What To Do About Spirits

Pamela Chilton, Spiritualist

It is not difficult to remove unwelcome spirits or energies sent to you by spirits, no matter how powerful the spirits or their energy.   

To remove them, you need only call on The Light.  By whatever name you name The Creator, The Light is The Creator’s Light and The Light of Spirit.  The Light serves the Will and the Word of Spirit, which means The Light serves your Will and your Word.   If music or candlelight or any kind of light or incense or prayers or incantations or words or a charm or talisman of some kind helps you to feel calm and believe in your power to command The Light, use it.  You don’t need anything other than The Light unless you believe you do and if you believe you do, you will need it. 

However, all spirit has free will.  Which means if a spirit or spirits continue to return or send unwelcome energy to you, you will need to keep doing the clearing as many times as the spirit(s) or energies keep returning or you will need to find a way to convince the spirit(s) doing it to stop doing it. 

Nor will The Light remove any spirits or spirit energies you invite in or give permission to stay, even if this invitation or permission is subconscious, which means you are not consciously aware of having done so.  Sometimes such permission is granted because of curiosity or a desire to be in contact with spirits.  Often such permission is given to the spirits of family members, friends, and loved ones who have died and have not moved on.  It is also difficult to refuse shelter to spirits one feels sorry for and wants to help.  This is why knowledge of what keeps people in the spirit state ‘stuck’ or ‘earthbound’ is important. 

Many people are ready to move into ‘the light’, meaning higher realms of the spirit state, following physical death and do so readily.  Others, however, are not ready and they remain in the physical realms, which keeps them fixed in the emotions, beliefs, and thoughts they had while in the body.  Reasons for not moving on are:  

 There are ‘helper spirits’ always available to help spirits find their way to the higher realms where they will be helped to find what they are seeking, including ways to communicate with and be of assistance to their families and loved ones who are still embodied.   Just as in the physical state, however, fear and emotional distress can cause spirits to refuse help or not even be aware it is available. 

While it is difficult to know what, specifically, is keeping a particular spirit or spirits ‘earth bound’ if one cannot communicate with them, knowing in your own mind the kinds of things that keep spirits ‘earth bound’ helps tremendously because spirits do know what you are thinking.   Therefore it is important to know and accept also the higher realms are free of judgment and punishment.  Spirits do this to themselves in the lower realms, which are the physical realms and the realms of spirit that are a part of the physical realms.  Does it make sense to give spirits free will and then judge or punish spirits for what they think, feel, or do?  No, it does not.  Spirits learn by experience and experiences teach through consequences.   Spirits do meet in the lower realms the consequences of their beliefs and actions, but this is neither judgment nor punishment.  It is experiential learning.  In the higher realms, there is no punishment, not even self-punishment. 

 In the higher realms spirits are free of pain, even the memory of pain – which does affect spirits in the lower realms.  There is no pain, distress, confusion, trauma, fear, anger, bitterness, resentment, regret, guilt, shame, hatred, or the like in the higher realms. When a spirit enters into the higher realms there are greeter spirits there.  Often these greeters include loved ones who are in spirit.  Even so, the greeters hold back.  They do not approach until they are invited to do so.  The job of the greeters is to show the newly arriving spirit(s) what is available to them in the higher realm they are in.  Here, people can review their lives when they are ready to do so and discover why their life unfolded as it did.  They can find answers in the higher realms to many questions they have.  They can also discover how to have a physical body again if and when they want or need to do so.    

 To remove spirits and spirit energies:  Center and calm yourself.  Again, if you need something to help you feel calm and believe in your spiritual power, use it.  State aloud (better for many people) or mentally: 

“I know there are spirits here that do not belong here.  Even if you are someone who is dear to me, you do not belong here.  You belong in the higher realms where you will be free of your burdens.  There is no judgment or punishment in the higher realms.  There is safety, protection, healing, and help in the higher realms.  You will be taught how to communicate with the living and help us, if you want to do so.  If you want to be a living being again, you will be shown how to do this in exactly the kind of body you want.  You will be taught how to find the answers you seek and how to have your deepest desires.  You can see what is in the higher realms for you and then stay or go as you choose.  To move into the higher realms you need only think of your desire to be there. If you want assistance with this, I shall ask this for you now.  Light, bring helper spirits to assist the spirits that belong in the higher realms and need help getting there.  Then remove all spirits and all spirit energies that do not belong here with the message if they return there will be undesirable consequences. So be it.  Thank you Light.” 


