Good physical health depends upon good emotional health and good physical health greatly benefits emotional health.  People need three types of exercise:

·        Exercise that builds and maintains strong bones and muscles. 

·        Exercise that keeps or restores and keeps the body flexible.

·        Exercise that increases oxygen flow to and in the body.

 Proper deep breathing - combined with isometrics, isotonics and stretching - accomplishes all of these goals.

Proper, Deep Breathing ALONE Stimulates:   Better Circulation.  Better Health  Better Metabolism   Better Fat Distribution  Loss of Excess Fat *

 Read the book Oxycise by Jill Johnson to learn the kind breathing that produces such amazing results.  You can find Jill Johnson’s book at most used book stores or go to her website: .  You will find workout videos, tapes and CD’S on her website but the book is really all you need unless you like having company with your workout.  Reading her book is very motivating.  You don’t even have to do the workout to get benefits.  Doing the breathing alone for a week or so will motivate you to keep breathing because you will notice results.  Eventually you may become motivated to add the isometric/isotonic exercises.  If you cannot or do not want to stand, they can be done sitting down or lying down.   If you love movement when you exercise, adding this breathing to movement will accelerate results.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND OXYCISE!!

 There is another method of deep aerobic breathing along with isometrics/isotonics that incorporates forcibly expelling the air from your body and holding for a few counts before breathing in again.  This method is called Body Flex and you can read about it in the book Be A Loser by Greer Childers.   

You may find you prefer one of these methods or that you like to use both for variation.  Both books are fascinating to read and will convince you of the power of oxygen to heal, tone, shape and set the proper body weight.  Ms. Childers book will also help you understand more about isometrics, isotonics and aerobic breathing.    

 *  If you struggle with emotional fat (you gain fat easily and lose it with difficulty or not at all) read Fat Is A Feminist Issue by Susie Orbach.  It’s not just for women.  It’s for anyone who wants to know the ‘body talk’ of fat; i.e. the emotional language of fat.  You can find the book in used bookstores and in the out of print sections of online book stores.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Fat Is A Feminist Issue by Susie Orbach For Everyone Who Wants To Understand What Drives Eating Disorders, Being Fat, Fearing Fat and Getting Thin At All Costs.  

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