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PLEASE, PLEASE read Chapter Seven of Odyssey, Book I if you wish to begin to understand the basics of spirits (including extra-terrestrials) attaching themselves to your energy fields (home, work, and/or bodies) and why and how you might want to clear and keep yourself clear of this.

First, fear not. There are Laws of Spirit to which all spirit of all levels, dimensions, and realms adhere, for these "Laws" are the principles, or foundations, on which CREATION and creation rest. Without them, the universes would collapse and spirit would lose its opportunity to grow in consciousness.

"Lower spirit" - that is to say spirit that embodies itself in realms of form (both physical and non-physical) can "pretend" to ignore or deny the "Laws of Spirit" while in realms (such as earth) where this kind of "spirit mind game" is allowed. (For greater understanding of this, read Book II of Odyssey, written by Light, which is set for publication in Jan, 2001, but may be available through us sooner.) HOWEVER, even in such cases the Laws of Spirit are not suspended and lower spirit that decides to "end the game" can do so instantly.

This means YOU can - at anytime - free yourself and your "space" of spirits you do not want, for NO SPIRIT is allowed to over-rule, enslave, or usurp the will of a creator spirit - unless that creator spirit "allows" this. Why would spirit allow this? Curiosity. Emotional bonding. Soul lessons. The creator aspect of your spirit is your own Higher Self. By appealing to your Higher Self to enforce the Law of Will, which is part of The Laws of Spirit, you can rid yourself of any spirit attachment or spirit possession - no matter how powerful or confused that spirit or those spirits might be.

THE difference between a spirit attachment and a spirit possession is: Attachments usually do not try to take over the body or the spirit to which they are attached. (Though they may seek to influence one or both.) Spirit attachments that do try to take over or do take over are "possessions". (Walk-ins are a spiritual arrangement in which Higher Selves have determined a body and life time used by one soul is of use to another soul. Information is exchanged between the two souls for this interchange. It is not a possession and few - if any - lower spirits are able to arrange this on their own.)

THERE are all kinds of possible spirit attachments - loved ones, strangers, spirits for whom you feel sorry or drawn to, extra-terrestrials. An extra-terrestrial might attach to understand more clearly what it is like to be human. There are, as with all spirits - extra-terrestrials of "good" intent and extra-terrestrials of "bad" intent.

WHY would you want to clear yourself of spirit attachments? To be free of influence by another. To lessen confusion of thought - it is often difficult to tell whether a thought is your thought or the thought of the spirit(s) with you. To act with greater focus on YOUR soul purpose and soul lessons without becoming confused by the soul purpose and soul lessons of another. To lessen the load on your body. The human body is, in MOST cases, "wired" for ONE creator spirit. It is a hardship on the cells to house more than one creator spirit, plus the thoughts and emotions of spirit attachments DO affect the body. Finally, it is not in the best interest - in most cases - of the spirit attachments themselves.

SPIRIT GUIDES are NOT spirit attachments. TRUE spirit guides understand they are to help teach when called upon to do so by the Higher Self. TRUE spirit guides do NOT attach themselves to those they teach.

HOW to know whether a spirit is a true spirit guide? As the Higher Self of one psychic so eloquently put it: "Stop trying to be the director of the show - calling on this spirit guide and that spirit guide. Just ask for the answer. The Higher Self will answer. Spirit guides answer through the Higher Self." Higher Spirit also answers through the Higher Self. Clear communications with the Higher Self is another very good reason to clear yourself of spirit attachments (as well as "active" inner personalities). Here is the guidance of four Higher Selves as to how to discern the thought of Higher Self from ones emotional levels of thought: "I am the first thought." "I am the calm thought." "I am the thought she knows is right but seeks to argue away." ĎI am the thought he knows is right but cannot believe." If you want guidance, if you want information - ASK YOUR HIGHER SELF!!! It will gain what it needs to answer your request from the appropriate spirit levels - including Higher Spirit and spirit guides. If you want to "know" your spirit guides - ask your Higher Self to introduce them to you. Remember, however, spirit guides "move on" and new ones come in as you grow in consciousness.

Is it easy to trust your own power? No. People have a difficult time embracing their own power, even when this power is the Higher Self - which is the greater consciousness level of their spirits. Also people like to "interact" with spirits. This is fine as long as people realize earth bound spirits, spirit guides, and "E.T" spirits do not have more power than they do. Certainly, they have less power and less knowledge of oneself than oneís own Higher Self! Why seek guidance - or power or knowledge - from a lesser source? Especially as it is just as easy to create a "thought form spirit" from ones own energies - or the energies of others - as it is to draw to oneself a "real" spirit. How to tell the difference? Establish a close communication - a clear communication - with your Higher Self. Ask for guidance ONLY from the Higher Self. Think of communications with spirits other than your Higher Self as an opportunity to "socialize" and learn more about that spirit - not as an opportunity to learn more about yourself.

It takes time and patience to establish an aware connection with your Higher Self. It is worth it. Meditate daily. Think of this meditation as a connection with your Higher Self or through your Higher Self to Higher Spirit and THE CREATOR. Ask at the beginning of your meditations that a WHITE Light fill and surround you and the place you are in and that a GOLD Light surround the White Light. (Note: White Light has all the color spectrums in it. When you bring a white light into your body, the cells and chakras and other parts of your body will draw in the color spectrum they need or desire.) Ask each time that your Higher Self be with you and guide you. If you have a question - ask the questions at the beginning of your meditation. Seek continually to grow in understanding that you may better understand the communications from your Higher Self. Do your clearing work. Address the emotions - including repressed inner emotions - that interfere with the "vibrations" or "channel frequency" of your Higher Self.

