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The Treasure Chest contains more information created by Pamela and Hugh to further develop the ideas and techniques you've read in the book. Find out how to correct your allergies in people and pets. Learn more about hypnosis, past lives and much more.


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Rancho Mirage, CA: "They call themselves "The Visitors". It sounds like the beginning of a movie plot. It isnít. Itís real. Itís happening. And it could be happening to you, your family and friends right now," say Hugh Harmon, Ph.D. and Pamela Chilton, C.Ht. "We arenít kooks and we arenít kidding. Nor are we pleased to be talking about this. The problem is becoming so widespread, we feel we must."

"In our clinical practice," Dr. Harmon states, "we began to notice a year or more ago immune system problems not caused by viruses, germs, bacteria or allergies. Further investigation through a muscle testing technique called NMR (Neuro-Muscular Response) verified what these clients reported in hypnosis: The presence in their energy fields of astral groups of aliens."

"Astral energy," Ms. Chilton explains, "is a non-physical energy field - or energy body - of embodied spirits, including human beings. When the embodied spirit travels out of the body, it does so in its astral body, or astral energy field. We have discovered there is an immense space craft that has not been detected - at least officially - by astronomers that is near planet Earth and that it is sending out its beings in their astral bodies to Earth. Unlike humans, these beings are more of a group, rather than individual, consciousness. They are exploring the Earth and humans astrally so as not to frighten humans with their physical forms which we would find truly alien. We have communicated with them by having them speak through Dr. Harmon while he is in an unconscious state of hypnosis. They are open to communication. They are very honest and very intent on inhabiting the Earth. Their position is humans are destroying the Earth. They know the consequences of this for their Ďspace shipí is partly the remnants of their own planet. They are willing to help humans with their own knowledge and technology, but they will demand co-habitation of planet Earth in return. Honest, perhaps to a fault, they acknowledge their intent and plan is to enslave humans, as they consider our spirits inferior to theirs as we have embodied ourselves in animal (human) forms and individual egos."

"They do not understand individual consciousness," Dr. Harmon adds. "They have a group consciousness and when they attach their astral forms to a human body they do so in groups. Their presence in the energy field of a human being is extremely taxing to the human body. Physical symptoms of their presence are great fatigue and flu like conditions as the immune system reacts to them as it would a virus or other invasive infection. Emotional and mental symptoms include those one would expect in conditions of trauma or stress, as well as generalized or specific anxiety or panic attacks. As with all cases of spirit attachments, they can enter the energy field of a personís body with the subconscious permission of that person or if that personís mind is clouded with alcohol or drugs."

"People who have trouble with subconscious Ďboundariesí are also vulnerable," Ms. Chilton says, "such as people who have trouble saying Ďnoí to others. People so curious about or interested in spirits or aliens they donít bother to check out whether either are or are not good for them are ideal Ďhostsí for these Visitors. It IS possible to keep them out. Doing so, however, requires vigilant use of Spiritual Light as well as shoring up oneís subconscious and conscious awareness and boundaries."

"We would prefer not to go public with this information," Harmon and Chilton agree, "and are not doing so in the general media for obvious reasons. Those in the metaphysical fields, however, need to know what is going on and need to teach those in their spheres of influence how to stop The Visitors who must be convinced by human rejection of them to look elsewhere for a home planet. The Visitors can, and may well become, our allies when they find a home planet of their own. Cohabitation of the Earth, however, is not an option for as The Visitors themselves have put it: "Your Higher Selves would say our presence on the Earth is not to your Higher Good. We think it is to our Higher Good and we intend to gain control over the Earth and humans by offering our benevolence and help."

Harmon and Chilton claim they have a "Lighten-Up" technique that - when done daily and combined with the statement to clear oneís energy field of all spirits not to oneís highest good will remove The Visitors. "However," they add, "if one is open, even subconsciously, to the influence of spirit attachments, one really should see a competent and professional hypnotherapist who can help close the borders of oneís energy field."

The Lighten-Up Technique is a plan brought by Godís Light for humans to help Nature restore the Earthís balance before Nature escalates this restoring of the balance to a degree that would be catastrophic to all forms of Nature, including human beings. What is required for this plan to work is, at present, 380,000 human beings "beaming" their spiritual light to the Earth daily in the way suggested by Light. Few, if any humans, know how to direct their light for restoring the balance or for the highest good. Godís Light does know. There are presently - according to Light - 30,000 humans beaming light in the way effective for restoring the balance. Details of this Plan of Light can be found by clicking on the Global Wave of Light on the opening pages of www.odysseyofthesoul.org."

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