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The Treasure Chest contains more information created by Pamela and Hugh to further develop the ideas and techniques you've read in the book. Find out how to correct your allergies in people and pets. Learn more about hypnosis, past lives and much more.


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A pendulum is - in this case - a small weight on the end of 6 - 10 inch piece of thread, string, twine, or chain.


Thought moves the pendulum. Thought directs the subconscious as to the direction in which the pendulum is to move. The subconscious uses the brain to send signals along the neurological pathways that control the muscle "twitches" that move the pendulum in the desired direction.


To gain information from: 1) Your Subconscious Mind. 2) Your body and cells of your body. 3) Your Higher Self (the intuitive spiritual part of your spirit). 4) Other Spirits.

It is important to realize when spirit is communicating through the responses of the pendulum, it is the subconscious part of your mind that is moving the pendulum, not spirit. Spirit answers through the subconscious. This is why it is important to be clear of unconscious subconscious blocks to spirit communication. If your subconscious was trained (usually this happens in childhood) to fear spirits, or not to see or hear spirits, or that spirits do not exist, your subconscious will block spirit communication. When you ask for spirit communication and you have a subconscious block to this, your subconscious will supply the answers and/or visions you receive and it will attempt to please you by bringing you what you want to see and hear. Until you know if you have such blocks (information you can gain through the pendulum) and have done the work of clearing these blocks from the subconscious (not the conscious) mind communicate only with your own Higher Self. If information is needed from other spirit levels, your Higher Self will ask for this and will then give that information to you.


Anywhere from accurate to completely inaccurate. The proper use of a pendulum, given below, can greatly enhance accuracy. Nevertheless, you will soon notice you can look at your pendulum and think which way you want it to move and it will move in that direction. The challenge of using a pendulum is to clear your mind completely of conscious and unconscious thoughts about which direction the pendulum will move and which direction you want it to move. This is easier to do in some areas than in others. It is very difficult, if not impossible, to do when you are emotionally invested in something. Which is why you do not want to rely on the use of a pendulum to make decisions that affect your ego or your emotions. Use the pendulum as one of several tools for gathering information from which you can make well informed choices.


Many health food stores, metaphysical book shops, psychic fairs, crystal shops sell pendulums as do many massage centers.


Use a piece of thread, string, thin rope or chain of about 6 - 8 inches and loop it through or tie to one end a ring, pendent, metal washer, crystal, wood - anything that makes a weight. (Do not use magnets or magnetized objects.)


  • Take a piece of paper. Draw a circle on it. Draw a vertical straight line down the middle of the circle. Draw a horizontal across the middle of the circle. You will now have a big cross in the middle of the circle. Now draw a big X in the circle by drawing a two diagonal straight lines. Your circle will look like this:


  • Sit down. Breathe in and out slowly. EVERY TIME before you use a pendulum mentally imagine yourself surrounded with a gold and white protective light. Now mentally imagine the light of your spirit flowing in through the top of your head (crown chakra) to your third eye. Mentally image this white light flowing to a mental image or thought in your mind of the planet earth - surrounding and filling it. This will increase your own spiritual and physical energy. Now mentally image the white light of your spirit filling your brain and your body. Now tap a 3 inch circle around your thymus - counter clock wise. (The thymus is about an inch and a half below the hollow between your collar bones on your chest. Start tapping at 12:00, just above the thymus. Then tap 11:00, 10:00, 9:00 and so on to make about a 3 inch circle around the thymus. This circle is the clock and you are tapping counter clock wise.) Tapping your thymus in this manner balances the meridian energy flows of your body. This is important in any kind of muscle response testing, which is what you are using when using a pendulum.
  • The next five steps you will only need to do once. Their purpose is to establish the directions for your muscle testing response: Place your feet on the floor and place the paper on the floor between your feet. Rest the lower arm of the hand that is holding the pendulum along your thigh. Hold the end of the string/thread/rope or chain between your thumb and a finger. It does not matter which hand you use or which thumb or which finger or even if you use two fingers instead of a thumb. Let the pendulum dangle down between your knees so that the weight at the end of the string is dangling above the center point of the circle (where the lines intersect).
  1. Say aloud: "Show me the ‘yes' signal." (You are talking to your subconscious.) Note the direction the pendulum moves. Clock-wise around the circle? Counter Clock-wise around the circle? Side to side? Up and down? Diagonally? (If the pendulum does not move immediately, continue to say "Yes", "Yes", "Yes" aloud until it does. This could happen quickly, or it may take awhile. If it has not happened after 10 minutes, move on to the "no" directions below or try this again later. Once the pendulum is moving in a definite direction for "yes" state aloud: "This direction is my ‘yes’ signal."
  2. Say aloud: "Show me the ‘no’ signal." (You are talking to your subconscious.) As with the ‘yes’ signal, note the direction the pendulum moves. (If the pendulum does not move immediately, continue to say "no", "no", "no" aloud until it does.) Then say aloud "This is my ‘no’ signal."
  3. Repeat these steps to find these directional signals: "kind of", "don’t know", "can’t say", "ask later."
  4. Now make several simple statements (one at a time) to which you know the answers. Such as: My name is ____. I live at __________. I am _______ years old. My hair color is ______. My eye color is _____. This is for practice and to make certain your signals are working properly.
  5. Once you are certain of the directions for each response, mark these down on the paper with the circle so that you remember them. You can use the circle graph each time you use the pendulum until you are familiar with the responses. When this happens you will no longer need to use it. You can then hold the pendulum in any way you want, as long as you keep the arm and hand steady.


