Presentation of A Past Life Regression

(Transcript of Presentation To Palm Springs Inner Faith Ministries

October 2007 by Pamela Chilton, C.Ht.)

I am here tonight to talk about past lives.  Well, I’ve been working with and teaching about past lives for 16 years now.  I could talk about past lives for months and still not get all the ‘good stuff’ in.  So I thought my best course of action would be to tell you a story.  It’s a story about a real, true life, past life regression.  Like all good stories, you will want a bit of background information first.  I’ll make this brief.  Seven points about past lives that are important to know right now are:   

1.        Everyone has a past life.  There may be exceptions but I’ve never found one with the thousands of people I’ve worked with in my clinical practice.

2.        Most people – and this surprises, even shocks many – have had many past lives, not just one. 

3.        While I have encountered a fair number of people who are embodied on this Earth for the first time, I have not found one who did not ‘hang out’ or even sometimes attach themselves while in the spirit state to humans for at least some period of time before embodying.  Makes sense.  One would want to know what being human is all about before deciding to make the big plunge. 

4.        Contrary to what many might think, even teach, one does generate beliefs in the spirit state, so even those who are here for the first time in a human body will find they, too, have beliefs, emotions and mental programming they have brought forward from the past lives of those they closely observed and/or attached to.

5.        The soul purpose, if you would, for past life regressions is to discover, uncover and recover negative beliefs from the past that keep one from being all one can be in the present, thus keeping one from being all one can be in the future because the future rests on the foundations of the present.

6.        Being told about one’s past lives is interesting and intriguing. But it is not transformational.  And it certainly is not as exciting as experiencing them. 

7.        If you want to experience your past lives you will need to rid yourself of misconceptions about hypnosis because you will need hypnosis to experience your past lives.  If you want to argue this point you have misconceptions about hypnosis. 

 Almost everyone does.  There are even hypnotists who have misconceptions about hypnosis. Because I am a teacher of Mastery of Mind, Metaphysics and Spirit it is important to me that you have a greater understanding of yourselves, hypnosis and past lives when you leave here tonight than you had when you walked in.  So, I’ve written up material for your reading pleasure:  Performance Hypnosis vs. Clinical Hypnosis, Notes from famed Famed Medical Hypnotist Dave Elman, who was my teacher’s hypnosis teacher, How To Use The Power of Self-Suggestion, and more information on Past Life Memories than I’ll be able to cover tonight.  My colleagues –  Marilyn Parsons and Ann Muller – will give you your folder at the table in the foyer as you leave.

There, that is the background, now the story. Matt, not his real name, is a real person – a man in his 50’s who does work for the Military.  Matt – the Military Man - had been to see a clairvoyant who had told him he’d died in the holocaust and then reincarnated almost immediately a few years later.  That’s plausible.  When unexpected interruptions in the physical state occur souls can have a shorter life span than foreseen and be given the opportunity to return, if they choose, more quickly than is the ‘norm’.  The clairvoyant told him she saw his spirit in that life as a boy who died young, but saw it also as an older man dissipated by drugs and alcohol.  She saw an older sister taking care of them both and said that sister was his wife in this life.  That he could have been two people in that life confused and distressed him so he came to see me for a past life regression.

When Matt arrived we used NMR to verify or discount from his own subconscious and Higher Self what the clairvoyant had told him.  NMR – while more refined than Muscle Testing or Applied Kinesiology – is, like all muscle response testing, as accurate or inaccurate as it is well or poorly used.  Matt The Military Man and I used the NMR fairly well - which is the norm the first couple of times someone is tested.  It takes the person being tested some practice to learn to keep their mind focused sufficiently for greater accuracy.  With NMR we did determine the clairvoyant had been right about him being a German Jew who had died as a young boy during the holocaust.  He’d been ten years old we determined and the older spirit had been of a German Man whose spirit often hung around the clairvoyant’s offices.  (This part we got wrong, by the way, as I’ll explain later.) 

 NMR also verified his wife had been his sister in that life and she had indeed protected and provided for him.  I explained to Matt we could approach the regression in one of two ways:  it could be for recall only or it could be past life therapy.  He asked the difference.  I told him recall is much like what the clairvoyant did, except he would see it or get impressions of it for himself.  Sometimes regressions are very visual.  Sometimes, even for the same person, a regression can be more about feeling or sensing or more about mental flashes and impressions.  I impressed upon Matt the importance of going with the flow.  The time for the analytical mind is before and after the regression, not during.  The moment the analytical mind steps in, the flow stops. 

