Chapter 6   -  The Dragon Slayers

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"I see. Well, Mary, you did very well telling me what happened. Now I want you to do something else for me. Something very fun. I want you to go back to when you were sitting on top of the Jungle Gym, but this time I want you to be out of your body, protecting it, so it doesn´t fall down. Can you do that?"

    "Yes, I can. But the ghost might get me."

    "No, you´ll be invisible when you´re out of your body. Then you and I can sneak up on the ghost!"

    "Okay," said Mary dubiously. "But you go first." Pamela managed not to laugh and promised to go first. Soon, Mary was sitting back up the Jungle Gym. "There, I´m out of my body, looking at it," Mary said after a moment.

    "Good. Do you see the ghost?"

    "No," Mary said slowly, her eye balls moving back and forth beneath the lids. "I don´t see anything but me sitting there."

    "So what makes you fall, Mary?" Pamela asked. Mary frowned, as Pamela continued softly, "I bet your inside mind knows, Mary. Go talk to your inside mind and ask it why you fell."

    "Oh!" Mary exclaimed after a moment, sounding very surprised. "It says I told it to make me fall, so it felled [sic] me."

   "Ask your inside mind how you told it, Mary," Pamela directed.

    "It says I thoughted [sic] it."

    "I see. So there´s no ghost here, right Mary?"

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    "No, only me. I did it myself. Is that why my teacher was mad?"

    "Let´s go now to when you are on the ground, Mary, after you fell. Watch your teacher, while you listen to what your inside mind tells you when she is yelling. Then tell me what it tells you."

    "It says she saw me fall," Mary says slowly, "she is yelling it is terrible ´cause I am hurt. She looks sad and worried. She tells Tommy - he always teases me - to get away from me. I´m bleeding! She tells the kids not to look."

    "Why?" asked Pamela.

   Mary shrugged. "She says I´m ugly."

    "Maybe she means your wound is ugly, Mary," Pamela suggests. "Adults say that sometimes when a hurt is bleeding. They call it an ugly wound."

    "Oh, my inside mind says that is what she means. I´m not ugly, my hurt is ugly ´cause I´m bleeding. Oh, good. Look! My teacher is tearing her pretty skirt to wipe the blood off me so she can look at my hurt!"

    "Your teacher must like you very much, Mary."

     "Yes, yes, she likes me very much. She is happy when I open my eyes. I didn´t know that ´cause I didn´t look at her face. But she´s smiling when I open my eyes. I can see that now. She likes me. She told another teacher to call my Mommy. My Mommy comes and takes me to the Doctor. I don´t go back to school again. Mommy said it wasn´t safe. Oh. I thought it was because the teacher didn´t want me."

    Mary, in shock and trauma, had "misread" the events of this day and had created powerful beliefs, at her emotional levels, that she was terrible, ugly, and unwanted by an important adult in her young life. She´d also developed fear of ghosts, which her mother referred to as an "overly active" imagination.

    Mary reported to Pamela next week that she hadn´t had an anxiety attack all week, which was unusual. She asked to see Pamela for weekly sessions, which her psychologist strongly supported. At Mary´s next session, she and Pamela discovered, through NMR, a seven year old who was responsible for Mary not being able to go into restaurants.

    In regression, seven year old Mary described anxiously watching an old person nearly choke to death in a restaurant for - to the child´s mind - "no reason". The look on the woman´s face and the spewing out of her food as she was pounded on her back upset the seven year old terribly. She felt a ghost had come into the woman and tried to kill her. She´d never been able to go into a restaurant again without panicking which would often lead to a major anxiety attack. This had convinced her family she had a "condition". This, of course, convinced the little girl she had a condition, so her anxieties escalated, as did the attacks. At nine years old, her beloved puppy died, which created extreme fear that death, in addition to ghosts, could attack at any moment. The little girl´s world felt totally beyond her control. The only time she really felt safe was home with her mommy.

    The memories of both the Jungle Gym and the choking woman gradually faded from her CONSCIOUS recall, though not from her subconscious memory. Whenever the subconscious memories were triggered - in restaurants, around old people, and whenever she was too far from her mommy - the little girl in her would relive her trauma. Because adult Mary was not aware of this consciously, she felt, in her words, "crazy" because she would have a panic or an anxiety attack for, in her words, "no reason". She had good reasons. The little girl inside of her was in panic.

