You are a soul.  You are in a physical body.  Your body is not a machine.  Your body is a living, breathing life form.  If people treated their pets like most people treat their bodies, their pets would not be alive. 

 It is your body’s job to stay alive and to do this it must stay healthy.  Your body’s biggest challenge to staying alive and healthy is - - - -YOU. 

·        Your body cannot get up and walk when it feels like it.  It must wait for YOU to take it for a walk. 

·        Your body cannot eat the foods it needs.  It must eat what YOU give it and most people give their bodies what they emotionally crave, not what their body needs. 

·        Your body cannot rest when it needs to.  It must wait for YOU to let it lie down and THEN it must wait for YOU to turn off your anxious, busy, stressful thoughts so it can the reset it needs.  After that, it has to get up when YOU TELL IT TO, not when it decides it has had sufficient restful sleep.

·        Your body cannot get the amount of sunshine and fresh air it needs.  It must make do with what YOU ALLOW it to have, or not have.      

Animals that don’t fly or swim need to walk – daily.  ALL animals need sunlight – daily.  If your body doesn’t get the amount of sunlight it needs your bones and teeth and other parts of the body aren’t getting the Vitamin D they need because the body cannot make Vitamin D without direct sunlight.  How much?  Most experts agree the body needs at least 30 minutes of direct exposure over 80% of the skin daily.  Even if that is on the low side, are YOU getting that daily?  This means WITHOUT sunscreen.  Be smart about it.  Baking in the hottest part of the day in the hottest season of the year isn’t smart.  Walking in sunlight, gardening in sunlight, swimming in sunlight, exercising or sitting or lying down in sunlight that is not baking your skin (and taking in enough water while doing it) IS smart.  Unless you are directly beneath the hole in the ozone layer (and 99+% of people aren’t) you are not going to be harmed by sunlight.  The fear/focus/belief about skin cancer from sunlight is as dangerous as baking your skin in intense sun rays or a sun tanning booth.  Don’t bake your skin.  Do get at least 30 minutes of direct sunlight directly on your skin daily.  SUNLIGHT EMPOWERS HUMANS.

 Your eyes need sunlight, too, including ultraviolet light.  Sunglasses and regular glasses that block out ultraviolet light is not healthy, but today it is very difficult to get glasses that don’t.  So when you get your 20 minutes of sunlight, do it without any glasses.   If the sunlight bothers your eyes, increase your vitamin a intake.  You’ll be amazed what a difference that makes. 

 Not incidentally, sunglasses – like darkened rooms in the day and brightly lit rooms in the night – greatly interfere with melatonin production.  Melatonin is the ‘sleep chemical’ your brain produces.  Melatonin levels lower as the sun lowers.  Your body is preparing itself for sleep.  Darkness lowers melatonin levels even more, telling your body it is time to sleep.  Shading the eyes in the day lowers melatonin, making your body sleepy.  Brightly lit rooms, computer screens and television screens in the night increase melatonin levels, keeping your body awake. 

If you had a pet you loved would you call it:  Ugly?  Fat?  Stupid?  Clumsy?  Bad? Or any other bad name?  Or allow anyone else to?  Your body has feelings.  When you want positive changes in your body, be positive, kind and loving when talking to yourself (which your body thinks of as talking to it) about these changes.  Praise and positive support work MUCH better with human bodies than reprimands, punishment and insults.   


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