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The Treasure Chest contains more information created by Pamela and Hugh to further develop the ideas and techniques you've read in the book. Find out how to correct your allergies in people and pets. Learn more about hypnosis, past lives and much more.


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An Excerpt from Christy's Journal

Hi, My name is Christy and Pamela asked me if she could put the following section from my journal. I've done a lot of journalling in the past three years. Most of it is not this deep metaphysical stuff. A lot of it is tears, frustration, anger with a bit of happiness and joy and a lot of celebrations for my inner children. Christy

May 16, 2000 (10:40AM)

Session with Pamela brought up questions and some thoughts -

So if suffering is not part of it then why do we do it?

It is so easy to stay in the light when you are in the light but the trick is to stay in the light when you are surrounded by things that block you from your light. Then how do you stay in the light?

Remember it is there. We lose track of it. It is like we have a compass that is surrounded by false norths. It points there and we blindly follow it with the hope that this will finally show us the light but it leads us farther and farther away from the light. When we look back to find it then another false north shows up on our compass and we say "The light is that way. Lets go find it." And off we go to find the light. We've forgotten it is so close beside us that we can't lose it but we are so blinded by looking for it far ahead of us that we look beyond and through it not seeing it for what it is. Then we say to our self "Maybe if I do what mom says or what dad says or what this person says then I will find the light." So we do that and it takes us through years of stuff. We sit there like little children crying for the light but it stands right in front of us, inside of us, waiting for us to see it and to ask it to grow inside of us. We stand in the bottom of the hole ready to dig into the hard rock below us wanting to find the treasure below there but it isn't below the ground. Just stop and ask for it. Realize you don't have to go through anything to find it. Realize you can access the light no matter where you are and no matter what is happening to you. Realize there is something inside of you everyone will recognize as you and as the light. Just sit yourself inside of it and ask it to grow. And it will. It just needs your permission. It cannot do anything until you give it permission to do so. It does not want to live your life for you but it wants you to know that you do not have to suffer to reach it. What lies we tell ourselves based on so many years of teaching by others. They learned to suffer so they feel they have to pass it down on to you and you have to pass it on to your children. We did not come here to this earth to suffer but to learn. To learn how to stand in the light at all times.

Realize that we didn't come onto this earth without protection. And that we all came here for a reason. Look at all the strong souls here today. We have so many people here now that were here in all of the turning points of the earth's history. Where will we turn to. You have a place in the earth's turning point. What is it? To put behind the training of your past and step into the light of your future. The past holds us back so much from what we are to do with our lives. But we can't just bury the past as the truth has this annoying way of burying its way out of any place we put it. It will come up to you and say "Look at what happened to us. You can't step into the light with out looking at us." So then look into the past, empower those who had their power taken away from them, break the ties that bind you to someone else, let the fear, anger, rage, sadness express themselves then go back to those who created them. Turn around to your oppressors and say to them "Fuck you." or anything else you want to say to them. As you do this and for each inner child your empower, for each emotion you allow to let go, for each time you tell your abusers to back off and hands off, the Light has another place inside of you to fill. Keep moving the past out of your way. Examine it, thank it, learn from it. Don't let it stand in your way. Don't allow it to trap you. Sometimes it is so easy to let it build walls around you. But the walls keep so many things away from you. Sometimes you let the barriers down and a brave person braves the dragons outside of you and comes into your walls but then they become trapped with you. Sooner or later they want out and in doing so they leave another hole for you to patch. So as you dissolve the walls around you and clear the past inside of you, the light grows inside of you and outside of you. You find yourself centered each day with out knowing how you got there. You find yourself thinking of your past and thanking it for having brought you this far into your life. You look at others in your life, your parents, your siblings, your peers and know you don't have to love them, as love is always there. You shine the light as an example to them, but you know if they want to learn then they need to listen to their light inside of them.

So then why did I have to go through what I went through as a child. It moved me up to a different level of understanding of myself and my world. It would have been so easy to stay in the light and be centered in it while being in the light. But the real challenge is learning how to stay in it when all hell is going around outside and inside of you. I forgot how to do that as a child. I let others tell me how I was supposed to act and feel because of who they were in my life. This place is such a tangly spot. Once you get in a tangle then more tangles come along until you are so trapped in going one way or you are so stuck being in one place that you forget who and what you are. Then you die and go back into the light (sometimes surprised there is no heaven or hell) and say "Oh this is how it is supposed to feel." You look back on your life and see where the tangles started and where the snarls came up. You say "Okay I will have my problems come later in life." Or "I will have then come earlier in life." But you find as you go from life to life, it doesn't matter when you think you lost your way, as soon as come here you have lost your way. Just coming here causes the disconnection from you and your light. The pain and hurts you put in your way for this life only intensify it for you.

Take a moment and go back to when you came into this life. Follow that cord back to the break between the light and yourself. Find a way to heal that break. It may mean going back into this life or others to rebuild your belief system. You will find as you go along the healing process for your inner child, for your past lives, for whatever healing you are doing as long as it helps you to empower your past, the connection becomes stronger and stronger and stronger. You only have to acknowledge the growing connections. It is not just the healing of your past that is important, but it is the growing connections between yourself and your light that is so important. Keep touching that connection, widening it and removing the ideas and thoughts that keep you disconnected. Then one day you will go back to the connection and find it is unbroken. You will find with each breath you take the light is there inside of you. It doesn't need to fill you anymore. It has filled all the spots, it runs over into your life and surrounds everything you do.. Others will look at you as you go through hard times in your life and they will say to you "How can you do it?" You may not have to words to express yourself to them or they may not be ready to hear how you really do it but allow the light inside of yourself reach out the light inside of themselves and touch them to remind them of what is there. The hard times are not so hard anymore, the light always stays around you. When you go through something that someone sees as being hard, the light around you touches them to remind them of what they can do with their lives. Nothing is hard for you anymore.

This information is provided by F.R.E.O.M.M. Communicating and demonstrating the availability of Spirit to human consciousness, and the ability of the empowered individual, working with Spirit, to bring the self, the world, and world affairs into balance.
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