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The Treasure Chest contains more information created by Pamela and Hugh to further develop the ideas and techniques you've read in the book. Find out how to correct your allergies in people and pets. Learn more about hypnosis, past lives and much more.


Read about:
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akashic records
earth changes
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Do you have allergy problems? Learn about the Allergone Allergy Correction Method ® and how it can help you with your allergies. It's free and it doesn't involve pills or shots or inhalers.


past lives
psychic dreams
regression therapy
spirit channeling spirit possesion
subconscious mind





VERY IMPORTANT: Symptoms are usually a manifestation of an underlying cause that needs addressing. Addressing these causes is true healing. However, it is easier to do the healing when one is not being plagued by the symptoms. The danger of symptom relief is to think this means the healing is complete. We offer the following to help with symptom relief, not to be confused with healing of underlying causes.

Suggestions to help with:

Constipation     Decrease Menstrual Flow     Dyslexia    Headaches   Herpes & Other Canker Sores  Hiccups    Initiate Menstrual Flow     Liver Flush     Miscarriage     Morning Sickness     Stress Formula     Toxins     Vein Problems     Warts, Rashes, & Other Skin Irritations    


    Recommended Herbs

  • Aesculus Hippocastonum (Horse Chestnut)

    • Contains "Aescin" substance that decreases capillary permeability and improves and tones tissue by increasing elasticity of fiber in tissue.

  • Vaccinium Myrtillus, (Bilberry)

    • Contains known flavinoid compounds called "anthocyanosides" which help maintain the integrity of capillaries and are anti-oxidents. Flavonoids promote healing by strengthening connective tissue, collagen, and capillaries.

  • Centella Asiatica (Gota Kola)

    • Enhances connective tissue sheath that surrounds the vein and reduces hardness, improving blood flow. It contains Vitamin "K" as well as magnesium, protecting against sudden changes in blood pressure.

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  • Mother's Wort, Penny Royal, Black Cohosh, Rue, Skull cap, White Cedar, Bay Leaves, Juniper Berries, (Do NOT take cohoshes, pennyroyal or tansy in excess and avoid pennyroyal and rue during pregnancy as they may cause miscarriage. Avoid juniper berries with kidney problems.)

  • If you are pregnant, and do not want to be - talk to the spirit of the child first, and then to your body.
    1. Tell the child why you cannot or will not welcome it. If you are going to have children in the future, ask for a spirit of light to be present to take the spirit of the child into a place of safe keeping until you are ready for it. If you are not going to have children in the future, explain this to the spirit and ask for a spirit of light to be present for guiding this spirit to another mother. The Law of Will is that no spirit can over-rule the will of another spirit. In the case of pregnancy, the will of the spirit that owns the body (the mother) takes precedence over the will of the incoming child.

    2. Next, ask to go to the programmer of your body. Relax. Count down from 10 to 1 slowly. Imagine you are now in contact mentally with programmer of your body (a part of the subconscious mind.) Tell the programmer your menstrual flow is begin as your will is to end the pregnancy that has begun.

    3. Tell the embryo cells the spirit has left, thank them, and tell them they are to leave the body now. Tell them to go with love and Light.

    4. Tell the uterus cells that the spirit of the embryo has left and the embryo cells are dying, so the uterus is to empty itself of the embryo cells and the lining they are in. Thank the uterus for its help.

    5. The earlier in the pregnancy the above is done, the better for the cells of both bodies. In fact, the later the pregnancy, the more resistance there will be on the part of the uterus to let go of the embryo.

    6. As a preventative measure, tell the director/programmer of your body that the menstrual flow is to happen monthly, that all eggs are to be eliminated from the uterus monthly until further notice. Use birth control also. Few people believe strongly enough in their own powers to rely on them alone.


    Nettle, Yarrow, Shepherd's Purse


    Cransesbill, Oakbark, White Pine Bark, Yarrow


  • Vitamin B-6, up to 88 mg. daily

  • 5 mg. vitamin K and 25 mg. Vitamin C

  • Apple Peels, Blackberries, Mint, Red Rasberry Leaves, Peach Leaves

  • AVOID sonograms. They upset the nervous system of the embryo/fetus which upsets the child emotionally, which upsets you, which upsets your body.

