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The Treasure Chest contains more information created by Pamela and Hugh to further develop the ideas and techniques you've read in the book. Find out how to correct your allergies in people and pets. Learn more about hypnosis, past lives and much more.


Read about:
abuse memories
akashic records
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Use Hypnosis To Help Yourself & Others.

  • Ease stress, anxiety, worry & pain.
  • Enhance healing, meditation, prayer, & affirmations.
  • End unwanted desires, conditions & behaviors.

The Academy For Instruction In Mind Motivation, (AIMM), was founded in 1981. Today, AIMM prepares ACHE ( American Council of Hypnotist Examiner) Students for ACHE Hypnotherapist Certification, ACHE Clinical Hypnotherapist Certification and provides the Hypnosis Part of ACHE Certified Hypnotist Coach and ACHE Certified Hypnotherapy Coach.

AIMM courses are "Platonion"; that is, informal and relaxed, providing students ample time and opportunity to ask questions and express personal views as they are carefully guided to their own areas of expertise.

Hypnosis And Hypnotherapy are careers recognized by the U.S. Dep. of Labor (D.O.T.079.157.010) since 1978. FREOMM sponsored AIMM courses qualify towards certification and continuing education credits with the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners (ACHE) .

ACHE Certification Requirements Are:

Hypnotherapist 200 Credit Hours

Clinical Hypnotherapist 300 Credit Hours

AIMM Courses 101 - 103 Qualify For Hypnotherapist Certification

AIMM Courses 101-104 Qualify Students for taking the Hypnotherapist ACHE Certification Exam

Call For Continuing Education Classes

101 HYPNOTIST   25 Credit Hours - $150 (For Self-Hypnosis Training Only, See Hypnosis By Recording Below Or Contact Us)

Three Parts of the Mind

Basic Hypnosis induction

Making A Hypnosis Tape

Nature & History of Hypnosis

Structuring Successful Suggestion

Changing Negative Programming

Hypnosis is an inwardly focused state of mind. It is an ancient practice, long used by many cultures to induce healing, transformational, and spiritual states of mind and spirit. Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness that allows for positive programming of the subconscious mind to help the conscious level of mind reach the goals it seeks. Experiencing and working with hypnosis, as well as gaining deeper understanding of the mind, enables you to guide yourself and others into this optimum state for self-empowerment. Skills learned increase motivation and performance in your personal and professional life and help you discover your true potential as a professional hypnotist.

HYPNOSIS 101  - By Recordings

Part I:  Self Hypnosis    Cost:  $75

8 Recordings Sent By Email Link To Listen To Straight from Email or To  Download To Your Computer Media Player or iPod, or to burn to CD.

1.     The Three Levels of The Mind  - 1 Hour  20 Min

2.     How Subconscious Mind Is Programmed – 1 Hour 19 Minutes

3.     Rules For Structuring Successful Subconscious Suggestions  - 1 Hour 31 Minutes

4.     Making Your Hypnosis Script  - 1 Hour 29 Minutes

5.     How To Reach & Arouse The Subconscious Mind -  1 Hour 19 Minutes

6.     Hypnosis Inductions – 1 Hour 24 Minutes  1 Hour 23 Minutes

7.     Self Hypnosis Recording – 1 Hour 22 Minutes 

8.  Religious Faith & Hypnosis – 1 Hour 8 Minutes

  Part 2:  Hypnosis   Cost:  $75  

Prerequisite For Taking This Course Is Part 1 Self-Hypnosis Above

14   Recordings 

1.     Rules of the Mind – Part 1 – 1 Hour

2.     Rules of the Mind – Part 2 – 1 Hour

3.     Laws of Suggestion – 1 Hour 12 Minutes

4.     Imagery – The Mind’s Eye – 1 Hour

5.     Guided Imagery & Cancer – 1 Hour 10 Minutes

6.     Color Light Therapy  - 1 Hour – 8 Minutes

7.     Use of Ideo-Motor Responses – 1 Hour 2 Minutes

8.     Erase & Replace Negative Subconscious Beliefs/Programming – 1 Hour  Minutes

9.     Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic – How To Know Which Mode of Communication/Suggestion to use for You and With Others. – 1 Hour

