records, if the person is seeking that. Afterwards, I ask for Master of Light for any additional insight.

This time, I asked to speak to Morris' Higher Self, which informed me Morris was not being cooperative. He liked the attention he was getting from us and since the wound was not disturbing him in the least, he saw no need to cooperate with healing the wound. His lack of cooperation was blocking the new skin cells from multiplying and binding. I asked to speak to Morris. His response was so funny. He said, "What do you want? I'm sleeping." I pointed out the necessity of healing his wound. He wasn't so impressed with my arguments. Then I made a deal with him. I agreed that we would let him go in and out of the cat door again, at will, if he would allow the wound to close. (We'd naturally been keeping him in as his neck was open.) "How do I do that?" he asked. I laughed and said, "Just want it Morris. Just want it."

I then spoke with the cells of the skin, programming them to multiply and bind. I then asked for a spirit entity that could give us information on how to accelerate the healing and one came through. This spirit said to put oil of myrrh on the skin, when wound closed.

Next step, we called vet to ask what to put on the wound - under the bandage we'd bought - while it was healing. Vet was very disturbed we wouldn't be bringing cat back in. Tests had indicated cat might have more than infection. We'd already checked that through the Higher Self and knew it didn't. We didn't really get satisfactory answer from vet, so called a wound specialist (for people) recommended by a medical doctor. She came out - she loves animals and has several of her own, one that she rescued from starvation - and checked out Morris. On her recommendations, we washed the wound daily with distilled water. (To which we added iodized silver water - collidial water.) Then put Silver Derm Cream (can get it at Long's Drug Store) on the wound. Then covered with a bandage and a wrapping so Morris wouldn't lick. He hung his head down, most unhappy. We explained it was a "Warrior Shield". He began to strut around. Very proud of it.

We kept up this routine for five months. (Remember, his whole throat and chest were open). Wound closed. We took away the bandage, but kept the warrior shield on. Wound healed very quickly after that, and hair is growing in. (Which Vet said it wouldn´t.) Morris is still wearing his shield, so he won´t lick until all the hair is grown back it. We have also corrected his allergies with Hugh´s ALLERGONE ™ Technique, described in Chapter 2 of Book I. Also in Chapter II is story of how Hugh came to love animals so deeply that he wanted to become a pet psychologist. He was diverted into people healing instead, but has now come full circle: doing healing work for animal´s heads and bodies.

Update on Morris: On May 21st, 1999 Morris left his body and returned to spirit. He was 20 years old. He decided the trials of keeping his body alive outweighed the rewards. Even as his body got weaker and weaker, he continued to take us for walks. (We always thought we were walking him. Not so.) He would drag his weak body out by the tree and prop himself up and watch us walk out in the desert. He was not pleased when our walks were, in his opinion, too short for our animal bodies and would let us know. He liked it when we took nice long walks. As long as we didn't walk out of sight. If we did, he would hollar for us until we got back in sight. Just like having a mother around.

We had several talks with Morris before he left, including channeled talks. He was scared because he was confused. When we spoke of leaving his body and how free he would feel he wasn't sure what we meant, even though we knew he HAD been leaving his body because we had seen and felt him. His Higher Self pointed out that Morris thought he was dreaming, just as human beings think dreams all happen in their head and don't realize they are having out of body experiences too.

Three nights before Morris left he visited (astrally) our daughter Bambi Birnbaum in Hollywood. (Look for her name in lights. She's a fine actress taking a year in Hollywood to see if she does want her name in lights.) Bambi, half asleep, felt something jump on the bed where she and her great Dane sleep. She heard breathing and wondering, "What is that!" was about to wake herself all the way when she realized it was Morris and said "Ah, welcome Morris. Don't bug B. (Her great Dane.)

