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The Treasure Chest contains more information created by Pamela and Hugh to further develop the ideas and techniques you've read in the book. Find out how to correct your allergies in people and pets. Learn more about hypnosis, past lives and much more.


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If You Want To Add Other Ways To Light The Earth, Do So.



You Can Also Be Creative About How The Light

Lights The Earth After You Send It To The Earth.

For Example:

Here is a Creative Suggestion From The Creatorís Light:

"Act as a channel of light. Several times daily, take a moment to focus on your spiritual light. Imagine this white light being funneled through the crown of your head to the center of the brain area - the pineal - and as you imagine the earth in your tender, caring hands, you will send this wonderful power of light all around this globe, so beautiful, so wonderful, so perfect. As your light flows around the globe, imagine the power of your light beaming like a laser from your third eye through the crust, the mantle, the magma, the core of the Earth and out the other side. As this light flows out faster than what you call the speed of light, it moves out into space and the farther and farther it flows from Earth,

the more the power of light flows through the Earth.

Imagine all, starting with yourself, benefit from this. As you visualize each specific person you care to send light to, always start with self. As it flows through you, let it flow throughout every cell, every organ, every function of your body. Let it be the beacon for the balance between love and fear that keeps you in perfect balance here. Let it flow to those who you would share this joy in balancing their lives. But not to tell or direct them what to do with their lives, merely to take this energy for their greatest good and greatest creation, the balance and the completion of their venture in this particular incarnation. And as you enjoy, you might think this one simple little mantra: Joy! Joy! Joy! I celebrate the oneness of the God and Goddess within me. Joy! Joy! Joy! I celebrate the balance that Light brings to all that is created with Light."





Think About or Visualize A Goal That Is Important To You.

(One Each Time Works Best.)


To make this effective:


(Rather than generalize)

Examples: If you have joint problems, imagine white light flowing into your joints to repair damage, reduce inflammation, lubricate movements of the joints. Then imagine and FEEL yourself enjoying the results: Comfortably and easily bending, stretching, standing, sitting, walking, bicycling Π, playing as easily as a child.

Want to be more fit? Imagine your light giving you energy to move in fun ways. Imagine and FEEL yourself walking, running, swimming Š , dancing, playing sports , working out , doing what is fun FOR YOU. Imagine and FEEL the change in the definition of your muscles. Imagine how you deal with urges to over-eat at work, at home, while socializing. Imagine yourself eating small portions of healthy food. Imagine a "switch" in your brain (the appestat control) clicking OFF when your stomach is 2/3rdís full. Imagine STOPPING the moment this happens. Imagine yourself FEELING or SENSING when the switch clicks off. Mentally image with thoughts or pictures the positive changes in your body that occur in the way it looks and feels as you become more fit. FEEL HOW THIS FEELS.


Set Goals & Time Lines Realistic To Your CONSCIOUS Mind.

When increasing or decreasing your "bottom line" (depending on whether you are referring to financial gain or loss of body girth), do so in increments you can believe. Imagining your income increasing by a million dollars is believable for some, but not for all. Imagine your income increasing weekly or monthly or yearly by what you believe is possible. Or imagine yourself enjoying what greater prosperity brings you. When you achieve success, however small, this adds believability and you can build on this. Find it impossible to believe you can build your income? Imagine "lady luck" or "good fortune" smiling J on you, or imagine your energy and thus your productivity and good ideas as well as creativity increase, thus bringing you greater prosperity. Tell yourself others have reached financial security and financial prosperity, so can you.

When working with Weight Loss or Weight Gain, do so in increments of 3 - 5 pounds. Celebrate reaching each increment. This is especially important when amount of weight one wants or needs to lose or gain seems overwhelming. REALLY celebrating reaching each "mini-goal" sets up the subconscious to speed the process in anticipation of the next celebration. The emotional levels of the subconscious LOVE FUN. So make the celebration something FUN TO YOU and DO IT! Cheating on your celebrations does not excite the subconscious or make it eager to reach the next goal. If you donít reward it, it wonít reward you. FUN builds creator energy. ENJOY reaching each goal.


