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A woman called, asking that we discover the cause of her extreme fatigue. She said had "very, very low energy" and described herself as feeling "very, very tired all the time." We spoke with her Higher Self through Hugh's Higher Self. Her Higher Self said she had spirit attachments from childhood, but the greater fatigue was from The Visitors. Pamela asked if any of these were not to the woman's greater good.

HIGHER SELF (HS): "Most. Many of these energies that come in large groups are from what you term the Visitors. She also has past life energy that is not understood and childhood entities that were brought in as the child was suffering and still remain there with her. They are not productive in her life today but are actually resistant to her healing totally."

When Pamela sent the reading to this woman, she included the following information about The Visitors and the childhood attachments: "I want to share some information about the Visitors, mentioned in your reading. Do you remember the comet Hale-Bop? There was a lot of flurry around its presence, especially when many astronomers began noting another object near it. Art Bell had many shows devoted to this, including information from reputable scientific people that it seemed to contain life force. We became very curious, after many of our clients and students kept informing us of all the discussions. So we sat down to access the object and find out what it was and if there was any life force on it.

First, Master of Spirit and Master of Light informed us that it was the remains of a destroyed planet from another galaxy. The remains, the organic part, had been added to mechanically, so now what remained of the planet - no longer self-sustaining - was a vehicle. Partly organic, partly mechanical, mostly astral matter. AND, there were MANY beings on it. Non human. Non human looking. Able to project themselves astrally in great numbers and present to "check out" earth. They are seeking a home planet. Earth meets their needs perfectly, except for the human presence. They consider themselves more evolved than us as we have "animal bodies". (Our human bodies.) Very curious about our bodies, they had begun astrally projecting themselves into humans. We decided we'd better speak with them. I channeled them a few times, but then we decided we preferred Hugh to do it as I liked to ask the questions. Hard to channel and ask the questions at the same time. They are very congenial, these beings. Consider themselves superior to us. Arrogant. Very honest. VERY honest. They are not singular individuals in the sense we know it, though they are singular entities. They act, think, speak by collective agreement. Always tuned in with one another. They have no individual will, as we know it. A kind of collective consciousness that decides. A what is good for all is good for each mentality.

They are much more alarmed than humans, unfortunately, at the state of our planet. They, too, report that the planet is near "exploding" stage and that immense earth changes that will destroy much if not most of earth are very, very near. They believe this to be a waste of an extraordinary planet and would love to "take over" the planet, but this is not "allowed". Humans have priority to this planet. However, they have realized they can move in if humans allow this. So they are inhabiting many bodies, seeking to make people comfortable with their presence so humans will find the presence of these beings acceptable. When the time is right, they will make their ship and presence "known" and offer to "help save" humans or may just go ahead and save some.

People, who will be VERY scared and panicked at all the things happening, will be quite open to being saved by "superior" beings with greater technology. Then humans and they will work together to help the planet.

When I asked them [visitors] what our [humans] Higher Selves thought this plan, they gave a very honest answer. (Their honesty is quite admirable.) Their response was: Your Higher Selves do not like this plan and would urge you all to reject it."

I did not have to ask why. If we allow another race of beings to help us, they will become co-habitants of earth with humans. We will have opened the door and earth will no longer be protected by invasions from extra-terrestrials. We will have lost our will by asking non-earthlings to accomplish what we can accomplish ourselves. There are other ET's that have been watching over humans for a long time. They call themselves (to us, anyway) The Others. They know the way to help humans is to help humans help themselves. NOT take over our bodies or our earth.

The Visitors and I spoke several times. Always them hoping to change my mind and me hoping to change theirs. Over this period of time, many people very interested in the Hale-Bop and The Visitors began
complaining of great fatigue. We - Hugh and I - experienced bouts of extreme fatigue and always discovered it was due to the presence of The Visitors. Their energy/electrical field is quite different from the human spirit

and very debilitating to the human body, which HATES their presence. When we made The Visitors go (they do go when asked, our will IS still supreme on earth planet), our energy would pick right up again. Master of Light taught us to use a GOLD Light to surround ourselves and our home to keep ourselves and it free of The Visitors.

