FOR 47 Year Old Female On 12/25/2009

(Pamela’s editorial comments are in italics and parenthesis)

(Also Note:  This person sent in a list of nine questions.  Additional questions were asked as they came up naturally during the course of the Reading which was 37 minutes long.)

 Pamela:  I am going to ask for the presence of Higher Spirit – the communication of Higher Spirit (Dr. Hugh's subconscious moves his 'yes' finger signal.) Yes.  And I would ask you Higher Spirit to communicate when you come in whether Hugh’s conscious mind has stepped out of the way there and if we are free of spirit interference at this time.  (Yes finger signal again.)   Hello Higher Spirit.  Greetings to you.  

Higher Spirit:  Greetings, greetings, greetings

 P:  A most Merry Christmas on this Christmas day.  Seems to be a time in the world when much of the world is focused on feeling the good will and giving and light and warmth for one another.

 HS:  Yes, yes.

P:  Is there a Christmas message that you could give the world today Higher Spirit?

 Higher Spirit:  It’s of the higher species of upright animals such as chimpanzees and apes and humans, monkeys – they tend to support each other without any reward for themselves.  They tend to help and aid and give nurture to others of their species and others not of their species, just like humans were designed to do. And if humans were to extend their natural desire to be helpful and supportive of others in the over all picture of the Earth, that would be of great import for we are here to help each other as well as the other species.  If humans and other species like humans are to help we would think that bringing balance into Nature would be one of the most important things to avoid cataclysmic destruction that what you call Nature will bring about if it doesn’t happen before that necessity occurs.  

 P:  Thank you Higher Spirit.  Now I would ask for a reading, a Health Reading for ________.  Do you need her birth date again? 

 Higher Spirit:  No.  It is _____________you are speaking of.

 P:  Indeed I am.    She wants to know is her body presently receiving and properly digesting the nutrition it needs for optimum health?

 HS:  Partly the food and nourishment she needs, but because her body is not processing the food and the food is not completely in balance she is not getting the benefits that she is seeking from the food that she ingests.

P:  Why is her body not processing the food properly?

 HS:  Partly because of her digestive challenges and partly because of her emotions that she is not expressing herself and therefore by bringing emotions into the cell level, they’re not functioning as well as they could for her highest assimilation of the nutrients in the food she ingests.

P:  Would you name her digestive challenges and her emotions that are interfering with the digesting.

 HS:  Frustration.  Lack of ability to express or receive joy as she interacts with other people.  Feeling she is not of the worthiness that she would like to feel.  Feeling lonely and not communicating to the level of which she would desire but prohibits herself from doing.

 P:  Is this due to childhood programs?

 HS:  In large.

P:  Are there any programs from the womb or birth that contributes?

 HS:  Yes 

P:  Is there a past life contributors to this feeling of…

 HS:  Yes, I understand.  A past life which was not completed with her self-acceptance is a part of the continuation in this life where she would be appreciative and expanding – expanding herself.  If she would expand her desires and her self worth and her self acceptance the food would be of more nutritional value and if she wants to do both at the same time she should talk to her cells and digestive system as well as her belief in self and her love like and respect (of self) as you have noted many times for others, that’s one of her inhibiting factors.

P:  Which is the past life that this was not completed in and brought forward from?

HS;  Well, it was a lifetime long in the range of the Roman Times, where she felt left out, neglected, unwanted, undesired, disrespected and died feeling that way.  She could find that easily with the help of a regressionist, she might even do it herself.

P:  Roman time, male – female?

 HS:  A male.

 P:  You said there were partly emotions and partly digestive challenges. Are there other causes of the digestive challenges – other than emotions? 

 HS:  Well, again, if she would respect her stomach and mouth.  Her mouth takes in food and starts to break down starches then the food gets into the stomach where it’s to be digested with the acid stomach – the hydrochloric acid – and when she puts starches and proteins in together and eats fruit with them, causes the stomach to be inhibited from doing its job as it was designed to do.  Because it wasn’t designed to digest all three of those at the same time.

 P:  We seem to be stubborn about recognizing that, don’t we Higher Spirit?

 HS:  Humans don’t eat very well for their highest efficiency of digestion. 

 P:  So that would be why she’s not really absorbing the minerals as she should, correct? 

 HS:  Partly, yes, that’s true.

P:  That and the emotions.

 HS:  Correct.