Every day ask that your Higher Self keep you and your "space" clear of spirits that are not to your higher good. Ask that should a spirit seek to enter your "space" - a spirit guide or spirit guides from the Light will appear to offer this spirit help and to let this spirit know it cannot remain in your space. Trust and believe in your Higher Self. There is NO spirit or group of spirits more powerful than your Higher Self.

NOTE: If you have a spirit attachment or a spirit companion that you are attached to through emotional or intellectual bonds (consciously or subconsciously), then neither your Higher Self or Spirit Guides, or Light Itself, can "make" that spirit attachment go and stay away. The Laws of Spirit are that no spirit can over-rule or usurp the will of another spirit, unless that other spirit agrees to this at some level of its being. If you are agreeing at some level of your own mind to the presence in your life of a spirit, even if other parts of your mind donít want it, then it is impossible to get that spirit to go if they donít want to. Such a case calls for therapy with therapists - such as ourselves and others - who are qualified to help ALL parts of yourself AND the spirit attachments find the "win win" solutions that are for the greater good of all concerned.

What can you do to clear yourself of spirit attachments once you have them (or suspect or wonder if you have them)? Take these steps:


  1. Breathe slowly. Calm your mind. Quiet your body. Ask that your Higher Self clear from your body, your mind, your spirit, your "space", all spirits that are not to your Higher Good. Who determines which spirits are or are not to your higher good? Your Higher Self.
  2. Ask that a spirit guide, or spirit guides, of Light be present to offer help to any spirits wanting help, guidance, or to be accompanied into The Light.
  3. Doing this once is sufficient. Stop wondering or worrying whether it has "worked". Yes, it has worked. See below.

IF you suspect or wonder if some part of you might not want this to work, do the following before you begin. Ask yourself, "What if this is someone I care about, whom Iím reluctant to send away?" If you think this is possible, remind yourself that earth is not "home" for creator spirits. The Light is. When people die and remain earthbound they feel the same aches and pains as when they were in the body and they have the same mental and emotional attitudes. They donít grow while "stuck" at the earth level. If you love someone, you want them to grow. Nor are those who love and care about you always the best guides as to what is right for you. They are often more interested in your "safety" - or their own wants and needs for you - than in your spiritual growth and what you want. Let your loved ones go. You can meet with them as you sleep. It is better for them - and for you - to meet them in higher realms accessible to your spirit when your body is sleeping. If you think you might be reluctant to let go of a spirit attachment because of your curiosity or interest in that spirit - what can we say? Get past your curiosity or live with spirit attachments.

What if you really want to communicate with or channel spirits but do not want spirit attachments? ALWAYS connect with your Higher Self BEFORE communicating with or channeling spirits. Surround yourself with white light and gold light. State A) All communication with or channeling of spirits be mind to mind and that your body and energy fields be kept clear of spirits entering them. Establish a signal with the subconscious mind - a finger that moves for instance - to indicate when a spirit enters your energy field. Or B) State that after the spirit communication or channeling ALL spirits involved, other than your own, leave your body, your energy field, your private space. In either case end the communication or channeling by asking your Higher Self to clear your body, energy fields, and space of all spirits not to your higher good.

IF you are doing "E.T." research or working with "E.Tís" or other spirits, BE VERY CAREFUL. Follow the above steps precisely for keeping yourself clear of their presence. Set specific times to meet for communication and set specific rules for these communications, including ending the communications by asking Higher Self to see to it all spirits or "E.Tís" are cleared out. Do NOT entertain the thought or the notion that sharing your body, your energy fields or your space with "E.T.ís" or other spirits is to your benefit. It will confuse and complicate your research and work at best and complicate or destroy your life at worst. Yes, there are "good" "E.T.ís" as well as "E.Tís" with agendas that do not harbor well for humans or for earth. The point is, it is good to learn from other spirits of all dimensions, realms, and planets. It is not ever good to surrender oneself - the earth - or the future of humans - to them.

Can you help others with spirit attachments? Yes. Share this information.

PARENTS - do not frighten your children. They probably have spirit friends. Simply fill your homes with Light daily. Ask daily that your Higher Selves and your childrenís Higher Selves keep your home clear of spirits not to the higher good of your children. Then fill your home with white light and surround your home with gold light. Your childrenís spirit friends will continue to visit and "go home" after the visits. Your children and you will be kept clear of spirit attachments - as long as there is no abuse present in the home. If there is abuse, please seek therapy. Contact us. We will help you find a therapist.

To those with visions, dreams, and messages of the future: The future is NOT set. Read Chapter 8 of "Odyssey of the Soul, Book I" and do your part in creating the BEST future possible for yourself and for human kind.

Final word - for this paper anyway - if you are having trouble with spirit attachments - or you really, really, really wonder if you are clear of or holding onto spirit attachments - contact us. We will check for you and talk to any spirit attachments present - as well as to your subconscious - if you and they will let us. No, you do not need to be present. Yes, there is a cost. We are trying our best to share freely as much of our knowledge and skills as possible, but we find ourselves inundated with requests for help. Fee is $200 as this process requires both of us. Payment is in advance. (We will stop after an hour, if it takes that long and contact you if more time is required - which is rare.) There is a waiting list. We can usually get to a request within three weeks at this time.

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This information is provided by F.R.E.O.M.M. Communicating and demonstrating the availability of Spirit to human consciousness, and the ability of the empowered individual, working with Spirit, to bring the self, the world, and world affairs into balance.

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