TO the mind and spirit the mental realms are as real as the physical realms. You may get what you want in your dreams and in your fantasies, but you need physical stimulus to convince your subconscious mind you want physical results. This is why you eat healthy food in small portions and move daily to increase fitness and lose weight and why you eat enough to maintain a healthy weight. Add to your mental imagery physical stimulus such as deep breathing (which enhances metabolism and healing). Place your hands on your body (and face) and talk to it about the changes you desire as you bathe and groom your body. Stimulate your scalp with your hands to increase blood flow as you talk to your hair about growing. Saving at least a dime of every dollar you make convinces your mind you want to HAVE money as well as spend it. WRITE OUT each goal. Writing is physical. Writing captures the attention of the subconscious and adds "authority". The subconscious believes in the printed word, just as it has been taught to do since childhood. (Which is why you really ought to protest silently or aloud to yourself when you read something you discern to be untrue or questionable.)

Helpful Hint:

Write down each goal on a separate piece of paper. Keep it simple and short. You lose the attention of the subconscious with fancy words and long winded speeches. Sum up what you have written with one key word or one key phrase or one key image or visualization. This is called a "trigger". Write down your "trigger" at the bottom of the paper and write that this "trigger" causes your subconscious to automatically direct itself to carry out all you have written down on the paper. Then read the paper aloud 3 times. (Another reason for keeping it short.) After this all you have to do is see, hear, speak or write the "trigger" and your subconscious - which has perfect memory - will follow through.

  • Looking for a mate? Spiritual light is magnetic. It repels as you direct it to and attracts what you ask. As you Light The Earth Daily, ask that your light draw to you the perfect, compatible, PHYSICAL (important!) mate for you.
  • Caution: Before you do this, better make sure you are the person you want to be, living as much as possible the life you want to live. Otherwise you will attract a compatible mate for the "you" that you donít want to be.
  • Looking to improve the relationship you have now? Become the mate you want your mate to be. To do this, you will need to master (not numb or deny) your emotions. (See Master Your Emotions in The Treasure Chest.)

When you become the mate you want to have & your mate does not respond in kind, it may be time to release you both for a more compatible relationship.


If you are not noticing any physical progress in achieving a goal (such as, eating better and exercising more for better fitness, for example), within a reasonable amount of time, you have a clear signal you are mentally blocking that particular goal. If you notice you are not only not getting results, but are actually sabotaging yourself by doing what you know will not lead you to your goal, you have a clear signal you are emotionally resisting that goal. You can test yourself for emotional resistance and subconscious blocks with self-muscle testing (See How To Use A Pendulum and use the guidelines given for pendulum work or any form of self-muscle testing, such as that outlined in Odyssey of the Soul, Apocatastasis.) You can change many mental blocks yourself. (See Erase & Replace Negative Programming in Treasure Chest.) Or you can have a professional hypnotherapist do this for you. (See Ten Things Your Therapist Wonít Tell You in Treasure Chest.) If changing the programming does not work or does not last, you will need to see a hypnotherapist who does regression therapy to help you with the emotional resistance to that goal..


Remember, You Can Get As Creative As You Like

With Your Light For YOU.


Imagine "joint mechanics" or "joint docs" using

laser light ~ on your joints to repair them,

a deflation device ú ´ for removing the inflammation,

an oil can : to lubricate them.

Imagine your light lighting a "fire" í to burn away stress,

or "stoking" the furnace of your metabolism to melt fat.

Imagine the elastin of your skin as a net

that tightens as you light it, firming your skin.

Imagine the elastin and collagen growing in the light,

smoothing out wrinkles.

Imagine your hair as a garden &your blood as irrigation lines,

bringing to your scalp the oxygen and nutrients your "garden" needs to grow. Imagine your light as sunlight bringing your "garden of hair" into bloom,

"Work your garden" daily - massage it, drink water, ingest nutrients.

Imagine you plant a "magic seed" to grow a money tree.

Imagine your light shinning daily on the tree and tell yourself,

as your money tree grows inside, your prosperity grows outside.


YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS, Which Controls Your






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