 P:  So what is lacking nutritionally in her body?  All the nutrition or specific vitamins and minerals?  Is she getting enough protein?

 HS:  Yes, probably if she was able to assimilate the available protein then she would have enough.    She would do well to eat her early meal of protein, digest it well, then eat her carbohydrates in the evening time where they would digest faster and more effectively without the proteins and help her body relax and recuperate in the muscles as well as the other organs.

 P:  So Carbohydrates at night, if that included salad that would be good with the carbohydrates?

 HS:  Yes, she can eat salad with her carbohydrates.  Vegetables.

 P:  And salad dressing?

 HS:   Yes.

 P:  And fruits alone, given what – 20 minutes to digest?

 HS:  Oh, thirty minutes to digest.

 P:  And her – she would need to digest proteins - an hour, two hours?

 HS:  Two and a half to three hours.

P:  So a good lunch for her would be her choice, proteins or carbohydrates or fruit?

 HS:  Depending on what she wants, how many calories she wants to take in during the day.  But she could either continue with a vegetable - high protein vegetable with salad, which could be easily processed.

P:  When you say high protein, you mean a high protein vegetable?   

HS:  Yes. 

 P:  Are vegetables good to eat with proteins?  But they are more carbohydrates right?

 HS:  Some are high protein and some are carbohydrates.  This person (Dr. Hugh whom Higher Spirit is speaking through) has a list of those if she would want that.

 P:  Okay.  Is there anything in her diet she should eliminate that is not good for her?

 HS:  The combination is the biggest problem for her.

 P:  Okay.  So if she could assimilate it she is getting sufficient protein.  Is she getting sufficient Vitamin D in her body? 

 HS:  No.

 P:  So more sunlight needed?

 HS:  More sunlight or D3 would be better for her, since she won’t get enough sunshine.

 P:  Is her body getting sufficient iron?

HS:  At times she is deficient. 

 P:  If she were assimilating the diet she eats now, would she be lacking in any vitamins or minerals?

 HS:  For higher energy she should take a vitamin combination of B vitamins.   B50 – B75 – probably B50.

 P:  And sleep, how much sleep does her body need?

 HS:  Depending on the depth of sleep, if she can sleep deeply, relaxing and preparing for a deep sleep six to seven hours. If she has very little preparation and not a deep sleep - eight hours or a nap during her daylight hours.   

 P:  She asks what can she do mentally, physically, and nutritionally to eliminate the scar tissue in her right shoulder?  Would massage be helpful?

 HS:  Massage that she could provide herself would be adequate for that particular site.  She could massage it and as she was massaging it, visualize it being  retracted into her system so that it eliminates the scar tissue.

P:  And she would be mentally envisioning this too?

HS:  Correct, as she massages she could imagine she is massaging it back into a protein that her body would reabsorb, thus eliminating the scar tissue.

 P:  She wonders “to what degree, if any, can I reverse the aging effects of my body?”  We know we can’t go back in time, but is there something that can be done to reverse the wrinkling skin….

 HS:  Happiness, joyous thoughts, feelings and again visualizing herself as she would like to appear.  Spending at least 30 minutes a day ‘de’ or ‘re’ programming her cells.

 P:  If someone visualizes themselves say in their twenties, is that too unrealistic – does it matter what age a person chooses (to visualize)?

HS;  Realism will come from your acceptance.

 P:  What is the cause of brown spots or age spots as they are called on the skin and how can they be gotten rid of?

 HS:  Again, getting the cells to change.

 P:  With the visualizing of skin as one wants it to be?

 HS:  Correct.

P:  What causes the brown age spots?

 HS:  Cellular changes in the skin.

 P:  Would suggestion be helpful to the elastin tightening and firming?

HS:  Again, it would be if she can visualize and believe in the visualization, it will be working for her.  If she does not believe, it will not be working for her.

P:  Speaking of visualize, she says she has difficulty visualizing.  Why?

 HS:  Why?

P:  Yes, is she blocking it?  Or has trouble staying in the level where she can visualize?  What would help her to visualize better?

 HS:  Some people are more visual in their subconscious mind than others and that would be recognizable, but also if she could visualize it as it applies to a happening in her daily life, perhaps she could be more accepting of it.  The more acceptable presentation, the obvious is the result.

P:  So if she were to in her daily life, notice life the changes, is that what you are saying?

 HS: Correct.

 P:  And be able to imagine?