The next night Morris jumped on our bed. I, Pamela, sat up to lift him off the bed, but he wasn't there. A little later, I felt him again, this time crawling up between Hugh and I. Sleepily, I sat up and picked him up and started to put him off the bed. He said, "Hey. You said I could sleep here in my spirit body." Surprised, I looked over at his pillow a few feet from our bed and there was Morris, asleep on the pillow. I realized not only was Morris in my hands in his astral body, but it was MY astral body holding him. I laughed and put him back between us. Then I laid back down, into my body, and went back to full sleep. The next morning Hugh said, "You let Morris sleep between us last night." I asked if he saw Morris there. "Sure," he said, "I opened my eyes and there he was. I was too tired to get him off." I laughed and pointed to Morris sleeping on the pillow by the bed. "His body has been there all night. I checked several times."

We buried Morris beneath his favorite tree, wrapped in our favorite towels. Hugh (I love him for it) is very sentimental. We buried Morris deeply so his body was protected and put "his and Hugh's" roses (they would garden together) in with him. His favorite ones were in bloom. Naturally, he liked tree climber roses. Interestingly, his best friend Smoky who had been "persona non gratis" since the big fight and had kept out of the yard, came by as we were digging the grave. Smoky stopped at the screen door where we had left Morris wrapped in our towels while we were digging the grave. We know he came to pay his respects. A nice touch for an old warrior buddy of Morris'.

The next day, Hugh "thought" he saw Morris three times. I saw him in my dreams, standing on the roof, but I didn't mention that to Hugh. When doing some channeling work later that morning with Hugh, I tentatively asked if Morris was around. (I thought he might be "out" exploring and not want to be bothered.) He answered right away and said to me, "I saw you watching me on the roof." He also said he was glad he was out of his body, that he felt so young and healthy. I asked if he was going everywhere, and he said, "No, everywhere is too far." I pointed out he had visited Bambi in Hollywood and that was far. He said, "Oh? Her dog is very big. He kept thinking, I know its here. I know its here somewhere. I spooked him." Morris laughed. He likes spooking dogs. He added, "I got in your lap and your face while you sleep and I stroked by tail across your thighs three times and you couldn't do anything about it! I got him three times this morning too." I asked how he got Hugh and Morris replied: "I saw him look!" Hughs saw him twice more that day. So, we still have Morris. Do you suppose clients and friends and students who suddenly feel a cat jump on their lap and start kneading will be a) excited or b) spooked? And WHAT KIND of excited? Ah, we shall see.


Roadrunner Roadrunner

The first one we met we named Rodney. He found Hugh when we first moved in. Hugh came in to tell me he (Hugh) had been digging a hole and when he got on his hands and knees to inspect the hole, he felt "something" and looked up. A roadrunner had its head in the hole, inspecting it right along with him! He (Hugh) came in to tell me. I said, "you mean that roadrunner right there behind you?"

The roadrunner had followed him through the front door and into the kitchen. We dubbed him Rodney, and led him out the back door, to sit by the pool, and watch the sunset with us. Rodney squatted down between our chairs and seemed quite content for a good 10-15 minutes. Then he decided we were rather boring, all in all, and got up and left. How? He retraced his steps! He had come to visit "the people" through the doorways, so he left through the doorways. Walked into the kitchen thru the back door, found his way (we followed) to the front door, went out of the front door and then flew away. (Don't let anyone tell you roadrunners don't fly. They do.)

We fed Rodney daily, several times daily. (They like raw hamburger meat. We're vegetarians ourselves but fed Rodney meat. He hates beans and rice.) Rodney eventually brought us his mate. They eventually had three male offspring and one female. Rodney and his mate left the territory, and us, to one of the males and his mate, his sister.

This is a pattern we have discovered in "our" roadrunners.' The parents leave the territory (and us) to one male and one female offspring. If there is no female, the "mommy" stays and mates with one of her sons. If there is no male, the "daddy" stays and mates with one of his daughters.

