By Pamela, Light Scribe

As a scribe, one writes what one is given to write. And that is

exactly what I did. I sat in a room alone—no spirits other than

my own—just LIGHT and me. So how can I describe the process of

scribing LIGHT?

Have you ever had a thought that was so illuminating that it amazed

you? What do you suppose such experiences are about? Could they be

enlightenment? Is it possible that one does not have to be in a church,

temple, ashram, mosque, synagogue, or out in the wilderness in front of a

burning bush to receive enlightenment? Is it possible that enlightenment

can come anytime, anywhere, to anyone ready to receive it?

Of course it is. It doesn’t matter where we are, who we are, or what we

are doing—when we are ready for spiritual enlightenment, it comes

to us. It is often fleeting—a flash of brilliance with insight so deep it

takes your breath away. Then the moment fades, and you tuck your

experience away into the back of your mind—a buried treasure to be

unearthed for private moments of inner reflection. Unless it fades away

into a memory so distant that should it ever come to mind again, you

wonder, “Oh yes, that. What was that about?”

There are also times when the enlightenment is not fleeting. It lingers

to flicker and flare, at times dimly and at other, oh so blessed, times,

shining radiantly to light the way to new enlightenment. That is what

it was like to receive what I’d been chosen by LIGHT to write.

Chosen by LIGHT—it sounds so grandiose, or crazy. Or, arguably, a

promotional stroke of genius, a possibility supported by the genius

evident in this book. Alas, I am not a genius. I can’t do crossword

puzzles and geometry defeats me completely. My mentor and

mate, Dr. Hugh Harmon, assures me I am not crazy. He has three

doctorates, including one in psychology, so he should know. Besides,

I’m certain he would have abandoned this project long ago if he had

even a hint of a doubt about our roles in bringing this book to light.

(Pun intended; it will delight both him and LIGHT.)

Unlike Hugh, I have had my doubts. For a while, I thought LIGHT

was a spirit with great mastery over colors and lights, which is why

I dubbed LIGHT “Master of Light” in Book Ι. I had no idea how

right I was and how wrong I was. After accepting LIGHT for what

it proclaimed to be, my doubt became: why me? In the end, one can

only conclude: why not me? Every soul is worthy.

Every concept LIGHT presented in this book would flash in my

mind as a mental image that I seemed to comprehend at a level of

knowing beyond my conscious recognition. As I put my fingers on

the keyboard, the words would flow—often there would be pages

and pages of writing, as though LIGHT was working with my mind

to find the words to convey the imaged concept to my human level

of comprehension. When the typing would stop, I would read what

had been written, delete what was unclear, and leave what was clear.

As I contemplated what remained, I had the impression LIGHT was

observing my thoughts to gauge whether the chosen wording helped

or hindered my understanding. When greater clarity was needed,

we would continue to write until my understanding was clearer.

LIGHT writes in these pages: “Of course, each of you may use any

term or name you prefer for all that is presented in these pages.

I come to bring you greater enlightenment, not to label it.  What I’m about and what you’re typing about is how people need to take back their control and how to use it to empower, first of all, themselves and then putting together a very, very powerful and profitable world they call The World of Nature.”

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