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The Treasure Chest contains more information created by Pamela and Hugh to further develop the ideas and techniques you've read in the book. Find out how to correct your allergies in people and pets. Learn more about hypnosis, past lives and much more.


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No person, spirit, or being can be made to move into the higher vibrational frequencies we name "The Light" by anyone or any force up to and including GOD. (What is the meaning of free will if this is not so?) Some of the reasons people have for not moving into "The Light" are:

  1. FEAR: Many people who resist moving into "The Light" fear spiritual judgment. Others feel they are "unworthy". Some are afraid "The Light" is tedious or boring or "like being in Church all day", as one spirit attachment put it. Others fear they will discover their beliefs were "wrong" or that there really is nothing in "The Light" but "emptiness". One spirit attachment, a young boy, was afraid the man who had murdered him would be there. Until they discover for themselves or from someone they trust completely that none of these things are true, they will not move into "The Light" no matter how many prayers, rituals, reassuring words or angelic beings are sent their way. Even the spirits of deceased friends or loved ones canít convince them if they fear these spirits arenít "real". One spirit attachment insisted his father who had come to help him was really an apparition sent by Satan to lure him to his punishment.
  2. TRAUMA: Men, Women & Children who are traumatized by their deaths can be too upset at that moment to know what to do and can become frightened when they see a light or a spirit, even if that spirit is familiar to them. When this happens they will seek refuge with the first living physical body they can find.
  3. DENIAL: People can refuse to believe they are dead. This happens! Denial is such a strong mental ability both "the living" and "the dead" can "tune out" what they donít want to know or acknowledge.
  4. EMOTIONAL ATTACHMENT: People who want to remain "close at hand" to friends or loved ones will often attach themselves to one of them or, sometimes, attach to more than one (by coming and going among them). They are so emotionally "caught up" in the lives of others they forget the importance of their own spiritual journey, nor do they realize how much more powerfully they can help others from "The Light".
  5. DESIRE TO SERVE: People can become "wannabe" spirit guides; forgetting the importance of their own spiritual progression and failing to recognize "real" spirit guides require training in "The Light".
  6. ADDICTIONS: People who are reluctant to leave their addictions or their "power trips" will choose to "hang out" with, even attach to, living people with the same addiction or "power trip".
  7. FEELING OF LOSS: People who feel dissatisfied because they did not achieve their life dream or cheated because they never found happiness will attach to and try to mentally influence others to do what they didnít.

Spirit attachments are NOT the same as a spirit possession. Spirit possession is when a spirit attempts to take over a personís body. Abdicating responsibility for oneís physical body with risky or destructive behavior opens people to spirit possessions. Spirit attachments ask permission before attaching, however this occurs on the subconscious, not the conscious, levels so people with spirit attachments are usually not consciously aware such an attachment is present with them. Many people find it difficult to deny permission to a friend or a loved one who is in the spirit state and who wants to attach to them. Many people also find it difficult to refuse the spirits of strangers who have died (especially children) who are confused, upset and frightened.

Naturally, people prefer to attach to a person or a place they feel close to. However, violent death and unexpected death can be very traumatic and the people who suffer such deaths will sometimes attach themselves to the first "living" person who will let them in. One spirit attachment - a teenager girl named Karen - died of a car accident. She "hung out" in the cemetery where her body was buried because she didnít know where else to go. When a small child visiting the cemetery with her parents started talking to her, Karen was so relieved this child could see and talk to her, she went home with her and remained with her for over twenty years. I helped Karen to find other teenagers in "The Light" who convinced her to stay, telling her it was a "BLAST" in "The Light". Once attached, spirit attachments tend to stay put until they are "shown the way" to somewhere better.

Sometimes people who have died prefer to attach (live in) a physical place rather than become attached to a physical person. They may co-habit peacefully with the "living" who also live there or they may try to make their presence known in what they consider to be their home. Babies, young children and animals are the most open to such attempts. Seeing astral spirits is a natural, but "forgotten" ability, that one can relearn with practice.

Spirit attachments do not have control or use of the physical bodies of the "living", but they do exert an influence on the physical body even without meaning to. Their thoughts, emotions and the "cell memory" of their astral bodies affect the bio-chemical balance of the brain and the physical body to which they are attached. This can lead to negative physical conditions in the body, including illness and disease, as well as undesirable behaviors.

  • If you think you or your home or someone in your home might have spirit attachments, or if you have a child or children who see spirits or you just want to know more about spirit attachments read How To Help Spirit Attachments.
  • To keep yourself, your home and the people in it free of spirits: DAILY fill yourself, your home and all in your home with white (spiritual) light and then surround each of you with a gold (protective) light. You might add that white light helps all "lost" spirits find their way "home".




AFTER you have read Where People Go When They Die you will have the mental understanding and awareness that will be necessary for the guidelines given below to work.

To help spirit attachments, you must first get their attention. To do this, remove distractions from your mind. Sit peacefully in a quiet place. Stare at a candle if you like, or better yet close your eyes. Speak aloud or mentally.