 Then I explained in regression therapy a person is helped to heal from traumatic experiences found in the regression.  I told him because he would be in hypnosis I could help him distance himself from the emotions if they became too overwhelming for him.  He wanted regression therapy - which was smart of him.  This was a particularly interesting past life regression for me because I, too, died as a German Jew in the holocaust and returned quickly.

 Now, as you listen to his regression you can close your eyes or keep them open as you choose.  If you are sufficiently focused, you may find yourself getting mental visions or psychic impressions of the young boy in that life.  As this regression was fraught with emotion, I suggest you establish a signal with yourself to distance yourself from uncomfortable feelings if they should arise.  Like, blinking your eyes and lightly tapping a finger on your knee or even better you can rebalance yourself quickly by tapping on your collar bone points and belly button at the same time, like this.  I have brought with me two assistants trained in hypnosis and hypnotherapy who will be watching the audience to assist anyone needing it. 

 I began the regression with Matt by asking him to close his eyes.  I gave a simple induction for relaxing the body from head to toe and quieting the mind by listening to the comforting sound of my voice.  I guided Matt back in time and by the time I counted down 3 – 2 – 1. 

 Matt was a small boy.  A hand was over his eyes but he could hear people screaming and soldiers shouting “Snell!  Snell!”   I knew this meant faster, faster in German and knew also we needed to do therapy here.  I asked the subconscious to translate the boy’s words to English as he spoke them.

 The boy was terrified, but we couldn’t heal what he couldn’t see so I had the boy’s spirit move out of his body to see what was happening.  He did so readily.  As he saw his mother being dragged away by soldiers he began to cry, begging to go with her.  I told him he couldn’t – which is true, we can’t undo what has happened, but we can change our perceptions of it.  I told the boy what was happening to his mother was something her soul would have to face, just like his soul would have to face her being taken away from him.   But I quickly added he could help his mother to face what she had to face. 

 Sniffling, he asked me how.  I said, “Let’s stop what’s happening for a moment so we can talk about this.”  People are in more of a spirit state when they are in a regression so we are able to do this ‘freeze frame’ as I like to call it.  I said to the boy, “I know your mother and father talk to you about God, only I know they use a different name.” 

 Yes,” he said, “Yahweh”.   I asked the boy if he was mad at Yahweh.  “Yes!” he cried, “Why doesn’t he save my mother?!”  I asked if his parents had talked to him about free will.  He said they had but he didn’t understand it.  I told him free will means Yahweh has promised never to interfere with spirit, even when bad things happen.  The boy asked me why Yahweh would promise that and I said because spirits and souls and people like to learn for themselves.  He asked me what we could learn from bad things and I said how to keep them from happening for one thing.  I told him he didn’t have to take my word for it that he could ask Yahweh himself.  He asked me how.  I told him to ask inside his mind if Yahweh was listening.  But you’ll have to calm yourself and get quiet inside your mind to hear the answer I warned.  He did quiet down and after several moments he said with surprise, “I heard a yes!” 

 I asked what had said yes and he said “A part of me.”  I asked what part of him and he said he didn’t know.  I suggested he ask what that part of him was.  After moment, he said he saw a light.  I asked if he’d ever seen that light before.  He said yes, he had been there in that light but he’d left it.  I said if that light was a part of him then it was still with him and it was with his mommy too.  When I spoke of his mother he began to sob again and I said, “Yes, you feel sad.  It’s very hard to see your mama being taken away. Talk to her in your mind, she’ll hear you.”

  “Mommy!’ he cried out.  “Mommy, I want to go with you!’  Does she hear you I asked softly.  He nodded.  Yes, in her mind, he said, but she said no, I have to hide.  I suggested he remind his mother of her light inside her so she would know she was not alone to face what she was facing now.  

 “The light mommy!’ he cried out, “Remember the light inside you!”

  I told the boy the light inside him would help him too and I asked him to go back inside his body and tell me whose hand was over his eyes.  I think it’s my father’s”, he said, “he wants me to close my eyes tight and stay hidden here.  I don’t want to, I want to go with him but he says no, I have to stay.  Then he goes out and they drag him away too.”