When you use the pendulum, you must be completely open to the response. If you have a hunch, a feeling, a knowing, or a desire about which way the pendulum will swing, you must get this out of your mind when you do the testing. The best way to accomplish this is to say aloud what you are thinking and keep your mind on what you are saying. If you watch the pendulum and think of which way it will go, this is the way it will go.

Knowing who/what the response is from when the pendulum moves makes a tremendous difference in the use of pendulums as well as the use of tarot cards, divining stones, Quiji boards, automatic writing, channeling, muscle testing, kinesiology, and NMR (Neuro-Muscular Response). If you do not know the source of the answer you have no way of evaluating the answer received.

Intent is important, as is surrounding yourself with protective energies. Precise wording is important, too. By following the guidelines we outline you can greatly improve your use of the pendulum and other tools for accessing spirit and mind as well as cellular level communications. Nevertheless, it is important to bear in mind that unconscious (unknown subconscious) subversive desires as well as subversive spirits can gain control over your answer/responses (even with the proper wording) if you let them and letting them can be something you can do unconsciously. This is why establishing a clear channel with your Higher Self is so important. See How To Connect with Your Higher Self Treasure Chest


Very. Very. Very. First, use statements, not questions. This alone will increase the accuracy of your answers. The answer you get is from the source you name:

  • When you make statements without prefacing the source, the response will be from your subconscious thoughts/beliefs/programs - meaning from your subconscious self. This means your deepest inner beliefs, which may be quite different from what you think you believe on the surface conscious level.

Example: Test with the pendulum the statement "I am an important person." The response you get is what you have been inwardly programmed since childhood to believe about yourself. Now make the statement: "I am as important as any person living or dead." If your programmed beliefs are like most people, the answer is likely to be no. Now make the statement: "My Higher Self knows me to be as important as any person living or dead." This answer always is 'yes' with those we have tested.  What to do about false beliefs about your worthiness and importance? See Erase & Replace .

  • When you preface a statement with "I know" or "My Higher Self Knows" the response you get is from your Higher Self. (Or you may prefer to use Spiritual Self rather than Higher Self.) It is often desirable to re-check statements to get the Higher Self knowledge of what is a truth and not just a programmed belief.

Example: Test with the pendulum the statements: "15 Minutes a day of direct sunlight is good for my body." "At least 15 minutes a day of direct sunlight is necessary for my body’s good health." Now re-test both statements prefacing each with "My Higher Self knows 15 minutes of ………."

Example: Test with the pendulum the statements: "Money is bad." "Money is dirty." "Money is the root of evil." "There is not enough money." "I must work hard for my money." The answers you get will be from your inner subconscious self. Now re-test each statement prefacing each with "My Higher Self Knows . . ."

NOTE: Neither what you think (conscious level) or know (superconscious/Higher Self level) to be true manifests as your reality. What your subconscious believes to be true for you is what manifests. Therefore, when what the subconscious believes is true for you conflicts with what you want to manifest, you must change (See Erase & Replace in Treasure Chest) these beliefs.

  • When you want to know if your conscious thought/belief is different from your subconscious thought/belief preface the statement with: "I consciously think ……" Or "My conscious thought is….."
  • To test statements about the body preface your statements with "My body…" Or with a specific part of the body: "My heart…" Or "The cells of my heart…."