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  • 1000 mg. of Calcium Ascorbate (a non-acidic form of Vitamin C plus calcium) 5 times daily with food.
  • 50 mg. Zinc once a day.
  • 25,000 IU Beta Carotene 2 times daily.
  • B-50 Caps (or similar Vitamin B Complex) 1-2 daily.
  • Drink lots of water
  • 500 mg. – 1000 mg. DLPA (Take half in the morning and half at night.)

DLPA is "right" and "left" Phenylalinine. L (left) Phenylalinine helps the brain processes that increase alertness and suppress appetite. It is an effective anti-depressant for many. The addition of D-(right) Phenylalinine slows the breakdown of endorphins, which also helps relieve physical pain.

Some people prefer 100-200 mg 5-HTP as a mood enhancer taken with or instead of DLPA. Can find DLPA and 5-HTP in health food stores.

Many supplements, including vitamins, minerals, herbs, supplements can be ordered (MUCH cheaper, even with shipping) from 800-777-1324. DPLA is listed under Phenylalanine. 5-HTCP is listed under Tryptophan.

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Probiotics (pro=for and biotic=body) feed or put into the body friendly flora and fauna that aid the digestion and the immune system. Should taken also with anti-biotics. As much as 80% of Acidophilus (the ‘good’ ingredient in live yogurt culture), does not get into the intestines. Enteric-coated acidophilus capsules will protect acidophilus from stomach acids so it gets into the intestines. Enteric-coated PB-8 capsules have 8 types of probiotics in them (including acidophilus). FOS (Fructose Polymers - increase friendly microflora) should be taken along w/ PB-8. PB-8 and FOS are available in Health Food Stores, sometimes in Pharmacies, or can be ordered (much more cheaply) as GR8 (under acidophilus) and as Inulin (instead of FOS) at 800-777-1324.


  • Eat fibrous Vegetables (Best) and fiber cereals with little or no sugar. White sugar is toxic for most people, as are sugar substitutes. Raw sugar is better, better still is Tupelo Honey. This type of honey does not spike blood sugar and can be used by diabetics. Xylitol (available at 1-800-777-1324) is a natural plant sugar substitute that is sweeter than sugar, has 1/3 the calories, and makes it harder for plaque to form in blood vessels and on teeth.
  • Psyllium aids in constipation by absorbing moisture into the feces. Stir two even or one rounded tablespoon of pysllium into orange or tomato juice and drink quickly.
  • Once again, FIBER is your friend. (For those who don’t like broccoli but love crunchy snacks, try cut up broccoli stems. They taste nothing like the flower end, are very crunchy and VERY fibrous.)
  • Water - At least 8-10 8 oz. glasses of water DAILY.
  • Chronic constipation is a sign of "holding back". One can "hold back" emotions, thoughts, words, memories, self-love, forgiveness and the like. Allowing one to "release" that which one is holding back allows the body to release as well. It is important emotional and physical release be at the subconscious level, which is likely to require regression therapy in an altered state releasing emotions from childhood and past life events.
  • Coffee Enemas aid in cleansing the liver when the body is constipated and/or toxic.


    For constipation and to periodically cleanse the liver. Do daily or three times weekly minimum when ill or diseased; daily, weekly or monthly when well. If you have negative memories of enemas from childhood, don’t let that stop you. Warm enemas – when you are in control of giving them to yourself – feel good. The reason for a coffee enema is caffeine is a stimulant that - when introduced into the liver through the colon (not through the stomach) – triggers a rapid dumping of toxins that have built up in the liver. (Thus non-caffeine coffee will not work, of course.)

    • Put 1 rounded tablespoon of instant regular coffee and 1 teaspoon FOS powder (Fructose Polymers - available health food stores or as Inulin through 1-800-437-1324) into a quart jar or similar container.

    • Add ½ quart of boiling hot water. Stir briefly.