  I asked the boy to move ahead to the next important event in his life and after I counted 3-2-1 I asked him where he was now.  On a bare floor,” he said.  

 Are you alone?” I asked. 

 “No”, he said, “my sister found me.  She’s with me.  We are with others.  We are all crowded together.  We can’t go out.  I’m hungry.  My sister feeds me food when we find it.”

 Because the time for our session was coming to a close, I asked the boy to go to just before his death.  Be there now,” I said and asked him what his body was dying of.  He said he didn’t know but his tummy hurt and he wanted to go be with his mommy and daddy.  I asked him what he was thinking as he left his body at his death.

 [The thoughts at the moment of death are important ones for the soul.  These thoughts can keep a soul stuck, move it on, even set up intent, purpose and programming for a future life.]

 The boy’s thought was he was glad to be ‘out of there’, but he was so emotionally upset and confused he didn’t know where to go so he wandered aimlessly in spirit.   Which is partly why this part of Matt’s soul has remained in turmoil and trauma since that life.  So I helped that part of his soul – the young Jewish German boy he once was - move into the light of his Higher Self, which connected him spiritually with his parents.  

 As the boy was being held and embraced by his mother and his father, I gently returned Matt back into the consciousness of this life and out of his altered state.

 Let’s do that now for anyone who has slipped into an altered state. Everyone close your eyes a moment and take a deep breath.  Imagine you are splashing your face with fresh, cold invigorating water.  Now, beneath your lids clear your eyes so the eyes are white and bright.  1-2-3.  Wide awake now.  Open your eyes, stretch, stand up a moment if you’d like, collar bone and belly button rub.  There.

  I do have a follow up to Matt’s regression.  Matt had a very vivid regression.  He saw it and experienced it.  However, he still had concerns about the second spirit the psychic has seen and said had been his spirit as well.  So I asked if he’d like a second session – one at which he would not be present.  I told him in that session I would guide Dr. Harmon – my teacher, mentor and mate – into a trance state in which I ask Higher Spirit to access the Soul Records for more detailed information about that past life – his name, name of his parents, birth dates, death dates, where he’d died, that sort of thing and who that second spirit the psychic had seen was.  Matt was eager for this.  So he gave me his birth name and date of birth in this life as well as place of birth.  I ask for this for two reasons:  One there can be many people with the same name in the Records and 2) I never tell Dr. Harmon the place of birth but ask Higher Spirit to give it to me.  When I get the right place of birth I know the connection with Higher Spirit is there.  For Matt, we discovered the following:

 The German boy’s name was :  Heinz Keller.  He was born March 9, 1936 in Heidelberg Germany.  He died in 1942 at 6 years old (not 10) in Poland, in work camp #19.  He died of a lack of energy (starvation) but the greater cause was the loss of will power to live.  His parents Maria and Hurler Keller died in different work camps.  His sister, Anna Keller, was 9 ½ when he died and she did try to keep him from starving by feeding him all the food she could get her hands on.  Yes, his sister then is his wife in this life.  It’s interesting to note Matt says his wife still feeds him from her own plate all the time, something she doesn’t do for anyone else, not even their children. 

 The other spirit the clairvoyant saw was not a spirit hanging around the clairvoyant’s office.  It was the spirit of an older man from the work camp – an attendant that abused him and his sister.  That spirit comes and goes to both of them in this life – he is, in other words, a spirit attachment that needs to be helped so he, too, can go into the light.  Higher Spirit also said Matt has had 11 incarnations in the Earth and several life times in which he was an observing spirit.  When I asked for further guidance for Matt, Higher Spirit said the same as you would give him.  Find the reason for being here.  His lesson completed would free him up to enjoy the rest of his life.   Matt was happy to get that information and because he realizes he has programming to clear from that life he has stated he intends to return for another session. 

 I write about Higher Spirit, by the way, in our book Odyssey of the Soul, Apocatastasis.  Only I call Higher Spirit Master of Spirit in the book because I didn’t know then what Higher Spirit was.  There are many stories and lots of enlightening information in this book.  The last chapter was channeled, from Light, and is the intro, in a sense, to Book II, Odyssey of the Soul, LIGHT:  THE ACT OF CREATION, which has been entirely written by Light.  That book will be printed in Fall of 2008 and be released in bookstores in Feb. 2009.

