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If you haven’t heard already, you will be hearing about a "new" therapy called "Thought Field Therapy" (TFT). This therapy was begun 20 years ago by Roger J. Callahan, Ph.D. He has been perfecting it ever since and has demonstrated it quite successfully on many television and radio shows. His new book: "Trapping The Healer Within, Using Thought Field Therapy to Instantly Conquer Your Fears, Anxieties, and Emotional Distress" is fascinating and VERY HELPFUL. His technique is given in the book. It consists of various patterns of tapping meridian points (aka acupuncture points) and using some of the eye movements of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) for alleviating many conditions such as stress, anxiety, depression, fears, phobias, addictions, physical pain, shame, embarrassment, guilt, trauma, even jet lag and fear of turbulence!

Some of you may have heard of this technique as EFT (Emotional Field Therapy) - which is another name for Dr. Callahan’s process. His book is very well written and gives an extensive background on how this process works as well as the research showing what happens physically in the body to show the improvement. We have been using the techniques with clients of ours and can report that in many instances it is very powerful.

Like many "cures", this one works on the condition itself, not the cause. As with all things, if the cause has been successfully resolved then the condition will not return. If the cause is not resolved, the condition - or another - will return.

One can keep curing a condition without addressing its cause as long as one wants. The spirit will find a way to bring the cause back into one’s soul experiences until it is resolved. Some people prefer to meet "life lessons" in the physical….even if they have to do the same one over and over and over. Others - like us - prefer to lean back in a cozy, comfortable chair and move within the mind and spirit to find the lesson one hasn’t quite gotten yet…get it….and move on.

So how does one know if the cause has or hasn’t been resolved? Try the cures that appeal to you. The "tapping" of Dr. Callahan’s TFT is very powerful….try it. If the condition returns, or you find yourself "acting out" in other areas, you need to know the cause.

Example: One client has found the addiction tapping works very well for completely eliminating the desire for candy and junk food - including soda and "drive in" hamburgers. She has to use it each time she is tempted, but it does work each time…and nothing has worked at all before. Interestingly, the tapping for addictions is the same for anxiety, and she has found using the tapping keeps her from over-eating even "good" foods. . HOWEVER, she also reports her desire to exercise has dropped to zilch, nada, nothing. This is a strong indication her subconscious desire to be "fat" is stronger than her total conscious and partly subconscious desire to be slim. Also of note, her decreased intake of food - and it is a huge decrease - has not resulted in weight loss. Probably due to her decrease of expending calories, as well as a decrease in metabolism. Isn’t the subconscious smart? She’s still working on the "cause". In her case…deep fear of sexual intimacy due to sexual abuse in early childhood.

You can get the book "Tapping The Healer Within" by Roger J. Callahan at any bookstore. We’ll have the link to amazon from our bookstore shortly if it is not there already.

NOTE: Dr. Harmon’s Allergone Method ® for Allergy Relief works on a similar principle to "Tap Away Allergies". Check it out here on this website. It truly DOES work IF you tap to ALL the substances affecting a particular allergy.


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