    • Add ½ quart cold water. Mixture will now be body temperature. Pour into an enema bag and proceed with enema. NOTE: Enema bags are sold in pharmacies, usually labeled as Hot Water Bottles.

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  • When drinking alcohol, it is important to eat food or toxicity can build up in the liver as alcohol dehydrates both the body and the brain cells. Headaches when drinking result from the dehydration, and destruction, of brain cells.

  • Pollution, poor diet, and chemicals cause toxins to increase in the body. A periodic liver flush is important for cleansing the liver of toxins.

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When drinking alcohol, it is important to eat food and to drink double as much water as alcohol or toxicity can build up in the liver as alcohol dehydrates both the body and the brain cells. Headaches when drinking are from dehydration and the destruction of brain calls.

The following is an effective LIVER FLUSH for cleansing of toxins built up in the body by constipation, illness, disease, pollution, poor diet, inadequate exercise, trauma, negative thoughts, emotions, behavior. This LIVER FLUSH will also soften bile stones in the gallbladder and liver, making them easier to pass.

For those who are diabetic or unable to tolerate apple juice, distilled water may be substituted. Also be aware this flush is a highly alkalizing procedure and should not be undertaken by those whose bodies are already too alkaline. This is un-likely for most people, except for those whose daily diet is free of acidic foods (proteins, starches, sugars), or medications or supplements that increase body alkalinity. The acidity and alkalinity of your body can be tested with strips you can buy at most pharmacies. Do this Liver Flush once a month if immune system is weak or not functioning properly. To maintain good health, do twice a year.

  • Drink one quart of natural apple juice per day for three days.

  • Each day, add one level teaspoon of liquid Di-Sodium Phosphate (liquid is better) – OR 2,000 mg powdered Di-Sodium Phosphate (3 capsules) to each quart of juice. Drink the quart of juice into which you have added the Disodium Phosphate throughout the day.

  • Eat normally this is NOT a fast.

  • Wait for three hours after eating dinner on the third night. NEVER do the liver flush in the morning, ALWAYS at night. (If for some reason you are unable to do the liver flush on the evening of the third day, wait for the fourth night, but take NO apple juice on the fourth day.)

  • Three hours after eating dinner on the third night of drinking apple juice, drink ½ cup of Italian Virgin (NOT light) Olive Oil. (You may mix the following with it to make the taste more palatable - juice of one fresh lemon or ½ cup (NOT a whole bottle or whole can) of room temperature classic coca cola.) Quickly drink the oil or oil mixture down - don't wait or oil will settle to the bottom of the mixture. You will feel very full. If you have an oily feeling on your lips or teeth, rub a lemon wedge on teeth or suck the lemon wedge. The oily feeling will disappear.

  • Immediately after drinking the oil, or mixture, lie down on your right side for 30 minutes. No cheating on the time. You may draw your knees up to your chest during this time or stretch out full length. When 30 minutes have passed, move around a bit and resume normal activity. It will take approximately 8 hours for the flush to work. There will be a considerably soft stool the first time you move your bowels. A more formed stool usually comes around the fifth time.

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  • Persistent headaches should ALWAYS be reported to your MEDICAL physician.

  • The following techniques have proven helpful for headaches that are not caused by injury or disease:
    • Begin with an OUT breath through the mouth, then a longer breath out through the nose. Repeat three times. This triggers the vagus nerve, which is the largest quieting nerve in the body. It also lowers blood pressure. It will help to visualize, as you breath, your blood pressure going down. If you are more verbal and less visual, just think as you breathe: Relax. Relax. Relax.

    • The blood vessels in your head are able to adjust themselves. Become quiet, ask your blood vessels Ask them to relax and normalize the amount of blood present in your head. Ask them to conduct the blood flow easily, steadily, and comfortably while this adjustment is being made.