 HS:  Correct.  Visualizing something that is acceptable.  If a person fantasizes it’s not going to be acceptable.

P:  Would putting a picture up of herself at a younger age be helpful?

 Higher Spirit:  If she can accept that.

 P:  She says she’s always been nearsighted and wants to know what the cause is and how she can have 20/20 vision?

 Higher Spirit:  The eye elongates and contracts by the muscles around the eye optical orb, so (eye) muscle exercises daily – at least ten to fifteen minutes a day would help her correct this problem.

 P:  Is there any metaphysical reason in the nearsightedness?

 Higher Spirit:  Well, metaphysical, hmmm.  If she believes it and keeps saying it and keeps practicing the correcting of that with mechanical means than that means she has accepted it even though she resents (resists?) it doesn’t it?

 P:  She says she sometimes gets a bad taste after eating carbohydrates.  What causes that? 

 Higher Spirit:  Lack of digestion in her stomach, a lack of chewing.  She should chew every bite until it becomes liquid and not put any more food in her mouth until the liquid has left her mouth in the act of swallowing

 P:  That would be good for me too. 

 Higher Spirit:  Humans’ digestive system is different than a canine or a carnivore; they can swallow big chunks because the acid is much stronger in their stomach. As the aging process occurs with human the acid becomes less and less.

 P:  Were we designed to be herbivores?

 Higher Spirit:  Originally yes and then you became more carnivore and that made you omnivores.

 P:  She says she gets an occasional nosebleed, is that related to nutrition or something else?

 Higher Spirit:  Vascular problems.

P:  What kind of vascular problems?

 Higher Spirit:  Lack of strength in the vascular walls, the venial structure, not the arteries.  Where the arteries stop and the veins take over there’s tiny little structures where the blood moves through its filtering process from the arteries into the veins.  When those walls are weakened, they are usually broken by a slight pressure either externally or internally.

 P:  Is it all over her body or just the nose?

 Higher Spirit:  It’s an indication that her whole body is suffering from that problem.

P:  What can she do to strengthen the vascular walls?

 Higher Spirit:  Take vitamins and minerals that are necessary for the structure of arterial system.

 P:  And those are?

 Higher Spirit:  Varied and many.  E would be one.  Zinc would be one. Strassium? Potassium? (could not hear this clearly?)  would be one.  Calcium and magnesium would be one.  (Note:  In another Reading Higher Spirit said in general people  need half as much magnesium as calcium and half as much potassium as magnesium.  So a person taking 2000 mg. of calcium would, in general, need 1,000mg. of magnesium and 500 mg. of potassium.)

 P:  So again, because she is not absorbing all of her nutrition..

 Higher Spirit:  Correct.

 P:  What type of exercise would be best for her body?

Higher Spirit:  Type of Exercise? 

P:  Weight bearing exercise or stretching or?

 Higher Spirit:  Well, if she would do warming up exercises of stretching would be good before she begins to put pressure on the muscle.  If she wants to build muscle then she needs to use strenuous weight lifting.  If she just wants to maintain good muscle tone then exercise would be a good practice for her and visualizing as she practices the muscles in perfect balance and state of health. 

 P:  For her body would less repetitions of heavy weights or more repetitions of light weights and should they be slow or fast.

Higher Spirit:  More repetitions of lighter weights such as walking, exercising, stretching, physical movement.  But she is not into building large muscles, she wants to maintain healthy muscles and connective tissue.

 P:  Is there an optimum time for her body for exercise?

Higher Spirit:  When she’s up feeling her best energy would be the optimum time for the exercise. 

 P:   She says her jaws have been clicking for the past few years, why and how can she get it to stop?

Higher Spirit:  Tension in the jaw.  Tension.  She’s maintaining too much tension in her body. 

 P:  We can talk to her about…well, I’ll say this right here on the tape – I’ll write to her about it – Hugh’s technique, where you put your forefinger (index finger) and thumb together right in the middle of your jaw muscle and then stroking gently outward (upward with the index finger and downward with the thumb) to relax the jaw muscle. Do this several times whenever the jaw is tense.  (Can correct TMJ as well.)   

P:  She’s been working on blocks to winning the Lotto. 

 Higher Spirit:  Very well.

 P:  Is she getting anywhere with this?  Hmmm, the lotto, the lotto, we are all focused on winning the lotto aren’t we Higher Spirit.  To ask her Higher Self?  Visualize a certain set of numbers?  What would be helpful for her?