Example: Test with the pendulum the statements: "I am happy." "I like sugar." "I feel loved." "I feel appreciated." (The answers will reflect the subconscious knowledge of what you think/feel/believe.) Now test: "My body is happy." "My body likes sugar." "My body feels loved." "My body feels appreciated." (The answers will reflect what the subconscious knows your body thinks/feels/believes.)

NOTE: When it comes to your body, what your body thinks/believes over-rules what you think/believe for it. Surprised? Nature created your body, not you. You are the master spirit that dwells within the body, but Nature is the Higher Self of the body. The body follows Nature’s programming in regards to itself. If you would change a program of Nature, you must have Nature’s co-operation for this.

Are you thinking using a pendulum is more complicated than you thought? You are right. It is also tricky because once you become practiced at moving the pendulum, you can move it mentally just by thinking of the answer you want or the direction you want the pendulum to move. The subconscious follows your mental directions. It will give you the answer you want no matter how you preface your statements if you do not keep your mind focused and clear of distractions, including your own thoughts and desires.

You have a better chance of getting impartial answers if you 1) focus your mind completely on the words of the statement as you say it and 2) you keep the attitude you are not using the pendulum to make choices or decisions. You are using the pendulum to better know all aspects of your mind, spirit and body. This allows you to make better choices.

USE THE PENDULUM LIKE A SKILLED DECTECTIVE. Do not leap to conclusions. Make several statements to discover all the information you need. Example: Suppose you are considering becoming sexually intimate with a person. Let’s use the name Kim as Kim can be either male or female. Some statements you might test with the pendulum would be: "I like Kim." "My body likes Kim." "I trust Kim." "My body trusts Kim." "My Higher Self knows Kim to be worthy of my trust." (If you get a no to any of these, you will want to test several statements to discover why.) "I want to have sex with Kim." "My body wants to have sex with Kim." (If you get a no to either of these statements, better check to see if it is Kim specifically that you or body do not want to intimate with or if you have negative programs about sex or about whatever gender Kim is. Check also to see if you or your body differentiate between "sex" and "making love.") "My Higher Self knows a sexual relationship with Kim is not in my best interest." (If you get a no to this check to see if it is because of Kim specifically, or because of inner programming about sex and/or men and/or women or if it is because a sexual relationship with anyone is not in your best interest at the moment. If it is because of Kim specifically check to see if it is because Kim has a sexually transmitted disease or if Kim is not a good potential mate for you.)

Example: You would not want to choose a mate with a pendulum. You can uncover inner thoughts and feelings about a potential mate. Such as: "I want Kim as a mate." "I feel comfortable with Kim." "I want to live with Kim." "I want Kim to live with me." "My Higher Self knows Kim to be a compatible physical mate for me." Of course, you will want to check statements about where the two of you plan to live. Kim’s place? Your place? A third place? If you are considering marriage be certain to check for negative subconscious beliefs about marriage, husbands and wives. You will need to change these if you are to be happy with anyone. MOST people have inner beliefs about marriage, wives, husbands, and women/men in intimate relations based upon what they observed of their parents’ marriage. Think about what you observed. This will help you find the negative beliefs to check. You will want to check statements about both a wife and a husband because you will be married to one of these and will be one of these yourself. If you were raised by parents of the same gender you will need to adjust your statements accordingly. If you are considering having children with this person better check whether the person will make a good father or mother and check your beliefs about mothers and fathers. If you were adopted or one or both of your parents left home, be certain to check your own unconscious/subconscious feelings of self-worth and self-acceptance.



People interested in pendulums, tarot cards, rune stones, and other "tools of divination" are people interested in discovering themselves. Or they are interesting in communicating with spirit. Or they are people who are blocked in some way from achieving something they want. If one, two or all of these are true for you then you need to know more about the subconscious mind. Why? Because the subconscious mind is the part of your spirit that ~

  1. Directs and controls ALL of the physical aspects of your body, including brain chemistry, hormones, hormonal balance, metabolism, fat storage, muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments, joints, glands, organs, blood, immune system, lymphatic system, muscular structure, skeletal structure, cardiovascular system, digestive system, cells, automatic behavior. You name it. If it is part of the body, the brain and their functions, the subconscious directs and controls it. This is the part of the mind some people call the automatic mind and others call the unconscious - the part of the mind you are not aware of consciously.
  2. Is the seat of your emotions. Want to know what you are really feeling? The subconscious knows.
  3. Is the seat of your memory. Want to know what you’ve forgotten? The subconscious & Higher Self know.
  4. Carries out the will of your soul by directing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energies that affect your body, your brain, your realities. Not manifesting the healing you want? The financial security you want? The psychic abilities you want? The relationships you want? The intimacy you want? The weight you want? The behavior you want? The golf game you want? The test scores you want? The job you want? Better check the subconscious to discover the inner thoughts; i.e. unconscious beliefs and programming, that are causing the subconscious to block the goal you want.