    • From a study at The Pain Evaluation and Intervention program at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Augusta, Georgia: "For tension headaches: Focus on relaxing the trapezius muscles - the ones that slope from the shoulders up to the neck. Think about these muscles melting like butter, or imagine warm water running over them. Think relax. Imagine you are in a relaxing place. Try to feel warmth, heaviness, and looseness in those muscles. Test a range of images until you find ones that seem to sap the tightness. There is something about relaxing mentally that appears to work better than trying to massage the tension out. For Migraines: Something similar happens with migraines. They don't budge when the hands are held in hot water, but many subside when someone imagines their hands growing warmer."

    • In one study, headache sufferers got dramatic relief when a capsaicin (red pepper) was applied to the nostril on the side of the head where the headache occurred. In another study patients who had capsaicin ointment applied to their temples were headache-free during days when they normally would have head pain. The ointment raised the temperature at their temple, which normally experiences a head loss during cluster (muscle tension) headaches. Capsaicin is sold over the counter as Zoxtrix and Axsain.

    • TMJ (Temporomandibular jaw problems) can cause headaches. An effective remedy for TMJ is an interesting "tweak" and "stroke" technique. Place index fingers on top of upper jaw (generally, near the bottom of the ears) and the thumbs on the bottom of the lower jaw. "Tweak" by bringing index fingers and thumbs together in a kind of pinching movement. "Tweak" 3 times, then "stroke" twice. "Stroke" by using back of index finger to stroke jaw from bottom of lower jaw to top of upper jaw. Do "tweak", "tweak", "tweak" three times, then "stroke", "stroke", twice - several times through out day. As fantastic as it seems this can CORRECT TMJ.

    • See ALLERGONE CORRECTION® Method for clearing allergies that cause headaches.

    • Brian Epstein, M.D., author of Healing Visualizations, Creating Health Through Imagery: "Headaches are characteristically related to one's emotional state. Temporal headaches involve rage; migraine headaches involve anger; tension headaches involve worry. Temporal headache is experienced as that 'pounding in my head' where there is great pressure felt in the region of the temporal bones. It can arise when you do not allow yourself to say what you feel. Migraine headache is usually felt as one-sided, the pain covering the entire surface of that side of the skull; its onset is often signaled by the sensation of smelling something unpleasant (unrelated to what is in the environment) or seeing a halo of colored lights (also unrelated to environment), and most commonly reflects anger. Tension headache is muscular in origin and mirrors the tension you feel in your life. It is experienced at the base of the skull and in the large muscles of the neck fitted into the base of the skull. Following are visualizations/guided imagery that can help with each kind:

    • THE SILVER BAND (For Temporal Headaches)
      Close your eyes. Breathe out through the mouth and in through the nose three times. Imagine as you do so a silver band stretched tightly across your skull from temporal bone to temporal bone (just to the front of and above your ears), and flaring out slightly at the ends as it lies on the bones. See and sense the band tightening around your skull, with the ends pressing against the temporal bones and then quickly releasing; the band and ends squeeze once again and then release quickly; and again, a third time. Then open your eyes, knowing the pain is gone.

    • OPEN EYES (For Migraine Headaches)
      With your eyes open, look up and out to the side of the headache for 2 to 3 minutes steadily. Then return to your normal gaze.

    • LAKE OF THE BRAIN (For Tension Headaches.)
      Close your eyes. Breathe out through the mouth and in through the nose three times. Look down at the top of your head. Lift off the top of your skull as if you were removing the top of the shell of a soft boiled egg. Look inside. See the fluid of your brain and the moving nerve fibers that look like water plants underneath. See the fluid draining out of your head completely and sense and feel the tension relieved at the base of your skull and the back of your neck, sensing the fluid moving down the spinal column to the base. See fresh fluid moving up the spinal column, through the neck, and filling our skull, seeing through the clean, clear liquid to the nerve fibers below. Feel and sense the flow of fresh blood through your neck and down into the rest of your body. Put on the top of your skull. Breathe out once, and open your eyes.

      When headache is happening, gently place your most sensitive finger tip (one on each hand) just above center of your eyebrows. Feel for your pulse there. With a headache, the pulse will most likely not be even - there will be one rhythm for the left side and a different rhythm for the right side. Relax, and focus on bringing the rhythms together into one beat. The moment this happens, instantly and quickly remove both of your fingers AT ONCE. Headache will be gone. A HIGHLY effective technique.

