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A Computer Analogy ~

Your brain and body can be compared to the hardware of a computer. Data is stored in the hardware of your brain and body. Like the hardware of a computer, there is limited space in which to store data in the body/brain. However, just as an infinite amount of data can be stored on separate computer discs to be inserted into the hardware of a computer, your mind stores infinite data which, when inserted into the hardware of your body/brain can be accessed for your use. Hypnosis enhances both the storage and retrieval of data. Hypnosis is a kind of "modem" for the brain, body, and mind connection.

Hypnosis Is

There are many levels and uses of hypnosis. Some levels of hypnosis, like hypno-sleep, are impractical for any use other than sleeping. While stage hypnotists like the dramatic effects of pointing at a person and commanding: "SLEEP", the person rarely goes into true hypno-sleep. In true hypno-sleep, the brain waves are not steady and the person will frequently "tune out" sounds, such as the hypnotist's voice. It is very difficult to work with a person who cannot hear or respond. Stage hypnotists know this and are careful not to use this command with people they suspect might really fall into hypno-sleep. A person who seems to "fall asleep" when the hypnotist commands this, is much more likely to be responding to the power of suggestion than to be in actual hypnosis. Stage hypnosis is an exciting blend of the power of suggestion and hypnosis. The difference between the two has to do with the degree of participation of the conscious level of mind.

Commercials and advertisements use the power of suggestion by aiming the messages at the subconscious mind. If your subconscious mind has programming that has convinced it you want or need what is being advertised, you will feel a "pull" or "attraction" to what is being advertised. The conscious mind can block or cancel this pull, simply by thinking "not now" or "not ever". If one is in hypnosis, then the conscious mind is far less likely to interfere with this "pull". Example: You are in a kind of daydreaming state, or a state of deep concentration. (Both of which are levels of hypnosis.) You hear or see or read an ad for a favorite food. Your subconscious says, "Hey, we like that. Let's get it." You will feel a strong desire for that food. Your subconscious may then say, "Oh, but we are ready for bed. Okay, we will get it later." It is likely that you will continue to have a craving for that food until you have it or your conscious mind cancels the craving. This is sometimes easy, sometimes difficult. It depends upon your subconscious programming.

Many think hypnosis can be used to control others. This is only true if a person consciously allows the control, and even then, the subconscious will not allow that person to cross the parameters programmed by the conscious mind as acceptable.

There are many areas of the brain, the body, and the mind. Hypnosis is a means of focusing attention on a particular area. On the other side are suggestions for using hypnosis for studying and testing. If you use these steps every time you study and take tests, you will be amazed at the results. You will study more efficiently and in much shorter times. Remember, your subconscious DOES have perfect memory. All you have to do is train it to store and retrieve information at your conscious command.

Helpful hint: Baroque music of 60 beats per minute (the average heart beat) is excellent for enhancing study. Mozart frequently uses this beat in his music and a study at the University of California showed listening to Mozart's "Piano Concerto For Two Pianos In D Major" increased the IQ of students participating in the study. While scores were temporary, the music seemed to "open up" the electrical pathways in the brain used for cognitive thinking and problem solving.


  • Think (aloud, if possible), as you look steadily at the heading of the topic or subject you are studying, this command: "This is important to me." Next, find a reason it is important. Find the real reason. Not just to get good grades, but why you want good grades. (To learn, if this is important. To get into a good college, if this is important. To impress whomever it is important to impress. The idea is to think of something rewarding- to you.) Then state/think "This is important to me because ____________."

  • Close your eyes, take a deep breath. Raise your eyes to the middle of your forehead (with your eyes open or closed) and state or think, "Hypnosis now." (Your subconscious knows what hypnosis is. Then think or say, "I study well for ___________ minutes" (20-30 minutes is a good time span for studying, then take at least a 5 minute break.)

  • Open your eyes (if closed) and stare at the end of a pencil or pen. Say or think, "My subconscious has perfect memory. When I tap my pencil (or pen) once, it is a signal for my subconscious to store in perfect memory what I have just studied.".

  • As you study ~ tap your pencil/pen one time after you read something you want to remember. Then do one of the following:

    1. Highlight that point and when you are done, read it again (aloud if possible) and tap your pencil/pen once.

    2. Write that point down and when you are done, read it again (aloud if possible) and tap your pencil/pen once.

    3. Read that point into a tape recorder and when you are done, tap your pencil/pen once.

       (This is always good and is especially great for auditory people. You are auditory if you have trouble visualizing, if you must watch a person's face to understand what the person is saying, if logical, step by step, communication is important to your understanding.)

  • After you are done studying, stretch and take a deep breath. Re-read what you have highlighted or written, tapping your pencil/pen once after each important point. If you recorded this, play back the recording, tapping your pencil/pen once after each important point.

  • Take your break. Reward yourself with something fun. Follow these steps every time you begin study again.


  • Every time you take a test - whether you are testing yourself, or someone else is testing you - look at the subject heading. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, raise your eyes to the middle of your forehead, and say or think, "Hypnosis now."

  • Take another deep breath, say or think, "My subconscious has perfect memory. Every time I tap my pencil (or pen) three times, my subconscious brings to my conscious recall the information I want. This works perfectly."

  • Take another deep breath, open your eyes, look at the subject or topic heading of the test, and tap your pencil/pen three times, then begin your test.

  • If you come to a question you cannot immediately answer, read the question carefully, then tap your pencil/pen three times, and say or think, "I want the answer to this now."

  • Move on with the test When the answer to the question you couldn't immediately answer "pops" into your mind (and it will), think or say, "thank you", then go back and write that answer in.

  • When you are done with your test, put down the pencil or pen, and say or think, "Thank you. This worked perfectly."

  • If your test is verbal, and not written, hold a pencil/pen and follow the steps above, substituting speaking for writing. If you are asked a question you cannot immediately answer, breathe deeply, then tap your pencil/pen three times while thinking, "I want that answer now." Then say aloud, "I know that information. May I continue and return to it in a moment?"

  • It is a good idea to test yourself regularly as a part of or in addition to your studying.

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