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The Treasure Chest contains more information created by Pamela and Hugh to further develop the ideas and techniques you've read in the book. Find out how to correct your allergies in people and pets. Learn more about hypnosis, past lives and much more.


Read about:
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akashic records
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Higher Self
inner child
Light for the millennium




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   A Non-Profit Foundation Dedicated To Discovery, Demonstration and Dissemination of

Knowledge of Mind, Body, Spirit, and Light.

"No-one can heal another. ALL healing is an inside job. To heal, one must first search within the mind and the spirit for the origin and the causes of the undesired condition.” Hugh Harmon, Ph.D.

"There are many pathways to enlightenment. One must know how to get out of one’s own way to walk a path long enough to discover its truths. To do this, one must know Self. To know Self, one must know mind and spirit.” Pamela Chilton, C.Ht.



Mind is the “servant” of spirit. Mind carries out the will of spirit.   Mind is the “builder” of spirit. Mind manifests the creations of spirit. Mind “houses” spirit. There is only one spirit, but the mind divides and separates spirit - as directed by spirit - into levels of spirit within the mind.  


Sets goals. Wills action. Beliefs at this level are not fixed, but change continually. Directs and programs the subconscious through its will. Is “outwardly focused” - focused on physical reality - in “normal” states of consciousness. Is “inwardly focused” - focused on the non-physical realities of the mental and spiritual realms - in “altered” states of consciousness, The degree to which the conscious mind “lets go” of its focus on the “outer world” of physical form affects the depth of “altered” states of consciousness. Merges completely with the subconscious in unconscious states such as sleep, death, out of body experiences, and unconscious trance states. Is the “seat” of the lower self. (See Levels of Spirit.)


Acts upon and carries out the goals and actions willed by the conscious mind without question if there are not other directives blocking this. Will accept the directives of others if these suggestions are not blocked by the conscious mind or its own prior programming. Beliefs at this level are “fixed” as clusters or patterns of linked thoughts that ensure “automatic” responses to specific stimuli or “triggers”. This is important to its job of directing and regulating the body and its energies, which must be kept functioning regardless of changing situations. As circumstances change, a different pattern of thought is triggered and an automatic response to that pattern is carried out. This is a time tested survival mechanism strongly protected by the subconscious. This mechanism of fixed beliefs are responsible for habitual conduct and addictive behaviors. Directs all the functions and processes of the body and the brain. Records experiences and stores these as memory in its memory banks as well as “hard-wires” certain memories into the brain and body. Is the “gatekeeper” of all the energies - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Translates the language of the mind and spirit - symbols - into the word language(s) spoken by the conscious mind. Will act upon opposing directives if there is no directive blocking this. Examples of this are: The conscious mind expressing doubt or disbelief that what it wants can or will manifest. One or more levels of the conscious mind not wanting what another level wants. Cell consciousness is part of the subconscious mind. Majority of social programming and programs of self-esteem are, in most cases, set by the time a child is age seven. Thoughts and beliefs held while in the womb, during birth, and early childhood set this programming as do the thoughts, beliefs, words, and actions of caretakers, peers, and authority figures. The subconscious mind does not change its programming unless directed to do so by the conscious mind of self or another. Such changes are difficult to impossible to alter in “normal” states of consciousness; i.e. hypnosis is necessary and usually a deeper state than one can achieve through self hypnosis.


Sets the programming of the subconscious for the “lessons” and “purpose” of the soul. each incarnation of the soul. Is the level of mind activated in certain “altered” states of consciousness such as “awakened” states of ecstasy.   Is the seat of the Higher Self. (See Levels of Spirit.)


Sometimes called the collective unconscious. Can be thought of as the subconscious level of the mind of all spirit. Manifests the objective world of physical reality through the programming given it by spirit. The programming given it by universal mind and by the collective thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and actions of spirit create and affect the collective experiences of spirit.   As the collective consciousness of humans, for instance, changes the collective experiences of humans change. Thus, the future is not fixed, but changes as the collective mind changes.


Can be thought of as the superconscious mind of all of spirit. The records of the physical embodiment of souls are kept in universal mind. These records are frequencies of energy. Much like television frequencies, these frequencies can be arranged into images by the mind, which is why so many psychics think of the records as books or scrolls. These records are alternately called The Akashic Records, Soul Records, The Book of Light, and The Universal Records. Are accessible through the Higher Self and higher levels of spirit.


While levels of spirit they can also be thought of as levels of the mind. They are levels of non-physical energy that are closely associated with the physical levels of energy. These are the levels within the subconscious and/or collective mind to which the soul travels when the body sleeps. These travels are “remembered” as “dreams”. Thoughts are manifested instantly in these levels as us traveling. When you think of being somewhere in the astral levels, you are there - even other planets and other times. As time and physical form pass away, their energy “imprints” remain. The astral levels of Earth are where fairies”, “sprites”, “elves”, “leprechauns”, and other creatures of “myth” dwell. Life on many planets are in the astral levels only. It is possible to materialize a physical form from astral energy with sufficient “life force” made available. It is also possible to “time” travel and to “space travel” by dematerializing physical energy into astral energy for traveling and then materializing back to physical energy when ‘arriving”. Astral energy affects physical energy and physical energy affects astral energy. (See Levels of Spirit.)


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   A Non-Profit Foundation Dedicated To Discovery, Demonstration and Dissemination of

Knowledge of Mind, Body, Spirit, and Light.


THE CREATOR is THE SOURCE of all that is. SPIRIT is an aspect of THE CREATOR, but is not, itself, THE CREATOR. Much like sunlight is part of the sun, but is not, itself, the sun. The essence of SPIRIT is LIGHT. SPIRIT, as an aspect of THE CREATOR, and as such has will.   SPIRIT uses its creator energy - LIGHT - to manifest its will. There are many, many levels of spirit. Among these are those listed below.