Say something like: "I think there are spirits or the spirits of people here in this home or here with me who do not belong here. You are to listen to me wherever you are, because I know something you donít know. I know where you can go to have, be, or do anything you want. Say: "If you are a child, you can have parents or caretakers or a family if you want. They will take much better care of you there than I can here. You can play with other children anytime you want and they canít hurt you. You can have your own room and a pet if you want who will be your own special friend and will protect you all the time."

ADD: "Iíll visit you whenever you want me to. Just think of me in your mind and Iíll come visit. Iíll take you there now, just to take a look. Hold my hand." (You are now directing your astral double which part of your spirit will use to mentally accompany the child.) Say: "Letís both think we want the perfect home for you where you will be safe and happy. When we count to three, weíll be there. 1 - 2 - 3." At this point you may have a vision or you may not. I have never worked with a child spirit attachment who resisted this and who did not want to stay in the home they have found.

Next say something like: "Okay, now if there is someone with me who is not a child - there is a perfect place for you too. You can choose it. You can think of the perfect house or apartment for you. It can be as fancy or as plain as you like - you can make it a mansion if you want it to. It can look just like one you lived in before or it can be brand new. It can be on a cliff overlooking the ocean or you can have it right on the beach. You might want to have it in the mountains, instead, or in a city or in the country. Put it anywhere you want. You can have a garden and guest rooms in it, or den - anything. You can live in it alone or you can think to yourself you want roommates. If you do, think how many and what kind you want. If you donít like your roommates, you can ask them to leave and they will. If you want a bar or a theater nearby or shopping or anything else, just think what you want and it will be there. You can have any kind of car you want. Best of all, you can live any kind of life you want. You can become anything you want. You can have a job or a career or just have fun. And, you can look anyway you want. Just look in a mirror when you get there and say to yourself the changes you want, and these changes will happen. You can be young, old - any age you want. By the way, if you need healing or help, just ask for it. There are healers, counselors and guides there. If you want to travel, ask for a travel guide. If you want to know what you have to do to have a physical body of your own again, ask this. Oh, you can still talk to people here. You can invite them to visit you there too. There are phones, email, and telegrams, or you can do it mentally. Just look around and ask around. If you donít like it there you can leave. The only thing you canít do is come back to me or my house. Iím clearing myself and my house now and putting protection around us. Now that Iíve told you how to find a much better place than being stuck here with me, I donít need to feel bad for you anymore. If you are someone I love, I know now I can visit you and you can look out for me from there, so I donít have to feel bad for me either. Ready? Weíre going to do this right now. Close your eyes. Think of the perfect place for you. Think whether you want a person or persons there to welcome you and show you around or if you want to be alone and find your own way. If you want me to go with you so I know the way, I will. When I count to three you will open your eyes and be there: 1-2-3."

Again, you or may not have a vision of what happened.

Will this work? Most of the time, yes. Few can resist having the life they want.

Exceptions: See 1) and 2) below.


SPIRIT POSSESSIONS: After doing the above process add: "I now bring higher light into my spirit, my body, and my home. I command that all spirit entities that do not belong here be removed by The Light. I surround myself and my home with a golden light to keep all spirit entities that do not belong here away. Whenever a lost soul approaches me, my spirit calls for the perfect spirit guide to help that soul find its way." ITíS A GOOD IDEA TO DO THIS PART DAILY TO KEEP YOURSELF & HOME FREE OF SPIRITS THAT DO NOT BELONG THERE.



  1. If some part of you unconsciously feels sorry for the spirit(s) with you or really doesnít want them to go, this part of you will negate the prayer command to remove them. You must convince yourself and them there is a better place for them (other than The Light) where they will be much happier and where you can visit with them. The reason it is better to visit them "there" than they visiting you "here" is "here" they move again into the aches, pains, distress and confusion left unresolved at their death. "There" they are "above" it all. Spirits can mentally communicate with from any distance. They do not have to be in physical proximity to you. Your subconscious mind will receive the message and bring it to your conscious awareness when you are open to receiving it. (Meditation, Dreams, Contemplation, When you are mentally relaxed.)
  2. If someone is unconsciously holding onto a spirit(s) because of fear, love, compassion, curiosity or a need for protection or companionship, you cannot make these spirits go. No one can. You must help the spirit(s) WANT to leave. The only way to do that is to a) educate them about the soul world (the astral realms, not "The Light" which they would have gone to were they ready). You must help them to realize they will gain what they want "there" much more readily than they will get it "here". This works most of the time. When it doesnít, b) the unconscious issues of the person holding onto the spirit(s) must be addressed.

The presence of spirit attachments and who they are can be discovered with the proper and precise use of muscle response testing techniques such as Neuro-Muscular Response (NMR). However, The presence of spirit attachments so greatly affects muscle response testing that any one not open to the possibility of such attachments should neither test nor be tested with these techniques. To do so is to risk muscle testing responses that are 100% inaccurate!




This information is provided by F.R.E.O.M.M. Communicating and demonstrating the availability of Spirit to human consciousness, and the ability of the empowered individual, working with Spirit, to bring the self, the world, and world affairs into balance.
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