 The floor was then opened for questions, but the recording ended here.

The following hand out by Past Lives was given to the audience: 


Yes, souls (embodied spirit) live many lives.  Why?  Imagine learning all there is to learn in the physical realms - let alone explore all there is to do in these realms – in one lifetime.  You are spirit.  If you can’t imagine this, neither can spirit.  No wonder spirit has ‘set it up’ for souls to incarnate many times.  Can past lives be proved?  That depends upon what you mean by ‘proof’.  Many hundreds of thousands of people have experienced past life regressions.  There have been many people who have searched for physical proof of what they remembered in these regressions.  Many have found such proof and have written about their experiences and discoveries in books and documentaries.  

 To be told about one or more of your past lives is exciting.  To dream of or have a vision of one or more of your past lives is exhilarating.  To EXPERIENCE a past life at the soul level, meaning in the level of consciousness – meaning who you were – when you lived it is beyond compare.   The only way to do this is finely tuned inward focus; i.e. hypnosis.  If you think hypnosis is what you see on the stage or in the movies or what you’ve experienced with poorly trained hypnotists or hypnotherapists (including those who have been taught ‘old style’ hypnosis) think again.  Then read our paper:  For Students of Hypnosis.  

 Also remember this about hypnosis:  like any skill, the more you do it the better you get.  The better you get, the more you are able to ‘let go’ and trust what you get.  Through meditation (a form of hypnosis) and channeling your Higher Self in hypnosis you establish am intuitive tune in with your Higher Self.  The Higher Self is the highest vibration and therefore the highest consciousness level and highest spiritual level of your soul.  Higher levels of consciousness and spirit always contact you through your Higher Self.  Without your Higher Self guidance you cannot know whether spirits – including spirit guides and angels – are or are not what they claim to be or whether they do or do not actually know what they claim to know.  Your Higher Self is your best guide for all metaphysical work.  

 A past life regression can be observing what happened or experiencing what happened.  Sometimes it is a combination of both.  A good hypnotist can help you ‘move into’ and ‘move out of’ the experience as you feel the desire or need to.  Most people will do this spontaneously.  Sometimes the regression can be very visual – you see what is going on.  Sometimes you feel it or sense it or get impressions rather than clearly see it.  There is usually an awareness of the ‘here and now’ even an awareness of ‘then’ is unfolding as well.  Commit yourself to going with the flow of the ‘then’ and your past life regressions will become more and more vivid and real to you. 

 THE DANGERS OF A PAST LIFE REGRESSION ARE:  1) Revisiting trauma in a past life can bring that trauma forward into this life by ‘awakening’ it in the subconscious.  2) The person you were in a past life is not the person you are today.  True, that personality is a part of the same soul, but that personality is different from yours.  It is another aspect, or another level, of your soul’s consciousness.  Sometimes a past life personality is not at rest.  It did not ‘go into the Light’, meaning it did not merge with the Higher Self (spiritual level of the soul) at the death of its physical form.  A past life regression to that lifetime can bring that past life personality as a kind of spirit attachment in this life. 

 Yes, it sounds weird.  Hundreds of thousands of past life regressions later, this is not based on theory.  This is what we and other professional past life therapists have observed.  We have a state approved school of hypnosis and hypnotherapy in which we teach our students they are not to do past life regressions without the training we give in past life therapy.  Trained Past Life Therapists know how to deal with trauma as it comes up in a regression, how to help a past life personality that has not gone into the Light do so, and how to know whether both of these have been successfully completed.

 Past Life THERAPY is a past life regression in which healing therapy is done for unresolved traumas, negative conditions and false beliefs still affecting the soul.  Past life therapy can help heal relationships in the present life as well as conditions such as illness, disease, phobias, anxieties, addictions, panic attacks, eating disorders – anything that has its ‘roots’ in a previous life experience(s).  

Here are the possibilities with any past life regression or psychic vision of a past life or a dream or a memory of a past life: 

 It is because of the last three possibilities given above that several people can believe they were the same person in a past life.  Accurate, careful and precise use of NMR (a specialized method of muscle testing and applied kinesiology) can be used to discover which of these possibilities a past life memory is.  When one ‘tunes into’ the life of another, it is because that life has great meaning to one today.  It is also exciting to discover one has the ability to tune into the life times of others.   

