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Newsletters For February 2001

February 26, 2001     February 16, 2001     February 12, 2001     February 9, 2001

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February 9, 2001

Hello Spirits of Light,
Seems some you "got" the virus and others didn't.  What it affected with us is the signature/stationery file.  We are certain our email is clear of any virus now.
Psychic Game:   I was looking at the cover of Book II.  The colors are white, purple, blue and yellow gold.  It is a picture of the earth (blue and white) with Light (yellow gold) bursting around it.  The Book Title is in white.  (See cover on our Website.  Click Book II in index on front page.) 
We were asked:  "How to brooch sending Light in casual conversation with others?"
It's easy.  Taylor it to the conversation.  Some suggestions:
"There is so much stress in the world today, I'm just glad I know about sending Light."
"It feels so good to do something to add to the healing of earth while protecting myself and my family from the chaos of the times."
"I bless the earth with Light every day.  I figure the very energy (God or Nature or God and Nature) used to create earth in the first place would have the best vibrations for restoring its health and balance."
"I have a good feeling about Light.  There are so many people today who seem to have found the same kind of peace and calm I feel when thinking of Light being in the world.  I use it to encircle the earth."
"I am working on some important goals in my life and I find thinking of them daily while shinning a kind of spiritual light on them in my mind adds to my belief I'll get them.  Before I start, I always think of the earth in this Light.  I feel like I'm helping me and doing my part."
"There are so many websites dedicated to "Light Work" and "Light Workers".  Check out odysseyofthesoul.  It's a good one.  (Give the others you like too.)
Tell us what YOU have used that felt like it made a connection
 We asked Light , "How to we explain this purpose or goal to others?"  Light's response:
"Educating the populace on saving the earth through a means to their highest good."  Those that are interested or open will ask to hear more.  If they are not interested or open, move on.  We are not here to force anyone.  There are enough of us here whose mission and purpose is to "save earth".  These will ask to know more.
With Light,
Pamela & Dr. Hugh


Rainbow bar

February 12, 2001

Hello Lights of The World,
We welcome Ryan Kimmich of Ontario Canada.  That makes a hand full of Canadians sending Light.  Great, isn't it. 
Adding to our Lights of The North is Beatriz Morales, whom we welcome.  Ms. Morales of Spain is doing research in Anarctica!  Isn't that great, knowing Light is coming to earth from almost all directions.  Now we need someone at the "other" Pole.   
The number Dr. Hugh was thinking of was "9".  Wish we could ask all of you to tell us when you get a "hit", but I don't think we could handle - I anyway - over 600 e-mails. ( DID hear from two of you.....Rosie of France got the color yellow, and when she mentioned white was when I realize I'd thought of white as well.  Adriana of Brazil, our "Light of The Southern Hemisphere", got all three colors, even though I'd only thought I was sending two.  Guess as we email each other regularly, Adriana and I, she can read my mind already.  Did you read Hugh's too Adriana?)    But whenever you drop us an email about other things, let us know if you like these little exercises in mind to mind communication.  So.......Light has just put a very vivid picture in my mind having to do with Light and color.  What is it?  Answer next week.
My experience with sending Light:
Many years ago, before I'd even heard of "Sending Light", I did so with spectacular results.    My sister was on cocaine, in a bad situation, and unwilling to accept help from the family.  I wanted to do something for her, but what?  My mind flashed to years before when my baby daughter was in her crib at the end of my bed.  I woke in the night, startled.  I sat up in bed and saw the most beautiful pink light above her crib, shinning down on her.  It was a kind of rosy pink, more beautiful than actual rose or actual pink.  I smiled to myself and thought, "Oh, she's being protected and loved", then went back to sleep.  The next morning, I remembered what had happened.  I didn't know what the light meant, but I remembered how powerfully I'd felt all was well with the baby in that light.  So, I began sending pink light to my sister.   I sent it every day whenever I thought about it.  About a week, maybe two or three weeks - I've forgotten- there was a knock on my door.  When I opened it, there was my sister, suitcase in hand.  The first thing she said to me was:  "Are you the one that's sending me that damn pink light?  And don't like, because I know it's you."  I asked if she actually saw it.  She replied, "Yes, it's every where.  When I get out of bed I see it.  When I go to bed I see it.  When I look under the bed for my stuff I see it.  I don't know what it is, but I'm here and I want to clean myself up."  She moved in with me and cleaned herself up beautifully.  I would say she did it all herself, but I did continue to send her light.  Years later, when I moved here, to the mainland, she called me one night and said, "You don't send me light anymore.  Would you?  I miss it."  So I do.  I send white light and because she loved it so much, I send her pink light as well.  In fact, I send all my loved ones, whom I know are open to my love pink light in addition to the thought of Light's Light (God's Light or Allah's Light or whatever name you give The Creator's Light).  Try it yourself with your loved ones......in addition to surrounding them with the thought of Light or White Light, add whatever color light signifies love to you. 
May we send Pink Light to you when we think of doing so?  If you don't or won't accept love, your mind will block it.   We hope it doesn't.  We send you Love and Light.
Pamela, Dr. Hugh, and LIGHT TOO.