    • Ginger capsules or ginger tea helps many.

    • Here are two "old fashioned remedies" some people swear by: 1) Take a lime and cut it in half and rub on your forehead. Throbbing will go away. 2) Drink two large glasses full of warm (not hot) water.

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  • Bend over and drink a glass of water from the rim FARTHEST from you.

  • A drop of sugar on the tip of the tongue often works, especially for babies. This also works for adult who can drink some sugar flavored water or eat a small piece of chocolate.

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  • Dyslexia is not just reading difficulties. People with dyslexia have difficulties with right and left directions and often other directions, as well as depth perception. Dyslexia can cause confused thinking as well. Often, people who skipped crawling as babies - or who crawled in an abnormal manner (scooting, lumbering) - have dyslexia. The following exercises can CORRECT dyslexia:
    1. Cross Crawl: Stand up. Imagine a line running down the center of your body. March in place, swinging OPPOSITE arm and knee across this line at the SAME TIME. (So left arm and right knee cross line simultaneously then right arm left knee cross simultaneously.) Do 5 times a day, 20 repetitions each time, as long as necessary to correct dyslexia. Once corrected, do when feeling "heavy brained" or "fuzzy thinking" or "clumsy".

      NOTE: The standard "jumping jacks" of yore CREATE dyslexia. Do not do them. Substitute cross crawl instead. (If you absolutely MUST do them, give your trainer a copy of this, diplomatically, and if not corrected, do cross crawl after jumping jacks.) TEACHERS: Having the whole class do this before beginning class would increase concentration, focus, and left/right brain processing dramatically. STUDENTS: If it's too embarrassing to do this in class (?) do it at home before school

    2. Figure 8 Exercise: Put both arms out straight in front of you. Clasp your hands, keeping your index fingers pointing straight out. Draw a figure 8 SIDEWAYS. (Like it is lying on its side.) Follow the movements of your fingers with your eyes and nose. Repeat 5 times a day with 20 repetitions each time.

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  • Mental suggestion is VERY effective with skin irritations and break outs. In fact, mental suggestion is often the CAUSE of skin irritations, as are suppressed emotions and anxieties. If you can get relaxed enough to ask the blemishes, or warts, or skin what the message is, they WILL tell you. Isn't that amazing and wonderful? After you have the message, thank the skin irritation and say it is going away now so you can do what you need to do.

  • Warts are often manifesting a belief one has that one is ugly, or some part of one is ugly, or it is a message from the body that you are worrying too much. Once you have the message of the warts (or before if you think this is ridiculous), try an old fashioned remedy that has worked for many: Cut a raw potato slice and rub potato (not skin) on warts as you tell them to go away.

  • Rosewater and glycerin (sold at pharmacies) is very soothing to angered, irritated skin.

  • Many times when speaking with clients in hypnosis and asking the skin cells why the skin is breaking out, we get this: Sugar is irritating the nerves which are irritating us. We don't like sugar. (Nor do they like diet sodas any better!)

  • See ALLERGONE CORRECTION® Method for correcting allergies that cause skin irritations and eruptions.

  • To remove the hurt and the swelling from insect bites (including wasp, bee, and spider) dab bite or sting with pure ammonia. (Bottle says pure ammonia right on it.) To correct allergies to insect bites, use dead insect with ALLERGONE CORRECTION® Method.


  • Vitamin C - 500 Mg. every hour of the day. (If too acidic use ascorbate form, which is non-acidic.)
  • Vitamin A - 10,000 I.U. three times a day with bioflavinoid (Quercetin, Rutin or other.)
  • Zinc - 100 mg three times a day.
  • Lysine - 500 mg. three times a day. (Should take twice a day to prevent out-breaks as Lysine suppresses Arginine - see below.)


  • APPLY Sodium Ascorbate mixed with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera (if available) several times a day. AVOID: Foods that are high in Arginine (chocolate, nuts, carob, seeds) which feed the herpes/canker virus.)