The last conversation I had with The Visitors (we gave up trying to change each others minds), they said they'd noticed they had a very debilitating effect on the human body and were trying to figure out how to correct that. (They won't.) They also noted that while people of lower consciousness were very open to them, they much preferred to be in people of higher consciousness. Much more interesting and enlightening. The way in to people of higher consciousness was such people have #1 great curiosity and so subconsciously are more welcoming and #2 when they felt hopeless, discouraged, fatigued, they are much more likely to leave their bodies more often at night or during meditation and such - leaving the bodies open.

Master of Light says people must remember to mentally put a GOLD shield around themselves morning and night and whenever meditating to avoid this as The Visitors have become SO prevalent. AND Master of Light and Master of Spirit remind humans they are as intelligent and advanced, though in different areas, than these Visitors and NOT to think the Visitors are superior or have better abilities or solutions for human problems than do humans. Their only advantage over humans is they know we have not averted the major earth changes imminent, while many humans think we have and will be frightened and dismayed if these major changes begin.

Which is WHY Master of Light's Plan is so important. Humans MUST heal the stresses on the earth now. We can do enough mentally. When enough minds are focused on Light, and ONLY Light, as Master of Light outlines in Chapter Eight of the book, then there will be sufficient healing of the earth to slow down and, maybe, avert most of the major changes Cayce, Scallion, and other psychics (including us) foresee. Remember this - as we encompass the earth in Light, humans are encompassed too, which lifts many spirit attachments to the Light and helps to enlighten humans. Enlightened humans follow their intuitions, conscience, and gut feelings and act more responsibly. The earth will benefit. We will all benefit.

An interesting note: I told the Visitors it would be so much better to be born in the human body. They said, "Yes, we've been sending some of us to do that for awhile now. We notice there is a lot of problems with this for them."

I asked Master of Light about this and was told many of the young gang members spirits of The Visitors, born into the human body for the first time. They do not know how to adjust to the human body and have a terrible time with individual will, thought, and action. They are used to the collective mind set of following the leader. Death has little meaning for them as they do not yet realize how difficult and special it is to get a human body. The "trick" to helping these youngsters is to be very firm with them, but with enlightened means as they are very advanced in consciousness. They need very strong, firm, loving, enlightened guidance and must be made to follow the "human laws". They need to be part of a larger group, with strong, enlightened, human leadership. Leaving them alone with parents who cannot support them emotionally is not a good scenario. All humans had best help with this situation - YESTERDAY. But humans are so unenlightened in these areas. The whole idea of life on other planets, astral projections, spirit attachments is so far from their consciousness. Such a challenge. We'd best ALL send Light NOW. Every day as many times as possible. (Read Chapter Eight in Odyssey.)

The Visitors you can move on fairly easily. But you must be firm. If you are curious, communicate with them mentally, but insist they stay on their vehicle and communicate mentally, that they NOT be in your presence. You would fascinate them particularly with your work and writing. So be on guard. GOLD Light daily. Mentally or verbally tell them they must go, that you are asking Light to take them. Tell them they are not welcome or allowed within your energy field or the energy fields of your home, car, or environs. Teach those you love to do the same. If you think this would "freak out" some people, just teach them to use gold light daily to keep "foreign energies" out of their energy field. Let them think this is pollution or something.

As to the attachments from childhood, they are an entirely different matter. You are bonded with them. Imagine going to a room-mate, with whom you have a close relationship and saying, "It's time for us to walk separate paths now. You go. And if you won't, I'll force with a loving Light." This is what those who exorcise, or do "long distance depossession" without communicating with the attachments are doing. Many are well meaning and do not see it that way. Nevertheless, it IS that way with attachments who are people with whom one is emotionally attached. Humans are aware of all attachments subconsciously and the inner child may have VERY strong emotions about such attachments leaving or being sent away. These attachments need understanding and counseling. They need to know, even investigate, their options. Again, read Chapter Eight in Odyssey, it will help you to understand.

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