 Higher Spirit:  Accepting she is a beautiful wonderful woman and worthy of all good things.   Including happiness and pleasure.

 P:  She has two pets named _____ and ________.  Before we go there, I’ll ask about her Higher Self.  She asks if her Higher Self has a name.  Now, I know the Higher Self has a vibration, correct?

 Higher Spirit:  Yes.

 P:  But not a name unless she has a name she wants to give her Higher Self?  Or does her Higher Self have a name . . .

 Higher Spirit:  It’s nameless unless it’s designated with a name. 

P:  Is there a name that’s close to the vibration of the Higher Self?  Sometimes I hear the Higher Self say that (Actually,  heard that only once) that this name is close to my vibration.  So it’s whatever she wants to name it.

Higher Spirit:  Correct.  Whatever is pleasing to her would be pleasing to it. 

 P:  She asked her Higher Self about building an _________________ (I've censored this in case this person builds it and wants to get a patent for it) and she is wondering if the info she got was correct and is it something she should attempt building?

 Higher Spirit:  Most beneficial should she be able to correct and connect with that concept.  That would be a very wonderful process of creating energy.

 P:  So is she connecting with her Higher Self about this?

Higher Spirit:  Well, if she connects with her Higher Self and listens to her Higher Self it would give her the best advice.

P:  Terrific.  Now we will go to her pets ______and _______.  Has she known either pet before as a different pet that she had or knew?  

 Higher Spirit:  She knew ________as a personality before.  She didn’t know _______ (same pet) as the animal it is now before.

P:  As the personality it was before what kind of animal was it?

 Higher Spirit:  It was not an animal. 

 P:  What was it?

 Higher Spirit:  It was just a thought form.

 P:  And she was in spirit when she knew that thought form?

 Higher Spirit:  Yes.  

 (Note:  Hugh and I discussed what this might mean this morning.  He thinks it refers to you creating an imaginary pet or companion when in spirit and that thought drawing to you a pet that has that personality.  I think he may well be right, but I am going to ask about it next time we talk to Higher Spirit.)

P:  And the pet ______, did she know _______before?

 Higher Spirit:  No.

P:  So ________is new for her.

 Higher Spirit:  Yes.

 P:  Anything her pets need from her?

 Higher Spirit:  A very well balanced diet.  And as they age animals need to have their diets adjusted for they too don’t assimilate the food that they take in as the stomach process of food - aging then they lack the ability to intake so you have to modify the foods for their ability to digest and assimilate the nutrition in their food.

P:  The food they are taking in now, how can she adjust it to be more balanced?

 Higher Spirit:  It would be wise for her to learn how animals - there is information on that and the animal’s age and the processing of the food.  Which she can do through her computer.  There are many variables.  To say one thing at a time is not very helpful.  She needs to see the overview to do the best and most help for her animals.

 P:  Are they getting enough protein each of them, enough exercise?

 Higher Spirit:  Exercise seems to be fairly adequate. They are fairly healthy.  They need to have a more assimilable protein as they age.  By adding some proteins other than meat proteins would be helpful.

 P:  Getting enough vitamin D?

 Higher Spirit:  Vitamin D in a very small amounts for animals because their system works differently than the human animal.

 P:  Any further guidance for this wonderful woman?

Higher Spirit:
  Yes, a repeat of the first  - to really appreciate the wonderful woman -  as you say  - that she is.  To really give herself all the joy and all the learning processes that’s available to her for she is a seeker, but not always an accepter. 

 P:  Thank you Higher Spirit.

 Higher Spirit:  Most welcome. 


Pamela did ask Higher Spirit in a later session about her knowing one of her pets as a thought form.  What follows is a transcript of that.

Pamela:  One of her pet’s knew in spirit state as thought form. I would like more clarification on that please.  A thought form is not a spirit, correct?

Higher Spirit”   That is correct.

Pamela:  So she was thinking of the kind of pet she wanted to have, the kind of personality?

Higher Spirit:  Yes, that’s a thought form.  Idea, concept, desire, description, anticipation. 


Pamela:  So then when she has a pet, did it mold itself to that personality or did the thought form influence the personality of that pet?

Higher Spirit.  Animals – domestic animals usually desire to please their keeper or master so they try to do what they find the master appreciates and finds pleasing in their actions so it will conform to that thought form.


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