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The Treasure Chest contains more information created by Pamela and Hugh to further develop the ideas and techniques you've read in the book. Find out how to correct your allergies in people and pets. Learn more about hypnosis, past lives and much more.


Read about:
abuse memories
akashic records
earth changes
Higher Self
inner child
Light for the millennium




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past lives
psychic dreams
regression therapy
spirit channeling spirit possesion
subconscious mind





  1. Read Odyssey of The Soul, Apocatastasis to increase understanding of hypnotic state and the inner levels of mind and spirit.
  2. Find a PROFESSIONAL Hypnotist or Hypnotherapist and ask for a free consultation.
    • See Page 150 in Odyssey (For web readers: End of Chapter Five)
    • At the consultation tell this professional you want 3 sessions in which to:
      • Experience Hypnosis
      • Connect With Your Higher Self Spirit & Spirit Guides
      • Discover Your Higher Purpose Life Path
    • Show this professional the Hypnosis Outlines below and discuss whether he/she is willing to follow them for you. If the answer is no, ask why and decide if his/her plan will work better for you.
    • If the professional you choose costs more than you feel your budget allows, consider this: Tell him/her you are eager to have these sessions, but can only afford $_____ per month and would he/she consider a payment plan?
        Example: The cost is $100 per session. You can only afford $50 a month. Per this agreement, you would have your three weekly sessions, paying $50 at the first session and $50 per month for the next five months. Most will be open to this plan, unless they have been "burned" by too many clients in the past, so be sure to honor this agreement so others will benefit as well.
  3. Session One: Experience Hypnosis.
    • Have the hypnotist/hypnotherapist go over the suggestions you will be given in hypnosis so you aren´t nervous about what will, or won´t, be said.
    • Record the session so you can practice being hypnotized at home and won´t wonder whether anything happened during the hypnosis you don´t recall. While for most people hypnosis is a super-aware state, NOT an unconscious state, you will feel much more secure KNOWING you know everything that happened.. Your subconscious will block suggestions contrary to its internal programming. Nevertheless, question ANY break in the continuity of the tape or clicks that indicate the tape was turned off in places you don´t consciously recall this occurring. If you are not satisfied with the answers, do not return to this person.
    • Follow the suggestions for hypnosis. If you resist the suggestions, hypnosis is unlikely to happen.
    • Don´t TRY to be hypnotized. Ever have the experience of having a name right on the tip of your tongue, but not being able to remember it, and then having it pop into your head after you quit TRYING to remember it? Hypnosis is the same - the greater the conscious effort the less the subconscious response. Hypnosis is about subconscious response. Best advice: Close your eyes. Settle your body. Quiet your mind. Listen to the voice speaking to you and follow its helpful suggestions.
    • Let hypnosis be a "time out" period for the left brain analytical "I want to figure this out" conscious level of the mind. As long as this part of the mind and brain are active, you will not have the experience you seek. With the help of your memory and the tape, you can "figure out" what happened afterwards.
    • Even if you aren´t hypnotized to your satisfaction in this session, you will be when you practice with the tape at home.
    • While all people have a natural ability to hypnotize themselves, and often do, (such as when daydreaming or in "highway hypnosis"), it is sometimes difficult, in the beginning, to tap into this ability with hetero-hypnosis; a somewhat sexy term for being hypnotized by someone else.
    • Don´t worry about your depth of hypnosis. Those of us who successfully hypnotize thousands of people can assure you the same information comes forward in light, medium, or deep hypnosis. The advantage to deeper levels is people tend to trust the information more the deeper they go. Still, the best way to go deeper is to not be concerned about the level one is in.
    • Practice, before your next session, with the tape until you are comfortable with the process of being hypnotized by your hypnotist/hypnotherapist´s voice. You may find you do "check out" consciously with the tape and will wonder if you were asleep or hypnotized. If you return to conscious focus when the tape tells you to, you were in hypnosis. To avoid sleep, do not play the tape while you are sleepy. If you still fall asleep, do not play the tape while lying down.
    • If you are not successful experiencing hypnosis, either in the first session or with the tape of that session, you will need to devote your next session to discovering why and making a new tape. In the rare event you still are unable to experience hypnosis with the new tape, either seek out another professional with whom you are more closely attuned or commit yourself to more sessions in which you learn to RELAX.
    • Remember: Hypnosis is not a loss of control, it increases control of self.
  4. Session Two: Connecting With Higher Self & Spirit Guides
    • Discuss with your hypnotist/hypnotherapist what worked well for you in the hypnosis tape and what changes you would like.
    • Example: Prefer being relaxed feet up rather then head down. Liked heavy feeling or preferred light feeling.
    • As the questions below are asked you in hypnosis, speak aloud the answers that come to your mind, without analyzing them or you will move yourself out of hypnosis.
    • Again, TAPE this session and LISTEN to this tape at home. You may think you heard everything during the session. You may be surprised to find listening to the tape brings to light parts that you missed and greater light to what you did not.


