Pesticide and Salmonella Protection Formula

Soak eggs, fruits, and vegetables (including potatoes) for 5 minutes in a sink of water to which a cap full of REAL Clorox (not a generic brand) has been added, along with 1 TINY drop of dish detergent. 

Rinse by soaking another 5 minutes in a sink of clear water.

 Rids eggs of salmonella and rids fruits/ vegetables of chemicals and pesticides. 

(Wash eggs AFTER fruits and vegetables if doing all at once.)

And ALWAYS soak discarded meat, fish, poultry containers/wrappings in a sink of Clorox Water before throwing in garbage. 

Always wipe down counters where you have worked with fish, meat, poultry with Clorox Solution as well.  (Not the same one you soaked the wrappers in.) 

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