Then Rachel came. Rachel is on her third brood. She never has a female offspring. She's also in love with Hugh, so perhaps this accounts for it. She figures he is the BEST hunter she has ever met. He feeds her by hand. She follows him around. She also wiggles her back feathers a lot (at him) during mating season and seems quite bewildered that he doesn't do something about it. One of her offspring is now her steady mate. He has outlasted several two broods. We think it's because he loves us as much as Rachel. Though he won't let Hugh feed him by hand, he does go on walks with us all. (It's quite comical to see: two people, a cat (Morris) a few feet behind us, and two roadrunners a few feet behind the cat!) He loves us because of Light. He injured his foot very badly somehow. He couldn't walk on it, so he stayed in our safe backyard, hiding from the hawks under our huge mesquite tree. We concentrated on sending Light to his foot every day. It healed. He began walking on it. That's when we named him Hop-Along. We think he thinks it was our love that healed it. We know it was Light. Developers have dug up our desert next door so Rachel and Hop-Along have moved into our back yard, even building a nest where we can see it! They chase away their offspring when they are old enough. They are here to stay.

Funny Note: We have a wild mockingbird who tries to convince us it is a roadrunner. It watches while the roadrunners sit on the fence and clacked (their beaks sound like two boards clacking together) when they want to be fed. Then it eats the bits of meat they drop. One morning, as we were eating breakfast by the pool, we heard a very strange sound. Looking over, we saw the mockingbird on the fence, neck and butt stuck out like roadrunners do when they want to be fed, trying with all of its might to make the clacking sound. Clearly saying: "Look, look, I am a roadrunner. Feed me!" We laughed so hard we fell off the bench of our table.


I love hummingbirds. We have none in Hawaii and they never cease to amaze me, here in our desert. We have three feeders and at least 20 hummingbirds. They don't fight over the feeders either. (Don't put honey or raw sugar or red water in feeder. Use 1 part white sugar to 4 parts water. Bring water to a boil, then let cool.. Store leftover in refridgerator.)

One day, I found a dead hummingbird floating in the pool. Hugh fished him out with the pool net and said, "He's not dead." He was. I checked.

Hugh put his hands over the bird for several minutes, focusing on sending the tiny lifeless form Light. Then the hummingbird kind of jerked. Astonished, I took the bird, in the net, to the mesquite tree. I sat with the net, and bird, on a branch, to warm him and dry his body. Sat there for about five minutes. Maybe 10.

Suddenly, there was a flash of golden light and the hummingbird flew off. I thought for a moment we'd made a mistake and it had been a canary. Then I said to Hugh, "I didn't know we had a yellow hummingbird." He said he hadn't noticed it either. Later, I mentioned it to Master of Light who said, "Nor will you. The flash of gold was its spirit coming back into its body."

Fun Story: The hummingbirds come to find me when they are out of water. They know where I sit to write the books and they come to the window and "harangue" me until I get up to feed them. One day, while I was at the kitchen sink, right by their favorite feeder, a hummingbird flew right to the screen. "What?" I asked. Then I got the message. There was a sparrow on the hummingbird feeder. They know I chase sparrows from their feeders. (The sparrows have one of their own.) I said, "Well, go poke it with your beak." The hummingbird zipped right around and went and poked the sparrow with its beak! Don't tell us animals can't communicate. By the way, don't let anyone tell you hummingbirds don't sing. They do.

People, YOUR bodies are animals. Take a lesson from Mai Tai Your bodies CAN heal themselves if you give them a chance. Love them. Exercise them. Feed them well. Food supply today is pretty depleted, so treat yourself to supplemental vitamins and minerals. WASH pesticides off fruits and vegetables with Clorox. (Recipe in our book.) If you are healing, or your pets, remember: Blood Flow is VERY important. It is the blocking of blood flow (by toxic emotions or physical toxins or injury) that create dysfunction. It is the BLOOD FLOW that heals the body. NOT magic. NOT "healers". Healers help increase blood flow. So does light.


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