Higher Spirit Reading.

Notes from a recent (March, 2010) Readings.  Not a word for word transcript, but pretty thorough.  (Words in parenthesis are Pamela’s).  Other information is what was given by Higher Spirit spoken through Dr. Hugh Harmon in an unconscious trance state.

 Number of lifetimes in Spirit State – 11; number of embodied human life times - 5.

1st embodiment  Different calendar, about 12 Century B.C., Birth in Summer Months.  Mesopotamia, Male, Groonek – died 36 years of age, accident, fell some distance, broke body in fall.  Life Lesson:  Simple lesson. Learning to survive and communicate vitality energies/feeling with the animal like creatures (early humans)  around him.   Very basic communication system. 

 2nd - Roman Soldier, North African area, Around time Christian religion was beginning to emerge, one of occupying forces in Jerusleum/Bethlehem area, one of occupying forces n the area.  Name is Valer.    Died age 24, killed in battle by his own soldiers when protested taking orders and moving against Christians.  Life Lesson – To be able to communicate without blocking communication, he wouldn’t obey, wouldn’t even try to communicate on a positive, he was very much in favor of the change and focus of the religion of that time.  Lesson not completed.

 3rd Female in the Germanic tribes in Central Europe, 1203-1233  , Guinhert was name,  was killed for rebellion, killed in rebelling against authority.  That was the continued, uninterrupted rebellious nature.  Same life lesson, learning how to communicate, not completed.  Very rebellious against authority.

 4th July 25th 1812 – June 12th 1845.    Kurt Heinhert   Killed in an argument that was ended by the dueling of firearms by a neighbor.  Life Lesson:  Learning how to communicate without violence and absolute irreversible of focus or opinions, in other words unreasoning person not willing to give or manipulate a situation to make it workable.  As the spirit was leaving it recognize the error, finally recognizing opposing without reasoning could be dangerous to your health. ( So lesson was learned? ) Apparently. (Note:  A researcher for past lives read these notes and asked if we could go back and get the place and time of birth.  We did and the answer was:  2:00 A.M. in Woodcock, Virginia.)

 5th This life. Life Lesson -  Learning how to use the rational mind, deductive reasoning, the frontal lobes as they say to deduce the truth from many inputs of emotion and observation and physical experience. 

11 spirit states:  Observer in earlier years, mostly observing for short periods of time different types of animals and creatures, observing how they interacted with their species and those of others species.  Went in and out for short periods of time.  (Did he ever go into an animal?)  Later, in the first embodiment as noted.  (In human?)  Yes.   (Was he ever a spirit attachment?) Do you mean for any length of time?  (Yes.)  No.  

(Any guidance for him?)  Be open to learning from each experience or conflict that challenge and use it for balance or learning process, for future lives as well.  Just an observation, not any recommendation. 

 Reading 2:  Addressing Questions Asked By This Person

Q:  Why is communication so important to me – do I have another ultimate desire or purpose?

 A:  He has great interest in achieving and gaining knowledge to share with those who will listen.  He has some fears and trepidation of trusting in self, which causes him frustration and difficulty in communicating.  

 Are the soldiers involved in my death as Roman Soldier in 1st century my life today?  

A:  None

 Q:  Are the ones involved in my death in 1233 in my life today?

A:  None

 Q:  Is the neighbor who killed me in a duel in 1845 in my life today?

A:  Yes.  A person who opposed him when he was growing up, but is no longer in his life.  .  (Pamela:  That you did not give the name indicates you are not going to?)  Correct, his focus now is not to be on the past but on the present.  He needs to move forward in his excellence and put his focus on learning and sharing of knowledge.  

Q:  Have I known my current wife ______ in any of my previous lives?

A:  One Moment.  No. 

Q:  Have I known __________in any of my previous lives?

A:  Was known to him in early lifetime, Mesopotamia, a sister, a sibling.

 Q:  Have I known my son ____________ in any of my previous lives?

A:  Yes, was also a Roman soldier but none of those who opposed him.  They were acquaintances and supporters. 

 Q: Have I known my other son _______ in any of my previous lives?

A:  No, none seen there, but in spirit state have been in contact before.

 Q:  Have I known __________ in any of my previous lives?  

A:  Yes, she too was a Roman soldier killed by other soldiers for resisting doing what he was ordered to do

 Q:  In my present life, what is the lesson I seek for this life and what is the purpose.  Any and all information that would help me for this life is greatly appreciated!

A:  His greatest challenge is to appreciate himself and his abilities – to use his mind for his highest good and production.

 (Pamela:  So the life lesson is the challenge and the purpose is the accomplishment of it?)  Yes. 

 Q:  Is there guidance from his Higher Self?

A:  His Higher Self is trying to keep him away from the mis-beliefs he’s been exposed to.   Would be important for him to be in communication with his Higher Self daily, hourly – to listen to his own guidance and knowledge.  There are many mis-beliefs in human lives.  His Higher Self is seeking to bring his to his attention and to inform him of its knowledge and truths. He is to heed this communication.

 Q:  How can he gain greater clarity of his Higher Self communications?  How to know what are his Higher Self thoughts?  Does he have or can he have a signal that tells him this is Higher Self?

A:  He can establish that.  (Pamela:  Meaning he can tell his Higher Self the signal he would like?)  Yes, how do you receive that communication? (I get a ringing in my left ear.)  And how does this one I am speaking through receive communication from his Higher Self?  (He used to get a ringing too, but I am noticing he is receiving constant communication without ringing.)  Yes.  He is constantly speaking with his inner levels.  He receives the message ‘this is from your Higher Self’ or ‘this is from your emotional level’ or ‘this is from your body’ or ‘this is from your subconscious’.  (Wow.  We should all get that good!)  Yes, he has been working with this for many years.  


We are grateful to this one for allowing us to share his Reading, which was in two parts.  The first was a past life over-view.  The second was to address questions he had after the first Reading.  We find Readings a fascinating way of getting an overview of the human condition.  We are thinking this may be true of you as well

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