Rainbow bar

February 19, 2001

A Beautiful G'Day To The Light's Of Earth!

We have quite an Australian contingent and a nod to them today with the "Aussie" Greeting. 
The multi-colored image of light and color in my mind was a rainbow.  Christy - our blessed webmaster has another brilliant idea.  She suggests posting a page in these emails to which you can go to post your "psychic flashes" or your "psychic hits" to these "psychic games" we are flirting with. We could then give the results via the email or the page.  She wondered which would be best - going to it to post a "guess" or post a "hit".  So I'm going to ask her to make that the first poll.  I'll ask her to put it up this week and will report the address next week.
I know many of you do not get the emails in the careful setup I send, so I have gotten a newsletter set-up that is supposed to correct that.  However, they seem to want to be able to post ads or editorial content, so I'm shopping around for another.  Might poll you to see if you prefer that or just "straight" emails. 
Hugh and I are thinking of a flower.  Which one?  Which color?
Rosie of France wrote that she enjoyed the "pink light" story.  She lovingly sent us pink light and asked for some herself.  Alright, all together now, pause, think of "Rosie Lefevre of France awash in pink lights - inside, outside!"  Here is Rosie's comment on this emails, for which we thank her.  Feedback is ALWAYS welcomed.
"You know , speaking for myself , anyway , I really need frequent inspiration, like the inspiration you send , & all  who share theirs.  It reminds me of it being the same thing , as when I visualize sending light , I relate to the mutual need we all have for each other , just as Earth has need of each of us sending light , & as Earth fills up with our light , & in turn sends it out to the Universe which also needs it  , & the Universe sends it back , to Earth , &  Earth's light to us , & so it goes on & on ! It is wondrous , & moving , that thought of how we all are so linked to the universe & The All That Is ! " 
Tres Bon Rosie, Merci!
Helpful hint:  In all the ways in which we have experimented with presenting the concept of Light as a catalyst for healing, for love, for balance, for creativity, for spiritual growth, for psychic development, for health, for achieving goals - the most effective and acceptable has been to use the term:  "The Light of The Creator".  People can relate to this.  They can substitute for "Creator" any term comfortable for them:  God, Allah, Nature, Krishna, Jehovah, Christ, Buddha....all fit the concept of "Creator Light".  When speaking of earth, all can conceptualize the earth being created with the help of The Light of The Creator even if they think it was "only" Nature that created the earth.  If The Light of The Creator is what earth was created with in the first place, it makes sense to restore the original balance and health of the planet (and our own bodies) by using the power of the mind and the spiritual energies of our spirits to request the presence of The Light of The Creator for whatever we are seeking to bless/help.
For those who cannot visualize....simply suggest they ask daily that The Light of The Creator be with the earth.  Isn't that simple?  To motivate them, suggest they also ask daily that The Light of The Creator be with them and with their loved ones.  Suggest, subtly, that The Creator's Light knows what is best so there is no need to direct the Light.  However, as they know what they, themselves, want and need, they can mention that as they ask that The Light of The Creator be with themselves, for this Light will bring extra power to their mind for the creation of it.
Spread the word.  Don't be afraid.  Don't be in people's places.  You aren't asking them to join anything or follow anyone.  You are simply suggesting that for as many people as possible to bless the earth daily with The Light of The Creator is something everyone can do to make a tremendous difference for this day and age and for generations to come.
With Light, Pamela and Dr. Hugh.
Rainbow bar