Why would the subconscious block you from achieving your goal if you have free will? Simple. Think, for just a moment, of your will as being very similar to computer programming. What happens with a computer when you try to do something that its programming does not support? Correct. You are blocked from doing it. You have to install programming that will support what you want to do. What happens when a program you already have on the computer either prohibits you from installing the new programming or keeps the new programming from working? You have to find out what part of the old programming is interfering with the new programming and either remove it or re-program it.

At every stage of your life - from the womb on - you have been "installing programming in the computer" that is your subconscious mind. Your mind records your every thought, your every belief. You think as you move from one stage of your life to another that your beliefs change. You are only partly right. Your conscious beliefs change. Your subconscious beliefs that are stored in your memory banks as programming do not change until you go into the subconscious to remove or re-program them.

Wow! Think about what this means. This means you can rid yourself of energies that block you, but until you change the program that created those energies they will just keep coming back. Nor can you talk or visualize old programming away. Just as you must go into a computer program to alter it, you must go into the subconscious level of programming to alter it.

To do this you must first get the attention of the subconscious mind. This means you cannot be sleeping; the subconscious is much too busy repairing your body when you sleep. You cannot be physically active; the subconscious is much too busy moving your body when you are physically active. You cannot be thinking of other things when you do this for this keeps your subconscious mind focused on other things. Again, see Erase & Replace in the Treasure Chest,

You can use the pendulum to help you find the "old programming" - the subconscious beliefs - that block you from manifesting your goals and desires. These "old programs" were created in past lives, during the growth of your body and brain in the womb, at birth, all during your childhood, during your teen years and all through your adult years as well. "What you "bought into" you now "own". Want to change some of this? You must do the work to make that happen. Remember this: You are spirit. You have free will. Angels cannot interfere with the "old programs" of your free will. Neither can Spirit Guides. Neither can the Higher Self. Neither can prayers and GOD won’t because GOD promised never to interfere with the will of spirit. Even if we use our will to make bad things happen to ourselves or others, GOD still will not interfere because GOD promised never to interfere no matter what. That is the meaning of free will. So what happens when you say, "GOD Help Me"? All that GOD and Spirit have put into place to help you is activated to do just that. You receive dreams, visions and thoughts from your Higher Self informing you of what is blocking you from your powers to help yourself. You receive GOD messages from spirit and from embodied beings that remind you of the power of your will and the importance of using that power for yourself, not against yourself. Ergo, your prayers are always answered.

Why tell you all of this now? As you use your pendulum you will get answers. You need to be very good about investigating the answers you receive. This knowledge will help you. If you want to rid your body of excess weight, for example, and you make a statement such as "I can rid of my body of excess weight" you are likely to get a "yes" response from the pendulum. However you will then want to follow up with statements such as: "I have inner thoughts that keep me from ridding my body of excess weight." "I have subconscious programming that sets the weight of my body above ________ pounds." "Some part of me resists my body weighing less than it does now." "My body wants to weigh less than it does now." "My body wants to be fat." "My body wants to be bigger than ___________pounds." If you get a yes to any of these statements you won’t rid your body of excess weight until you find out why you have these programs and change them.

Important Note: If you find you get very conflicting answers with your pendulum, you may want to check for spirit attachments.*


Place the pendulum over a food or a drink. Say nothing.

  • If the pendulum begins swinging in a ‘no’ direction, stop the pendulum and make this statement: "My body is allergic to this." (You can also do this to discover allergies to things other than food/drink.) If the response is ‘yes" do the Allergone Allergy Correction®™ specific points along the energy meridians)developed by Hugh Harmon, Ph.D. Posted at After you have had someone do this for you, hold the pendulum over the substance again and see if the pendulum now swings to ‘yes’. If it does go to the ‘yes’ step below. If it still says "no" repeat the statement: "My body is allergic to this." If the answer is "no", which it is likely to be, make the statement: "This is toxic to my body." if the answer to this is ‘yes" avoid that food or drink. Toxic means that food or drink is poisonous to your system. Ingesting it will cause you problems, if not right away then definitely eventually. NOTE: If the toxic response is to a fruit, vegetable or fruit or you get a "maybe" reply, which could mean "sort of", test this statement: "There is a chemical here that is toxic to my body." If the answer to this is "yes" wash off or soak off the pesticides and test again.
  • If the pendulum swings "yes" over a food or drink, check these statements: "This is good for me." "My body digests this well." (If answer is no, either avoid that food or drink or get a good enzyme supplement to take with that food or drink. In the case of lactose intolerance, do the same or get lactose free diary products.)