 When the root of a problem, condition, disease, illness, addiction, habit, trauma, block, etc. is found to be in a past life and one does not ‘believe’ in past lives it is important to recognize God, Spirit and the soul speak in the realms of Creation through the mind.  The language of the mind is symbolic imagery –images that have meaning, just like in your dreams.  Realizing this, it makes sense to listen, see, even experience the symbolic images and story the mind presents for helping you to resolve what needs resolving so you can achieve your goals. 

DEATH is an important part of Past Life Regression THERAPY

Finding out what the soul died of, being aware of last thoughts and any ‘vows’ made as the soul leaves the body, discovering where the soul goes (Into the Light?  Remains earth bound?), and whether the life lesson has been learned or remains unlearned are important matters that can affect matters in THIS life.  Helping the soul to resolve and heal what needs resolution and healing is also an important part of Past Life THERAPY (as opposed to Past Life Recall).


1.       Everyone has a past life.  There may be exceptions but we’ve never found one with the thousands of people I’ve worked with in my clinical practice.  However, see point number 2. 

2.      While we have encountered a fair number of people who are physically embodied on this Earth for the first time, I have not found one who was not around in spirit form for several periods of time before embodying.  With some searching one will discover such people have spent some time in the ‘spirit state’ on the Earth observing (and sometimes attaching to) humans, which makes sense.  One would want to know what being human is all about before deciding to make the big plunge. 

3.      Most people have had many past lives, not just one, but some or many of these prior lives may have been in the ‘spirit state’ (see above).  Sometimes spirits have little desire or no opportunity to physically embody during a particular phase of human civilization, but they still like to closely observe and sometimes experience (from the spirit state) the events of that time and the physical beings involved in them.  Often a person will not mention or even realize during a past life regression whether he or she was physically embodied or in spirit form only (as a spirit attachment or as an observer) during that life time unless asked for this information by the regression therapist.  The questions that would elicit this information are questions such as:  “Are you observing the events of this life from a spirit state outside of physical form?”  “Do you enter into and leave the body frequently, even when the body is awake?”  “Are you the only spirit in that body or is there another in the body as well?”  “Is that body yours or does it belong to another?”  “Are you physically embodied in this life or are you observing or experiencing it from a spirit state?” 

4.      Beliefs and emotions can be generated in the spirit state when one is in (and thus affected by) the energy fields of the Earth planes.  One can find beliefs, emotions, programming, even trauma affecting the present life are from past life events in which one was in a spirit stat.  These must be attended to – the same as if one was physically embodied during those events.

5.      Past life regressions help discover and resolve negative beliefs and repressed emotions from the past that keep one from being all one can be in the present which in turn keeps one from being all one can be in the future (as the future is being built upon the foundations of the present.)

6.      When the origins of present life disease, illness, injuries, phobias, addictions, trauma, anxiety, depression, destructive relationships and negative patterns of thought and action are rooted in a past life, the purpose of past life regression is to resolve these origins thus clearing the way for positive change and healing in the present. 

7.      Being told about one’s past lives is interesting and intriguing. It is not nearly as exciting as experiencing them.  To change negative programming and beliefs or heal trauma from a past life one must be in the mind set one was in during that past life. You will need hypnosis to do this.  It is impossible to be in the mindset of the past without hypnosis.  If you want to argue this point you have misconceptions about hypnosis and will want further information about what hypnosis is (and isn’t).    


 Chapter 7 of Odyssey of The Soul, Apocatastasis, by Pamela Chilton, C.Ht,, Hugh Harmon, Ph.D, Light

Adventures in Consciousness by George Swimmer, M.D 

The Search For Lives Past by Peter Ramster  (He has an Excellent Video of This.)

Regression Therapy, A Handbook for Professionals     by Winafred Lucas  Volume One and Volume Two  Fascinating Stories of Regression Work, Including A Couple by Dr. Hugh Harmon

Past Lives/Present Problems   by  Hall

 Voices from Other Lives  by Thorwald Dothlersen

Mind Probe Hypnosis by  Irene Hickman, D.O.  (Old fashioned Past Life Recall Techniques, Not modern day Regression Therapy

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