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The Treasure Chest contains more information created by Pamela and Hugh to further develop the ideas and techniques you've read in the book. Find out how to correct your allergies in people and pets. Learn more about hypnosis, past lives and much more.


Read about:
abuse memories
akashic records
earth changes
Higher Self
inner child
Light for the millennium




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past lives
psychic dreams
regression therapy
spirit channeling spirit possesion
subconscious mind






2004 copyright, Pamela Chilton, Director

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Where people go when they die is a matter of much conjecture. Many people whose bodies have been declared clinically dead have experienced entering what most refer to as "The Light". There has been no judgment in "The Light", they report, only a review of their life so they can better understand its spiritual meaning. People recalling their deaths in past life regressions report similar experiences in "The Light".

The prevailing impression of "The Light" seems to be that it is a "far away" place "out there" to which all souls go and in which all souls have the same experience. These are inaccurate conceptions. There are many frequencies of "The Light" and thus many places in "The Light". Nor is "The Light" far away. The many frequencies of "The Light" are right here, all around us. We cannot see these frequencies because they vibrate beyond the frequencies of our physical senses. Each soul goes at death to the part of "The Light" that feels most comfortable to that soul for refreshing and re-energizing for new adventures.

To see pure spirit is to see light. In this sense, spirit is like air. We cannot see pure air. When we mix "something else" with the air, however, like water or pollution then we can see it. Similarly, when we see spirits, we are seeing spirit with "something else" mixed with it. What is this "something else"? Physical scientists refer to it as "dark matter". Metaphysical scientists refer to it as astral matter or astral energy. The vibrational frequencies of astral matter are higher than that of physical matter. They are not so high, however, that we cannot perceive them with the "naked" eye. Animals see astral matter as do babies and young children.

All physical matter has astral energy around it that forms a perfect duplicate of that physical matter. This astral double of physical matter can be said to be part of or attached to physical matter. The astral double of your body is as much a part of and attached to your physical body as you are. You can see the outline of your body’s astral double by stretching your arm out in front of you at eye level with your palm open and your fingers spread apart. If you look between your fingers with your eyes slightly unfocused you will notice a dim, grayish or whitish "something" (astral energy) outlining your hand and fingers. Some people find this easier to see if they look past their fingers or stare at them as though they are trying to look through them. The outline of your body’s astral double - also called the astral body - is easier to see against a solid background - all white or all black backgrounds are especially good. The outline of the astral double of trees and plants and animals is often easier to see at dawn or dusk. The vibrational frequencies of the astral double of physical matter are parallel to, but slightly higher (faster) than, the vibrational frequencies of the physical matter it surrounds.

WHEN I WAS A YOUNG CHILD I SAW TWO WORLDS. Each had trees, houses, cars, people, pets and everything else we think of as "our world". One of these worlds was on the ground and the other was slightly off the ground. I thought everyone could see both worlds but gradually realized older children and adults liked to pretend, for some reason I could not discern, that the world off the ground was invisible to them. As I grew older, it became too confusing, too troublesome and too upsetting to keep resisting this pretense, so I learned, as do most children, to "tune out" the frequencies of the "invisible" world. I still see this world from time to time and I visit it often when my body is resting. I think this is a common experience although it may be a bit more uncommon to recognize such experiences and know them for what they are.

I have seen spirits many times since my childhood, although I hear spirits more than I see them. When I hear spirit it is usually a thought or a dialogue "in my mind" that I recognize as being spirit communication. I have occasionally heard spirits speak aloud. I know the reason spirits do not do this frequently is because it takes tremendous focus and concentration to produce sound from the spirit state. I do not see spirits as often as I’d like nor does the experience last as long as I’d like. Even when I see "just" the light of spirit, these lights disappear almost as soon as I see them, although lately it is taking them longer to fade away. Perhaps my adult desire to "tune into" spirit again is becoming stronger than my childhood resolve not to do so.

Of course when I see spirits as other than light I am seeing the astral forms spirits create for themselves from astral energy. For spirits to be perceived by the physical senses, they must slow down the vibrational frequency of their light sufficiently for that light to become astral energy. Spirits can then use that astral energy to mentally create from it any form for themselves they like - animal, human, being or "thing".

The astral double of your body is made of astral matter. When people sleep, their spirits often leave the body to visit the astral realms. (Many dreams are actually astral realm experiences.) It is the astral double that is used for visiting these realms. The astral double of your physical body looks like your physical body. Except you can, with practice, mentally alter the astral double to look as young, as old, and as good (or bad) as you’d like it to look in the astral realms. While in the astral realms spirits can use astral energy to mentally create anything they want to create: Houses. Cars. Riches. Anything. There are no physical limitations in the astral realms, only mental limitations. What one believes and doesn’t believe is more powerful than truth in the astral realms.

AS LONG AS THE PHYSICAL BODY LIVES, its astral double remains connected to it through astral energy - no matter how "far away" the astral double goes. When the physical body dies, the spirit (or soul) and its astral double leave the physical body. Then one of three things happens:

  1. As the soul lifts into higher frequencies, the vibrations of the astral double increase until it again becomes light. You could say an astral body (astral double) is made from spirit consciousness (light) and returns to spirit consciousness (light). To return to the astral realms, a spirit need only slow down the vibrational frequency of its light until it again becomes astral energy.
  2. A person can choose to remain in the astral realms in her or his astral double until he or she is ready to move into the higher frequencies of "The Light".
  3. Sometimes when people die they do not want to leave the physical realms (or grounded world as I think of it). There are reasons for this as we shall discuss below. A person can keep his or her spirit "grounded" in the physical world by attaching his/her astral double to a living physical body. When a person does this he or she becomes a "spirit attachment". In our work we speak a great deal with (not just to) spirit attachments, helping them to resolve whatever is keeping them "stuck" in the grounded world where they can (and often do) still experience pain and distress.



This information is provided by F.R.E.O.M.M. Communicating and demonstrating the availability of Spirit to human consciousness, and the ability of the empowered individual, working with Spirit, to bring the self, the world, and world affairs into balance.
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