  • Make a hypnosis tape or see a hypnotist to guide you into the level of relaxation that is a natural healing state as well as a level in which your subconscious is receptive and responsive to specific healing suggestions. Among the healing suggestions would be:
  • You are now open to the light of your spirit. As the creator energy of this light moves into all parts of your body, your subconscious directs your immune system to search out all of the virus in your body that causes the sores on your (mouth, vagina, rectum). Immune system, find all of this virus now. The light will show you where the virus is hiding. Surround and remove all of the virus, every trace of the virus. Remove it from this body. Begin this now and continue until the body is completely clear of this virus.
  • Whether you make the tape or your hypnotist does, sit down and listen to this tape at least once and preferably twice daily for several days. If you want to listen to it as you fall asleep, that is fine, but this would be in addition to the once or twice daily. Tell yourself, as you begin to listen to the tape: I let go of tension and relax now. I listen to the voice on the tape and my subconscious does when the voice tells it to do because this is my desire and my will. One of three things will happen as you listen to the voice on the tape:
  • You will resist listening to the tape by thinking of other things. For example, the hypnotist says to relax and you think about playing tennis. The hypnotist says to be at the beach and you think about going dancing. The hypnotist gives healing suggestions and you think, "This isn’t working." Avoid doing this. Gently move your mind back to listening to the hypnotist’s suggestions and staying with them. For instance, when the hypnotist is talking about the beach or the stream you are thinking how pleasant it is to be at the beach or the stream. Now see two and three below.
  • You listen to and agree with what the hypnotist says. (If it is your own voice on the tape, don’t critique yourself every step of the way. Make a mental note of what you will change/improve when you make your next tape, then let go of that thought.) As you listen to the voice on the tape, either repeat the suggestions given mentally or just think "yes" as you hear each suggestion. Example: Suggestion: "Your body relaxes." You think: "Yes, my body is relaxing." Or simply think, "yes".
  • As you listen to the hypnotist’s pleasant voice and your own pleasant agreeable thoughts, your consciousness may begin to drift away; i.e. you are letting go of the hypnotist voice and drifting into unconsciousness. This is fine as long as your subconscious is listening. You will know your subconscious was listening if you return to full conscious focus when the hypnotist says to. If you don’t become conscious enough to turn off the tape or to energize yourself completely, you were asleep and you will need to play the tape again when you are less sleepy.
  • If you continue to resist the hypnosis by falling asleep or not playing the tape or thinking of opposing thoughts and/or you continue to have outbreaks, seek a well trained hypnotherapist to help you work with your stress levels and/or the subconscious resistance you have to letting go of the virus. (Also see Erase and Replace Negative Subconscious Programs in the Treasure Chest on the website



  • Many experts think Human Pappiloma Virus (HPV) is not transmittable when the Virus is inactive.
  • Virus is active when the immune system is not able to suppress it. See HOW TO HAVE A HEALTHY IMMUNE SYSTEM.
  • Good health is a sign of a normally functioning immune system; which means one is not ill, has good energy, is sleeping well, feeling good and has no symptoms of impending illness or disease.
  • Men will know the Virus is inactive when warts on the penis disappear. Women will often require a pelvic exam to test for presence of warts. Warts can be treated topically by applying diluted Tea Tree Oil to warts then soothe with Aloe Vera (from plant if possible).
  • Condoms and diaphragms do NOT protect against viruses; the virus is so microscopic it can penetrate through the membrane of both. Spermicidal jellies and creams kill sperm, not all viruses.
  • Most experts say it is impossible to heal HPV, that the best you can hope for is that they become inactive. HOWEVER, they also acknowledge people have ‘inexplicably’ accomplished this. See How To Heal. You will know this healing has worked when you test negative to HPV.

This information is provided by F.R.E.O.M.M. Communicating and demonstrating the availability of Spirit to human consciousness, and the ability of the empowered individual, working with Spirit, to bring the self, the world, and world affairs into balance.
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