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The Treasure Chest contains more information created by Pamela and Hugh to further develop the ideas and techniques you've read in the book. Find out how to correct your allergies in people and pets. Learn more about hypnosis, past lives and much more.


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Do you have allergy problems? Learn about the Allergone Allergy Correction Method ® and how it can help you with your allergies. It's free and it doesn't involve pills or shots or inhalers.


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      Open To Public       Two Hours Cost: $24

We Show You How To Find The Truths Of Your Spirit vs. The Myths of Your Mind

We know a great deal about the mind. We know a great deal about spirit. We work with levels of the mind and spirit daily that many do not even realize exist. Still, why should you believe us? Everything is just theory until you experience it directly. Ever been "muscle tested"? Ever worked with a pendulum? Do you use or has anyone used "applied kinesiology" or "bio-feedback" with you? These tools CAN be used to contact YOUR Higher Self so it can tell you which beliefs you hold are myths of your mind. These are the myths that hold you back, keep you down, manifest what it is you don't want, and block what it is you do want. Until you know you have them and what they are, how can you change them? How do you know which method or tool will work best for YOU in changing them? Your Higher Self Spirit knows. These tools access that knowing.

NMR (as explained in Chapter 4 of Book I) GREATLY improves the accuracy of muscle testing, applied kinesiology, bio-feedback, and using a pendulum. We'll demonstrate how and why, so the next time someone uses these with you (and the use is increasing) you can teach them how to do it right. We'll also teach you how to do Self-NMR. While not as reliable in some areas (like therapy) as NMR by another, it can be used to great benefit in many other areas. (Like finding the best supplements and foods for your body, discovering your true likes and dislikes, uncovering allergies, testing the theories of others against your own inner truths; finding Higher Self guidance; the list goes on and on. Come see for yourself.

Email to Get More Information on the Classes
odyssey at odysseyofthesoul.org (Replace the at with @.)

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M & M ´ s

Mind Motivation Seminars

Mastery of Mind

Learn more about the Seminar

Mastery of Spirit

Learn more about the Seminar

Email us if you would like to be notified of the next workshop dates.

Instructors:    Hugh Harmon, Ph.D.,   Pamela Chilton, C.Ht.    Light provided by Master of Light

Cost: $65.00 per seminar or $100.00 for both

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Email to Get More Information on the Classes
odyssey at odysseyofthesoul.org (Replace the at with @.)


USE Self-Hypnosis &
The Power Of Suggestion To Achieve &
Succeed In 3 Minutes Or Less A Day

It´s a NEW YEAR!

  • Time to put NEW ENERGY into goals and dreams both old and new.
  • Want to improve your health, or increase your wealth?
  • How about letting go of stress, or fear, or a phobia, habit, or addiction that holds you back?
  • Want to improve your personal or professional life?
  • Need to improve your game?
  • Could your sexual energies be re-energized and your pleasure centers enhanced?
  • Want to improve as a speaker, singer, student, or in whatever it is you do?
  • Interested in developing or increasing your own natural psychic abilities?
  • Are you happy with your weight and shape?

If not, you can CHANGE THEM.



In 1959 the American Medical Association approved hypnosis as Safe and Effective. So effective, it is often used in place of anesthesia for surgery. Hypnosis is taught in major Medical Schools and Universities across the world. It´s in the NEWS almost daily:

  • Newsweek ~ ´The easiest way to break bad habits is through hypnosis.´
  • Psychology Today ~ ´Hypnosis gives you more confidence.´
  • The Dallas Time Herald: ´Alcoholism conquered by hypnotism.´
  • Los Angeles Times: ´Memory is increased through self hypnosis.´
  • Cosmopolitan: ´The country is turning to hypnosis to lose weight.´
  • Christian Science Monitor: ´Vatican using hypnosis to teach children how to study.´

Have you ever seen a hypnosis show?                Or firewalking?
        Or watched people bending spoons with their minds?

What do these things demonstrate?


If you don´t believe this, just TRY walking on fire without properly preparing the subconscious. Just SAYING you are going to do it or PRAYING you can do it, won´t work.


Come to the seminar and discover why.

Hypnosis is not the power.

Proper suggestion is not the power.

But using BOTH focuses your MIND, which IS the power. Your mind, when properly focused, will accept suggestions to which there is no inner resistance.

(The seminar will teach you how to know if there is inner resistance & what to do if there is.) When these suggestions are accepted ~


Self-hypnosis and powerful suggestion are tools. When skillfully and positively used, they help the mind that uses them. Used clumsily or badly used, they can do more harm than good. We TEACH & USE Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy professionally. We are Hypnotist Examiners - meaning we test the skills of trained hypnotists and hypnotherapists for certification. We KNOW how to teach you to achieve the level of self-hypnosis YOU want and how to use suggestion - with yourself and with others - to achieve the goals and success you seek.

Your time, energy, and money are valuable.. Learning how to enhance all of them is worth your time, energy, and money. We are SO SURE you will find the time & money you spend at this seminar worthwhile, we are willing to BET on it.

If you are not glad you came by the first break, we´ll return your money, no questions asked. You even get to keep what you´ve learned.

Email to Get More Information on the Classes
odyssey at odysseyofthesoul.org (Replace the at with @.)

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You want to take this seminar if you are interested in

    Spirit Guides
    Psychic Abilities
    Dream Guidance
    Healing States
    Higher Self
    The Akashic Records of Higher Spirit

Meditation is a trance state. Prayer is a trance state. Healing states are trance states. Dreams are trance states. Psychic states are trance states.

There are important things to know about trance states.

  • Do you know that without the proper preparation & intent, you open yourself during meditation to spirits seeking light or solace or comfort? Do you know WHY you may NOT want to do this?
  • Do you realize ego can masquerade as an angel, a spirit guide, a master spirit?
  • Do you know how to tell what is ego and what is true guidance?
  • Did you know why you must be careful about allowing others spirits into your own energy field?
  • Do you know the future is mutable & what to do to make the future what you want it to be?
  • Do you know why prayer & other spiritual treatments do not always work?
  • Do you know about the Akashic Soul Records of every spirit and how to access these?
  • Do you know how to discover your mission for this incarnation?

Join Us & Master of Light

We have a lot to share with you

Email to Get More Information on the Classes
odyssey at odysseyofthesoul.org (Replace the at with @.)

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