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The Treasure Chest contains more information created by Pamela and Hugh to further develop the ideas and techniques you've read in the book. Find out how to correct your allergies in people and pets. Learn more about hypnosis, past lives and much more.


Read about:
abuse memories
akashic records
earth changes
Higher Self
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past lives
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regression therapy
spirit channeling spirit possesion
subconscious mind





The answer is your Higher Self.  Anchor with your Higher Self.   Ask your Higher Self.  Seek always to connect with your Higher Self in prayer, in contemplation, and in meditation.  It is your connection between this level and ALL the higher levels of spirit. 
Intent is very powerful, so always make your intent to seek, find, hear from, be guided and taught by your Higher Self.    The answers not known by the Higher Self will be gained by It from other sources, but answer will come to you through the Higher Self.
Your Higher Self knows YOU best.  Knows what YOU are ready to hear, to learn, to experience.  Knows best how to present it to you.  It is the connection between you and Higher Spirit and The Creator.
When you sit to meditate...whether it is to meditate on a sound, or a silence, or a mantra, or a thought, or a vision, or a guru, or spiritual being, or Light or whatever......we suggest the following:
  • Ask aloud or silently that YOUR Higher Self surround and protect you with The Light of The Creator.  (Or Spiritual Light or The Light of Spirit or The Light of Your Spirit or White Light and Gold Light, or The Light of God, Or Light of Allah, or Light of Buddha, or Light of Krishna....whatever feels right to you.)
  • Ask that your Higher Self align with your body and mind and bring to you that which is to your Highest Good at this time....or moment in time.
  • Ask....if you be made aware of the presence of your Higher Self.  You may grow sensitive over time to that presence...if you ask each time...and begin to recognize when your Higher Self is 'close".  (Your Higher Self moves more of its energy field into your energy field and you become more sensitized to this.)
  • Ask your Higher Self to move a certain finger or a thumb on your hand (either hand) to indicate when the Higher Self connection has been made.  (Or the Higher Self has aligned, or is present, or is close....however you want to put it.)  When this finger or thumb moves in meditation, thank your Higher Self.  (Don't worry, you will be aware of this signal before you move into any unconscious states.) Once this "signaling" becomes automatic, you can stop asking for it at the beginning of the session.  (Or not, if this is more reassuring to you.)  The first few times, you may notice you do not get the signal or you have a feeling the finger or thumb you've chosen wants to move, but doesn't.  This is an indication your logical, analytical mind is "too present"'ll relax eventually and the finger will move as a kind of automatic flick or movement or lifting or twitch.  If you want to choose something else for a signal, that is alright too, though fingers and thumbs are very good for this.   
  • Pick a signal that is to be used for your subconscious to alert you to the presence of any spirit other than your own.  (Or other than your own Higher Self, if you prefer.  Do remember, your Higher Self spirit is your spirit too.)  This should be something that you would note even in deep meditation.  Like a leg or an arm or a hand jerking or twitching until you become aware of the signal.  Keep "programming" this until it becomes automatic.
What to do when you become aware of the "other presence" signal?  Say (aloud if possible), "Whoever or whatever wishes to communicate with me, I send you Light.  Leave your message in this Light as you remove yourself from my energy fields.  Go now."  Remember, if this message is to your Higher Good, it will be relayed to you by your Higher Self....WITH your Higher Self indicator signal.
What if you receive a vision or a a message that announces it is your spirit guide, or an angel, or a prophet or your Higher Self?  If the "other signal" is moving, repeat the above.  If the "Higher Self" indicator is moving, or both are moving ("other" and "Higher Self"), say:    "I surround us both with Light. What is your message?" 
If you cannot seem to establish indicator signals, or are not getting clear ones when you are receiving spirit messages or visions, find a person who is very, very, very practiced in NMR to help you discover, through your Higher Self, the source of the message and whether it is or is not to your higher good.
ALL who would 'do good" for themselves, for earth, and for others must anchor to and establish close connections with the Higher Self and make the Higher Self THE source of guidance and discernment.

This information is provided by F.R.E.O.M.M. Communicating and demonstrating the availability of Spirit to human consciousness, and the ability of the empowered individual, working with Spirit, to bring the self, the world, and world affairs into balance.
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