You can check combinations of food and drinks to see what does and does not digest well together. Example. Place pendulum over a small piece of fruit and a small piece of meat mixed together and say: "Ingesting this combination is good for my body." Check also: "Ingesting this combination causes digestive problems for my body." Also check: "Ingesting this combination causes excess acid in my body." There will be other statements that occur to you. You can mix a drink and food together, or three or more substances together and do this testing.

Sample Statements: "My body needs more of this daily." "My body gets enough of this daily." "I eat (or drink) too much of this for my body’s good health." "I eat (or drink) too much of this for my body’s best weight." "This contributes to excess weight in my body." "This spikes the insulin levels in my body too quickly." "This contributes to (or causes) excess yeast in my body." "This drains my energy." This adds to my energy." "This is a good fuel for my body." "This is a poor source of fuel for my body." "This weakens my body." "This strengthens my body." "This interferes with my clarity of thought." "This helps my clarity of thought." "This clogs my arteries." "This is good for my ______(name body part.)" "This is contributes to (or causes) brain chemistry imbalance." "This causes an insulin imbalance in my body." "This upsets the hormonal balance of my body." "This causes me to have depressed feelings." "This triggers eating binges." "This causes me to want to eat more." "This triggers compulsive eating for me." "My body likes this." "My body dislikes this." "My body is addicted to this." You will think of more statements as you test.

Test food before and after you microwave it to see if this makes a difference. Soak fruits, vegetables, potatoes, eggs for 5 minutes in 1 capful of real (not generic or substitute) Clorox in a sink half full of water to which a very tiny bit of soap detergent has been added. Then soak for 5 minutes in a sink full of clear water. (Test before and after to see if this makes a difference.) Test to see if time of day you ingest a food or drink makes a difference. Test food combinations to see if this makes a difference.


You can test many of the same statements you use for food and drinks. In addition you can test for amount of vitamins, minerals, supplements, medications that are best for you. Test also time of day to take each substance, in what combinations and whether to take on a full or empty stomach.

Very Important: Make no changes in your medication without consulting your medical physician. Do not say you want to make a change based on a pendulum. Say you want to discuss some concerns you have about your medication. Remember: You can correct allergies to medications. See Allergone Allergy Correction®™ You can NOT correct toxic reactions. Read all the literature on your medication and keep track of your responses to them to discuss with your doctor.


Test for what you are feeling. Many people are not in touch with their emotions. Becoming aware of what you are feeling helps you to resolve emotions that disrupt the harmony the body needs for good health. Test also for unresolved emotions or trauma. Example: "I have unresolved trauma from my birth." "I have inner guilt." When you discover unresolved trauma or unresolved emotions like fear, guilt, anger, shame, rage~test to find out if this unresolved emotion began in this life or a previous life. If this life find the age it began and the experience or experiences that created it. What do you do when you have unresolved trauma or unresolved emotions? Find a hypnotherapist well trained in regression therapy. Can’t afford one? Read Ten Things Your Therapist Won’t Tell You .

A second best to a hypnotherapist is a psychotherapist or psychologist well trained in EMDR. Read about EMDR at EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing. It is also known as BLS for Bi-Lateral Stimulation as alternating sounds or tapping on the body also work. Although you will read that EMDR is not a hypnotic technique, it is. Moving the eyes back and forth (remember the old swinging of the watch for hypnosis?), listening to repetitive sounds and feeling repetitive tapping all tend to move people into the alpha state of awareness - which is a light to medium state of hypnosis. When you are in a state of focused concentration - as you are when you focus on your thoughts - you are also in a state of hypnosis. Most people still believe hypnosis to be an unconscious state and they are resistant to being unconscious in the presence of a another person. Therefore, when they do not become unconscious they think they are not in hypnosis. (To recognize the signs of hypnosis see How To Be Hypnotized. The advantage to EMDR/BLS is people do not think of it as hypnosis and therefore have less resistance to it. Nor do they have expectations of what will happen, which lowers resistance. Nor do they become unconscious, which pleases them. The second advantage is many medical insurance companies will cover licensed EMDR practitioners. The third advantage is EMDR/BLS works on the brain at the same time it is working with the mind. The disadvantages are the effects will not last if an inner level of consciousness (like an inner child, or inner teen) remains fixed on the belief that is creating the problem. Sometimes with healing it really is all about consciousness. If the consciousness doesn’t shift at the level creating the negative "programming" the negative condition or block created by it will remain or return.