(As Presently Understood)


All spirit is one. Mind separates the spirit into seemingly separate aspects, or parts, of spirit. Among these aspects are individual spirits often called the soul. It is interesting to note that neither LIGHT nor HIGHER SPIRIT use the term “soul”. They use the term spirit, but understand humans use the term “soul” for the levels of spirit that embody in physical and/or non-physical forms.


Your individual spirit - your soul - has far greater energy than can be embodied in physical form. Thus only a part - or aspect - of your soul embodies. This part is the aspect you consciously know to be “you”. This part is what might be termed the “lower self” aspect - or part - of your soul. Another term often used for the “lower self” is soul personality.

The lower self embodies in physical form by surrounding the physical form with its energy. This energy enters the physical body through “openings” in the energy fields of the body. These openings are popularly called “chakras” or “energy centers”. The energies of the lower self affect the energies of the body and the energies of the body affect the energies of the lower self. The subconscious mind is part of both the lower self and the body to which the lower self is attached. Both the body and the lower self influence and are influenced by the “programs” of the subconscious mind, including the physical and emotional programming. It is the lower self that builds what is popularly called “karma” or “lessons” - both “positive” and “negative” - through the choices it makes in thought, belief, and action. These choices become part of the subconscious programming.   This programming can be changed, however, for the programming to remain changed it is necessary for the consciousness that created this programming to accept the change.    

There are many aspects, or levels of consciousness, of the lower self. One of these is popularly called the “inner child”. However, there are many levels of the “inner child”, each corresponding to a change in consciousness. Before the age of 20, these correspond more or less to every age you have been, as consciousness changes rapidly in these ages. These inner ages do not “go away” as you age. They continue to exist as an aspect of your lower self. Ideally, they are in harmony emotionally and mentally with one another and with the “present age” you. When there is not “inner harmony” this negatively affects the energies of the lower self and the body. .   


The greater whole of your soul, or individual spirit, is the Higher Self. You are a lower self aspect, or soul personality, of your Higher Self. The Higher Self chooses, before the embodiment of the lower self, the purpose and the lessons for the lower self in that embodiment, a.k.a. incarnation. These choices become part of the subconscious programming for the lower self. The Higher Self desires knowledge as its greatest desire is to grow in awareness and understanding. The Higher Self does not “judge” the choices made by the lower self as all experiences bring greater knowledge. The Higher Self guides and influences through this guidance the lower self to the extent allowed by the lower self . The Higher Self surrounds the lower self with the energies needed by the lower self. The lower self remains connected with the Higher Self and to the body through what is popularly called a “golden chord”. This is simply a greater concentration of Higher Self energy that “nourishes” or “feeds” the lower self and the body through the “crown chakra” or opening in the energy field at the top of the head. The Higher Self is not affected by the subconscious programming. Nor is it affected by the energy fields of the body or the lower self. This is why your Higher Self guidance is so valuable. It knows your purpose, your lessons, your abilities. It knows what is and what is not to your higher good. The Higher Self brings to you the assistance and protection you need to meet your purpose, your lessons, and your goals. “True” spirit guides are “assigned” by the Higher Self for this, and these spirit guides will change as your needs and desires change. Your experiences are observed by your Higher Self which gains in awareness and understanding (consciousness) from these experiences. The Higher Self uses this knowledge to guide its lower selves. For example: Your “past” and “future” lives - whether on this planet or others - are lower self aspects, or soul personalities, of your Higher Self. Knowledge gained by the Higher Self from these aspects can be used to guide you. “Past life” and “future life” personalities are not you in the sense they have their own personalities and characteristics and consciousness. They are you in the sense they are aspects, or soul personalities, of your Higher Self.


A lower self that was once embodied in physical form. Has the soul personality developed in its embodiment.    


A spirit that attaches to the physical body of another. Usually a discarnate, but can also be an alien (see below) or astral being created by the mind (see below).   


Lower selves that identify planets other than Earth as their “planet of origin”.


Lower self aspects of the soul that dwell or journey in the astral levels of spirit . Thought forms of beings or creatures created by the mind also are in these astral levels. Astral forms are non-physical but are closely associated with the physical. For example: A house has an astral energy field that is not visible in the physical world but is visible in the non-physical, or astral, world. All physical objects have their counterpart in the astral world, including the human body and the physical bodies of animals. When the body in the physical world dies, its astral energy dissipates, but the mind of the lower self aspect can reassemble this energy from memory in the astral world when it desires to do so. Thought forms manifest instantaneously in the astral world. The “world” of dreams are part of the astral world, as are hallucinations and visions.


Spirits that are given the “assignment” to protect, guide, or assist lower selves. There are many spirits that “assign” themselves roles as spirit guides. Whether a spirit guide is or is not to the higher good of a lower self can be determined by the Higher Self.


Name given by some to spirit guides and given by others to spirits that are messengers of Higher Spirit.


Highest level of spirit consciousness and spirit guidance. Does not incarnate. Receives and passes on to other levels of spirit the direct communications of THE CREATOR.


The essence of spirit. Creator Energy. Creator Consciousness. As the death of the physical body, lower selves move into “THE LIGHT”, meaning they move into the higher consciousness levels of spirit. Which level this is depends upon the level of consciousness - awareness and understanding - attained while in the body.


This information is provided by F.R.E.O.M.M. Communicating and demonstrating the availability of Spirit to human consciousness, and the ability of the empowered individual, working with Spirit, to bring the self, the world, and world affairs into balance.
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