10. Hypnosis For Anesthesia & Chronic Pain – 1 Hour 12 Minutes

11. Weight & Eating Disorders – 1 Hour 10 Minutes

12. Hands On Healing – 1 Hour 2 Minutes

13. Hypnosis For Higher Guidance – 1 Hour 4 Minutes

14.  Spiritualism/Spiritism – 1 Hour 8 Minutes

102 MASTER HYPNOTIST  50 Credit Hours - $250

Prerequisite: 101 Hypnosis Part 1 & Part 2

Advanced Hypnosis Techniques

Nature & History of Hypnosis Group

Hypnosis Behavioral Modification

Basic NMR (Neuro-Muscular Response)

Allergy Correction

Experiential IN CLASS Practice

Hypnosis can "open" the door to inner levels of consciousness with a "mind" of their own. The Master Hypnotist knows how to establish boundaries as the inner levels of the mind are opened and what to do if boundaries are crossed. The Master Hypnotist knows how to positively communicate with all levels of the inner mind - from cells to Higher Selves. The Master Hypnotist knows how to use NMR, the mind/body connection, to find what is necessary in reaching the clients’ goals as well as whether specific goals are being blocked by the mind of the client and if so, at what level and why. The Master Hypnotist uses NMR to know "where to go" in hypnosis, eliminating "fishing around", which saves clients time, money, and frustration and enhances the reputation of The Master Hypnotist.


Master Hypnotist Skills & Resolution, In The Opinion Of The Instructors,

Of Inner Issues That Would Interfere With The Practice Of Hypnotherapy.

103 HYPNOTHERAPIST  100 Credit Hours - $1000

Prerequisite: 101 Hypnosis, 102 Master Hypnotist

Principles of Hypnotherapy

Laws & Ethics Of Hypnotherapy

Regression Techniques

Addressing Emotional Resistance

Advanced NMR

Training Inner Child & Other Personality Imprints

Underlying Emotional/Mental Origins of Illness, Disease, Addictions, Phobias

Experiential IN CLASS Practice

Hypnotherapy is working with, not just programming, the inner mind and the inner levels of the inner mind. When goals are resisted, the inner mind knows why and what, if anything, can be done about it. Finding and working with inner resistance to goals is the work of the hypnotherapist. Frequently, inner resistance is created by experiences in the past - even gestation, birth, and early childhood. The well trained hypnotherapist utilizes regression techniques to work with these levels of memory, mind and spirit. NMR helps to pinpoint inner resistance, programming blocks and the origins of illness, disease, injuries, negative behaviors, addictions, anxieties, fears, phobias and relationship difficulties. The Hypnotherapist helps connect those seeking inner guidance & greater psychic/intuitive abilities to the Higher Self/Spiritual Self.


104 PAST LIFE THERAPIST  25 Credit Hours - $150

Prerequisite: 101 Hypnosis, 102 Master Hypnotist, 103 Master Hypnotist

Experiential IN CLASS Practice

When workings with the subconscious mind it is necessary to work with what the inner mind believes to be true. If the inner mind of the client indicates that thoughts, emotions, or physical programming brought forward from previous life experiences are creating symptoms or interfering with desired goals, then it is necessary to work with the inner belief of the previous life experience. Whether the client or the therapist believe consciously in the existence of prior life times is not relevant to working with the belief of the inner mind. The inner mind has its own symbolic language, perceptions, and beliefs. It is the wise hypnotherapist who works "with" and not "against" these beliefs.

105 CLINICAL HYPNOTHERAPIST  50 Credit Hours - $250

Prerequisite: Courses 101 - 104 + 5 Private Sessions + Supervised Client Sessions

To be discussed with Instructors.

Email the authors at odyssey at odysseyofthesoul.org (Replace the at with @.)

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