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Newsletters For

November 2003

Nov. 15th, 2003      

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Nov. 15th, 2003


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Arggggghhh. We thought the next chapter was finished, but in the "final" editing, Light began to write more, more, more. SoÖÖ not posted yet. Hope to "finalize?" this week. It is an extraordinary chapter and the information about spirit and vibrations and energy fields is enlightening, to say the least. Here is an excerpt:

Spirit does not, itself, have form. The essence of spirit is light and to see "pure spirit" you would see spirit as light.

Spirit - when it wishes to be in a form - creates energy fields to serve as forms. How spirit does this we shall discuss in Energy and Form. Right now, let us discuss how energy fields of spirit look when spirits appear to you.

Have you ever blown bubbles? Remember how they look? They appear lighter than air. They are visible, though in their shimmering translucence they seem barely there until "poof" they disappear and are seemingly no longer anywhere.

Energy fields of spirits are quite similar to bubbles. When visible, they have a shimmering translucence that makes them seem barely there until "poof" they disappear and are seemingly no longer anywhere.

The energy fields of spirit are also like bubbles in that spirits can make them look as they want them to look. Much as the shape of the bubble wand through which you blow bubbles determine their size and their shape, the thoughts of spirits shape the energy fields in which they appear.

Thus, the spirit of a grandmother will create an energy field to look as her grandchild best remembers her. She will appear to the son she raised as she looked when raising him. Her husband? Have you any doubt that she will appear to him looking as she did when he was courting her?

Perhaps this ability to look as you choose to look in spirit will be of comfort to those of you afraid of dying.

You ask why spirits do not appear more often if they can make themselves visible to you with their energy fields. The answer is vibration.


We are SO eager to have you read this chapter, we will try our best to get it finalized and posted this week.

Did you notice the sun and the moon about a week ago when a bright red line appeared straight above the setting sun and a bright white line of light appeared above and below the full moon - as though a straight line was drawn right through it? We asked LIGHT about that. Answer: A message to all of those sending light that they are in line with light.

Isnít that exciting!! To get visual messages to reassure and remind that things ARE happening.

I, Pamela, have another message to relay to you from Light. I was sitting in meditation early one morning. The room was shadowed as the rays of the sun do not reach into our living room as the sun rises. As I closed my eyes to send light, I was showered in light - so bright it was as though I was sitting on my favorite beach in Hawaii. I thought somehow the sun had come in the windows and opened my eyes to look, but it hadnít. There was no explanation for the full light. Ah, but there was. I closed my eyes again and got the message. I had been very excited the past few weeks by Lightís writing and I was doing things to lift the vibrations of my energy fields - cleaner food, uplifting thoughts, walking more to commune with nature, getting back to therapy for "unfinished life lessons" work. The message I got when I closed my eyes was every time I ask for light I get it - as do all light workers. But when the energy fields are made "heavy" by emotions or stress or worry or lower vibrations of food and drink we donít see the light. Our vibrations are too low to see it. But when we lift our vibrations, we can see it - if not with the "outside" eyes, then with the "inside" eyes. My goal is to increase my vibrations until I can see it with the "outside" eyes as well. The most uplifting part of the message was - in my opinion - that the light is there, even when we donít see it. Faith. It will indeed lead us where we need to go and want to be.




Pamela and Dr. Hugh


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