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The Treasure Chest contains more information created by Pamela and Hugh to further develop the ideas and techniques you've read in the book. Find out how to correct your allergies in people and pets. Learn more about hypnosis, past lives and much more.


Read about:
abuse memories
akashic records
earth changes
Higher Self
inner child
Light for the millennium




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past lives
psychic dreams
regression therapy
spirit channeling spirit possesion
subconscious mind






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TALK to your child about the dream world. Tell your child he/she has complete power in the dream world, he/she only has to learn how to use it. If your child asks what kind of power say: "There is nothing more powerful than the mind in the dream world. When you use how to use your mind powerfully, this will help you in your waking life too." Here are some real life examples of helping children with dreams:

When my daughter was small she had "bad dreams" for a couple of nights in a row, but could not remember them. I told her one night before falling asleep that she would wake herself from the bad dream, remember it, and wake me and tell me about it. She woke me in the early morning hours. "Animals were chasing me", she said. "What kind", I asked. "All kinds", she answered. I told her to go back to sleep and when the animals began chasing her again to stop running, turn around, put up her hand and say loudly: "STOP!". Then she should ask the animals why they were chasing her. She did this. She reported excitedly the animals told her if she quit eating them they would quit chasing her. She became a vegetarian that moment and the bad dreams stopped. She started eating meat again in her mid twenties. I believe there was something about her body that did not (and perhaps still does not) do well on a meat diet.

I told this story to a six year old to help him with his nightmares of pirates chasing him. On his follow-up visit he said the nightmares stopped after he yelled at the pirates to stand still and chained them to a tree. If the parents had been willing to bring the boy back for therapy (they weren’t) we could have found out WHY he was having the pirate nightmares.

I told a four year old client who was also having pirate nightmares about the boy putting chains on the pirates and said, "Maybe this will work for you." She shocked me by closing her eyes immediately and going right into R.E.M. - Rapid Eye Moment (a sign of dreaming and hypnotic trances). Her eyes popped open after a moment and she said: "Nope, that didn’t work.." I asked what would work. She closed her eyes, went into R.E.M. again. When she opened her eyes she announced: "I threw a giant net over them and poured glue all over them. They’re stuck now." Her night screams ended. I would have liked to continue working with her because: Chronic nightmares and pirate dreams in particular can be signs of sexual molest. (See Helping Your Child With Sexual Molest.)

Tell them they can create and do anything with their mind and their imagination in their dream world. (They can). Taking control of their "inner world" will give them the confidence they need to find the solutions to their challenges in their "outer world". Added Benefit: You will build trust and communication with your child.


This information is provided by F.R.E.O.M.M. Communicating and demonstrating the availability of Spirit to human consciousness, and the ability of the empowered individual, working with Spirit, to bring the self, the world, and world affairs into balance.
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