February 26, 2001

Hello Group Lights,

The answer to the psychic game was a RED ROSE.
Actually, I gave you a hint - I thought - with the red ink.  But now I discover many of you don't get the colors I send.  I MUST find a good program for stylizing this email.
Christy, our most exalted and most worthy webmaster, has made the following suggestions for our "psychic games". 
  1. We could continue to play as we are, with you finding out the answer the next week, then going to the link on the email to post if you have a "hit" and we will give the percentage of "hits" to you in these emails.
  2. OR, you can go to the link to find the answer given there and post whether you have a "hit".  If you would prefer this one, vote:  Post Your Answer.
Link to vote is at the end of this email.
We wish to extend a special Light to a member of this group.  He has just met a very big challenge and met it very well indeed.  He has some friends also needing help with their challenge. For that, and to thank him for the following question which prompted an answer to benefit all in this group, please do pause to send Light to Frank Agresti at this moment.  As he reads his email, he will pause to send this massive outpouring of your LIght onto his friends.
It is also National Friendship week.  After you send Light to Earth and to Yourselves, be sure to send Light to all friends you can think of....visualize....or name. 
This week, we will be going through this email list sending Light to each of you by name over the week.  We will send White Light and Pink Light. 
The question by Frank was:
"How will I know when those I  hear and see and meet in the inner planes are good and that their intent is/will be good?"
 The answer we sent Frank and wish to share here with you (as well as post on Meditation Pages on Treasure Page of Website):
Remember this, your own Higher Self CAN discern who or what is to your higher good or not.  So, answer is to anchor with your Higher Self.  Seek always to connect with your Higher Self in meditation.  The higher connections always come through the Higher Self alignment.  Intent is very powerful, so always make your intent to seek, find, hear from, be guided and taught by your Higher Self.    The answers not known by the Higher Self will be gained by It from other sources, but answer will come to you through the Higher Self.  The Higher Self knows YOU best.  Knows what YOU are ready to hear, to learn, to experience.  Knows best how to present it to you.  It is the connection between you and Higher Spirit and The Creator.  So when you sit to meditate...whether it is to meditate on a sound, or a silence, or a mantra, or a thought, or a vision, or Light or whatever......do the following:
  • Ask aloud or silently that YOUR Higher Self surround and protect you with The Light of The Creator.  (Or Spiritual Light or The Light of Spirit or The Light of Your Spirit or White Light and Gold Light, or The Light of God, Or Light of Allah, or Light of Buddha, or Light of Krishna....whatever feels right to you.)
  • Ask that your Higher Self align with your body and mind and bring to you that which is to your Highest Good at this time....or moment in time.
  • Ask....if you choose....to be made aware of the presence of your Higher Self.  You may grow sensitive over time to that presence...if you ask each time...and begin to recognize when your Higher Self is 'close".  (Your Higher Self moves more of its energy field into your energy field and you become more sensitized to this.)
  • Ask your Higher Self to move a certain finger or a thumb on your hand (either hand) to indicate when the Higher Self connection has been made.  (Or the Higher Self has aligned, or is present, or is close....however you want to put it.)  When this finger or thumb moves in meditation, thank your Higher Self.  (Don't worry, you will be aware of this signal before you move into any unconscious states.) Once this "signaling" becomes automatic, you can stop asking for it at the beginning of the session.  (Or not, if this is more reassuring to you.)  The first few times, you may notice you do not get the signal or you have a feeling the finger or thumb you've chosen wants to move, but doesn't.  This is an indication your logical, analytical mind is "too present"....you'll relax eventually and the finger will move as a kind of automatic flick or movement or lifting or twitch.  If you want to choose something else for a signal, that is alright too, though fingers and thumbs are very good for this.   
  • Pick a signal that is to be used for your subconscious to alert you to the presence of any spirit other than your own.  (Or other than your own Higher Self, if you prefer.  Do remember, your Higher Self spirit is your spirit too.)  This should be something that you would note even in deep meditation.  Like a leg or an arm or a hand jerking or twitching until you become aware of the signal.  Keep "programming" this until it becomes automatic.
  • What to do when you become aware of the "other presence" signal?  Say (aloud if possible), "Whoever or whatever wishes to communicate with me, I send you Light.  Leave your message in this Light as you remove yourself from my energy fields.  Go now."  Remember, if this message is to your Higher Good, it will be relayed to you by your Higher Self....WITH your Higher Self indicator signal.
  • What if you receive a vision or a voice that announces it is your spirit guide, or an angel, or a prophet or your Higher Self?  If the "other signal" is moving, repeat the above.  If the "Higher Self" indicator is moving, or both are moving ("other" and "Higher Self"), say:    "I surround us both with Light. What is your message?" 
  • If you get no signal in the above, or if you have not established clear signals and this happens, find a person who is very, very, very practiced in NMR to help you discover, through your Higher Self, the source of the message and whether it is or is not to your higher good.
  • ALL who would 'do good" for themselves and others must anchor to and establish close connections with the Higher Self and make the Higher Self the source of guidance and discernment. 
 NOTE:  We are MOVING.  From the "Pink House"?  Yes.  Are we glad.  No, we will will miss the house.  Yes, change is good for the soul.....also gives a good chance to "Lighten-Up" by clearing the clutter away.   (This part will please nationally known Feng-Shui expert and our friend Kathleen Tumpane.)
We are not moving far away and we like our new house.  By the way, any of you in or near our area...Rancho Mirage, California...are welcome to join Dr. Hugh's new and improved "weight loss and/or muscle gain plan".  It is....ta dah....come help us move!!!  Really.  We can use the assistance.  On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of this week (March 1, 2, 3) , we will be "packing boxes".  Easy work.  Tedious, but easy.  Boring, but easy.  Fun to join with others though.  AND we will be taking all volunteers with us (our treat) to breakfast at the Sunshine Cafe if you arrive at our house at 7:15 or come to the Sunshine Cafe and be there by 7:30 A.M.  Otherwise drop in anytime between 8:30 A.M. and 7:30 P.M on Thursday, Friday or Saturday.  YOU ARE WELCOME. 
Now, the link to post your vote for the "psychic games" is:
With Light,
Pamela and Dr. Hugh
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