        Hypnotist: "We ask that your Higher Self and my Higher Self be with us now and that a golden white Light surround us, protect us, and keep our energy fields, bodies, and this room filled with Light."

        Hypnotist guides you to a comfortable level of hypnosis. Then: Hypnotist: "Move inward now. Move deeply inward to the innermost knowing level of your being. Move to your Higher Self level and tell me when you are there."

        Hypnotist: "Good. Always repeat aloud what this part of you is telling you. Ask this part of you if your communication with it is being interfered with at this time." (If ´yes´, the hypnotist says, "Ask this part of you what can be done to limit or eliminate this interference" and then follows that guidance. If ´no´, hypnotist continues.)

        Hypnotist: "Ask this part of you if it is your Higher Self. (If answer is yes, hypnotist asks, "What name, if any, does your Higher Self wish to be called?" If answer is no, hypnotist says, "Ask this part of you what it is to be called and why it is answering instead of your Higher Self." )

        Hypnotist: "Ask your Higher Self to explain to you what it is in relation to you."

        Hypnotist: "Ask your Higher Self (or name given) how you can communicate with it when you are alone."

        Hypnotist: "Ask your Higher Self how you can discern whether a person or a spirit is being truthful with you."

        Hypnotist: "Ask your Higher Self what guidance it offers you at this time."

        Hypnotist: "Ask your Higher Self if you have Spirit Guides and if so ask how many and whether communicating with them is as helpful to you as communicating with your Higher Self." (If answer to last part is ´yes´, hypnotist asks names of the spirit guides and how to contact them.)

    • NOTE: The above may take the whole session. Bring in additional questions in case it does not. Possible questions to bring in are: Whether you have particular psychic abilities that can be developed more fully. Whether you have blocks to using these abilities and if so what are they and how can they best be eliminated. Write out a goal of yours and ask if you have any blocks stopping you from reaching this goal, what those blocks are, and how they can best be eliminated Bring in a dream you have had and ask that this part of you give the meaning of this dream. How you can better meditate, if you do, or begin to meditate if you do not. You can think of MANY questions. Write them down and bring them in with you. These will be the kinds of questions you can also ask your Higher Self on your own once you have established a good connection process.
    • NOTE: For some people, The Higher Self and/or Spirit Guides will respond more directly; meaning the hypnotist will be talking directly to them instead of asking you to ask them and repeat what is said. meaning, instead of the person asking the questions and reporting on the answer.

  5. Session Three: Finding Your Higher Purpose Path
    • Tape this session and listen to it at home.


        Hypnotist: "We ask that your Higher Self and my Higher Self be with us now and that a golden white Light surround us, protect us, and keep our energy fields, bodies, and this room filled with light."

        Hypnotist guides you to a comfortable level of hypnosis. Then: Hypnotist: "Move inward now. Deep to the innermost knowing level of your spirit, to the part that you that is your Higher Self (or give name given for Higher Self) and tell me when you are there."

        Hypnotist: "Ask what your Higher Purpose is and what guidance you are offered now in fulfilling that purpose."

        Hypnotist: "Ask to be guided now to the life paths before you at this time in physical reality. Tell me when you become aware of these paths and report to me how many there are before you."

        Hypnotist: "Go to the path that draws you to it first and tell me when you are on it."

        Hypnotist: "Move along this path and tell me what you come to next."

        Hypnotist: "What does this mean to you?" (Often what are met are symbolic and in hypnosis you can interpret these symbols easily.)

        (Hypnotist repeats these last two questions until he/she senses you have come to the end of the path. Hypnotist then directs you to go to the next path and repeats above steps. When all paths have been investigated, hypnotist directs you to know your thoughts and feelings at the end of each path and to say them aloud. Hypnotist then tells you to ask your Higher Self which path is your Higher Purpose Path and what steps are necessary for you to be firmly on that path.)

    • NOTE: It is common to have more than one future path as most people are somewhat unfocused, unsure of what they truly want, or torn between what they want and what they think they should want or do. The Higher Purpose Path is full of challenges but does bring the greater joy and a greater sense of fulfillment.

  6. Connect With Your Higher Self On A Regular Basis
    • Follow guidance given you in your sessions for this connection.
    • Surround yourself with Light and with the protection and guidance of your Higher Self.
    • Guide yourself into a light hypnotic state, as you learned to do with your tapes. This helps to let go of conscious doubting thoughts and ego interference.
    • In this light level of trance, ask your question, or write it, then see, hear, or write, the thoughts that come in response.
    • The more you do this, the more clear you will become in this connection.
    • Follow above for communicating with Spirit Guides.
  7. Meditate Daily
    • Increases life force and energy for manifestation.
    • Keeps connection to Higher Self and Higher Levels strong and powerful.
    • Raises Consciousness.
    • For a powerful meditation of light that will heal the planet, bring in a golden future, and draw your goals to you, read Chapter 8 of Odyssey of the Soul.

This information is provided by F.R.E.O.M.M. Communicating and demonstrating the availability of Spirit to human consciousness, and the ability of the empowered individual, working with Spirit, to bring the self, the world, and world affairs into balance.
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