Addendum:  It is a very good idea to ask The Light every morning and every night to surround you with a gold protective light and to remove from you, your home, your possessions, and the places you are in all spirits and spirit energies that are not good for you.  If you want to communicate with spirits, this can be done by mental telepathy; they do not have to be present in your space for this.  If you are open to spirit visitations it is wise to set parameters for this – such as by invitation or appointment only, When the visit is finished, be certain that they leave, then do the spirit and energy clearing with The Light.  You do not want spirits intruding into your privacy any more than you would want physical persons doing so. 

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Spirit Attachments & Spirit Possessions

Pamela Chilton, Spiritualist

Spirit attachments are spirits that attach themselves to a person’s body.  Most are benign in the sense they do not try to control the body.  They can and often do influence the people they attach to with their thoughts – which people usually think are their own thoughts – and they do affect the body, but they do not try to take over the body.  When a spirit attachment has taken over the body of the person they are attached to, either part of the time or all of the time, they have become a spirit possession. 

Spirit attachments and/or spirit possessions are often the cause of the brain chemistry imbalances that cause schizophrenia.  They are also often the ‘multiples’ in multiple personalities.  Clearly, one does not want to ‘integrate’ the personality of another person into one’s own personality.  The spirit must be helped to move on.  They can be convinced to move on, but it is sometimes (and almost always with spirit possessions) necessary to dialogue with them – not just talk to them – to convince them to do so.  

 Spirits can be communicated with through mental telepathy or if one wants an audible communication they will need to be channeled, either through someone else or the person to whom they are attached.  They will be reluctant to communicate if they feel threatened or judged.  The idea is to find out why they are attached to that person and what it is they really want.  If they are fearful one can address those fears.  If they feel they like the life the person they are with is living and enjoying sharing that life with them, the only hope of getting them to move on is to convince them how much better it is (and it is!) to live that life in a body of their own.  By going in the higher realms, they really do get to ‘custom design’ the life they want for their next embodiment and if they can’t wait for that they do get to live such a life in the spirit realms in their own spirit body which will feel as real to them as a physical body and will look exactly as they want it to look.   

 I.M.P.S. (Instantly Manifested Personality Substitutes) is a term coined by Hugh Harmon, Ph.D.  These are created personalities that substitute for or take the place of the real or main personality when needed or desired.  They, too, affect brain chemistry and become part of a multiple personality or a cause for schizophrenia.  I.M.P.S. can be created impressions or imprints people, animals, or fantasy figures.  Most people have I.M.P.S. that ‘pop up’ from time to time.  A stressed, pressured parent, for example, can find himself or herself sounding, looking, and acting exactly as his or her parent did when stressed and pressured. Social I.M.P.S. can ‘take over’ in social situations, particularly for people who are naturally shy.    

 Actors and performers, particularly sensitive ones, can develop I.M.P.S. of the roles they play when acting, performing, dealing with the press, the public and the ‘suits’.  This is very helpful to their careers, but less than helpful when such I.M.P.S. make appearances in their personal lives.   

Abused children often create I.M.P.S. to help them cope and often are more open to spirit attachments and spirit possessions.   

Abusers often have I.M.P.S. of the person or persons who abused them and many also have abuser spirit attachments that take over as spirit possessions when the opportunity to abuse presents itself.

Trauma, drugs, alcohol, and other substances or practices that cloud clear thinking or lead to blackouts can trigger I.M.P.S.and/or open one to intrusive spirits that can decide to stay.

Symptoms of Spirit Attachments, Possessions, and I.M.P.S.

 Indecisiveness – can be due to hearing a spirit attachments opinions/preferences and thinking this is one’s own thoughts. 

 Blackouts – periods of time one has no conscious memory of and reports of incidents and behavior one cannot recall. 

Unexplained bruises and other injuries that occur during sleep or blackouts caused by the spirit attachment or I.M.P. beating up on or injuring the body.

 Physical things being out of place or in places one has no recollection of putting them. 

 Chronic mental/emotional confusion. 

 Notable personality changes, as though one has become a completely different person. 

 “Bi-Polar Disorders’, “Schizophrenia’, ‘Multiple Personalities’, ‘A.D.D.”, ‘A.D.H.D.’ should always be investigated for the possibility of spirit influence or I.M.P.S.

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