Light The Earth  refers to using higher vibrations of creator light  to restore the planetary balance of the Earth necessary for survival of the human race as well as many other species of life on the Earth.


As it is humans who have upset the balance, it is humans who must restore the balance. Many are taking physical action, which is important. More physical action by more humans is needed and will continue to be needed for maintaining the balance.


Spiritual action is also needed. If hundreds of millions of humans Light The Earth daily, planetary balance can be restored far more quickly, with far less global destruction, cataclysmic upheavals, and severe weather changes caused by planetary imbalance.


LIGHT has promised this. LIGHT will provide the higher vibrations of creator light needed.

What Light Is and Predictions and Prophecies From Light
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How To Light The Earth ? http://www.odysseyofthesoul.org/lightenup.htm

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