Example Statements: "I have lived in the physical body before." "I have had more than one past life." "I lived in the _______ century." "I had more than one life in the ______ century." (If yes, preface statements about the life time you want to know about with "the life time in the first half (or second half, or middle) of the ___ century." You can make statements to discover your gender in a particular life, how many life times you have lived, where you lived, when you died, how you died, whether you have trauma or negative programming from a particular past life affecting you today. If you think you lived in a particular life time or that you were a particular person and you get a "no", you might check to see if you were a spirit attachment in that life time . Meaning, you were not the primary spirit in the body. You were attached to the person who was the primary spirit. Sometimes this attachment is so strong you feel as though you were that person.

NOTE: While using a pendulum to discover information about inner child levels or past life personalities is not the most accurate of methods it can trigger the "coming forward" of an inner child or past life personality if there is unresolved trauma involved. If you notice notable changes in your thoughts or dreams and particularly in your emotions or behavior after working with a pendulum do seek out a hypnotherapist well trained in working with trauma and inner regression therapy. (If you suspect an inner child or past life trauma, make certain the therapist is at least open to these possibilities.)


When the body dies people are not always ready to move on. They can choose to stay. When they stay they remain in the vibration they were when embodied. They do not have more knowledge. They do not become more enlightened. They are still subject to the subconscious programming they had when embodied. They often choose to attach themselves to a friend or loved one or a sympathetic person. Why? They feel much more comfortable being in a physical body. They do not and cannot (without permission) take over the body. But their subconscious "programming" does influence the body. If the person whose body a spirit attachment is in is sensitive to energy that person will feel and react to the spirit attachment’s thoughts and emotions, not realizing they belong to someone else.

Spirit attachments are ‘earth bound’ - meaning they are 'stuck' in limbo state even if they don’t realize it. They are also 'stuck' in the emotions and mind set (programmed beliefs) they had while embodied.  Their mind set and emotions as well as the ailments that affected them will affect you if they remain in your energy field or body.  If you have a spirit attachment - using the pendulum will be very inaccurate, as the thoughts of this person will affect the testing. You might be able to discover whether you have one or more spirit attachments with the following: Test with the pendulum these statements (but substitute your name for Kim): "Kim’s Higher Self knows Kim to have a spirit attachment." "Kim’s body has more than one spirit in it." “Kim’s energy field has more than one spirit in it.” 

 If you get a ‘yes’ to any of these, remain calm. It is like having a roommate. Subconsciously you agreed to this roommate or he/she would not be with you. All this person needs to know is he/she has better choices.

In a quiet moment in your home point out these choices to the spirit(s) with you: 1) Look for a Light.  It is a Light brighter than the sun, except you can look directly into it.  You will feel it welcoming you and drawing you to it.  There is no judgment or punishment in the light. You can suggest he/she ask for the perfect guide from the light to come escort them and show them the way. Reassure the spirit no one ever has to stay in the light, but it is in the light he/she will be shown how to attain what he/she desires, including having exactly the kind of body they want if they want to be in the body again.  Or, if they feel they did not finish up the life they wanted as they desired or still feel things are missing from that life they will be helped to explore their unfulfilled desires. Then say "Good bye, I know you are safe now". Then say aloud, "Higher Self, keep me and my home surrounded with light that keeps all spirits who do not belong here away."

 Every time before using the pendulum (or other muscle testing), begin with this statement:  “My Higher Self know me to be free of spirit attachments.”   If no, you know what to do.  If yes, you might also test this:  My Higher Self knows me to have been free of spirit attachments for the past week” just to be sure you are normally spirit attachment free.

 For additional information on:

    ·        Using a pendulum and other muscle testing with greater precision and accuracy

·        Finding spirit spirits attachments using pendulum and other muscle testing

·        Communicating with spirit attachments

·        Using arms or fingers instead of a pendulum for muscle testing

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 For information on helping to

·        Bring a quicker end to global warming using Creator Light.

·        Protect yourself and loved ones with Creator Light.

·        Lift your vibrations and the vibrations of others with Creator Light



This information is provided by F.R.E.O.M.M. Communicating and demonstrating the availability of Spirit to human consciousness, and the ability of the empowered individual, working with Spirit, to bring the self, the world, and world affairs into balance.
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