    Pamela helped Mary´s "inner little girl" understand, in regression to the appropriate ages, everything that had happened to her. Understanding brought a release of emotions and changes in her thoughts and beliefs about herself, life, and death. Mary reported, after the third session, that her anxiety attacks were less frequent and much less debilitating. In fact, she said she´d started her coping behavior in a couple of situations that would have normally triggered an attack, not because she felt one coming on; so she wondered if she´d even had one at all.

    The day came, only a few weeks after her seventh and last session, when Mary called Pamela to report she had driven, by herself and without anyone with her, to Los Angeles for her brother´s wedding. She´d pulled off the freeway where she´d always had an attack before, expecting she would have one and have to turn around. After 30 minutes she decided an attack wasn´t coming and had driven the rest of the way "feeling wonderful and free". She´d "felt pretty" (rare for Mary) in her bridesmaid dress, and when people told her she looked pretty, she´d believed them (even rarer). She hadn´t had one anxiety attack the whole time, she said, not even in the restaurant the family had gone to for the wedding dinner. Though her family had, she reported giggling, followed her around and watched her in high anxiety waiting for one.

    The last time Pamela saw Mary was when she was sitting in a restaurant and a waitress approached the table with a menu in front of her face. The waitress turned out to be Mary. Laughing at Pamela´s surprise, she said once she´d realized she was really "cured", she´d taken the job to save enough money for the University, which she´d be attending that fall.

    Mary had sat at the top of the Jungle Gym and focused her thoughts on falling. It is true that the top priority of the subconscious mind to the body is to keep the body healthy and alive. It is also the top priority of the subconscious mind to the soul to carry out its directives, even if those directives are bad for the body. The soul takes precedence over the body. Mary´s subconscious mind perceived her focused thoughts of falling as a directive to fall, so her subconscious created an energy force field to do just that.

    You can feel such an energy force field yourself when standing on the edge of a precipice. As you focus your thoughts on falling, you will begin to feel as though you are being pulled or drawn forward. Or, if you have an extreme fear of falling, you may feel yourself being pushed back, away from the precipice. Either way, you have felt the energy force field of your subconscious mind reacting to your thoughts. All professional hypnotists know that what the subconscious mind is focused on the body will follow, unless the conscious mind stops it. Professional advertisers know this, too.

      Mary had felt the energy force field her subconscious had created. Since no one had been near her on the Jungle Gym, her child level emotional mind perceived it as a "ghost" that pushed her. Children are not capable of "good judgment" or "good reason" because their reasoning abilities are limited. The power to reason is the "critical factor" of the conscious mind and that critical factor is not fully functioning in childhood. In fact, it is all but absent until the ages between seven and twelve in most children. These are the ages when the frontal lobes of the brain develop sufficiently for the use of the reasoning mind. (It is interesting to note that the frontal lobes are not fully developed until around age thirty in most adults.)

    The subconscious mind thinks, but its thinking is logical and its reasoning abilities limited. It does not reason out what you "mean" by what you think, say, feel, or do. It is very literal. It takes what you think, say, or do literally, and if there is emotional energy or physical energy connected with what you think, say, or do, it beleives it has received a directive. The subconscious acts upon many contradictory directives. (No wonder people frequently find themselves thinking, feeling, speaking, and acting like their own worst enemies.)

    A startling illustration of the power of the subconscious mind and how literally it responds to directives is the story of a friend of Dr. Harmon´s named Bob. We suspect Bob would want us to share his story, as it teaches a powerful lesson. Bob´s doctor says it taught him a thing or two.

    A man in his fifties, Bob was very robust and physically active. One day Bob told his brother he was planning a mountain hike to the top of San Jacinto the next weekend. His brother insisted Bob have a physical first, as it would be a strenuous climb, and Bob had not had a physical for some years. To appease his brother, Bob scheduled an appointment for a physical the next day.

    After the check-up, Bob´s doctor told him he was sending him to a specialist immediately. The specialist, after examining Bob and his tests, told Bob he had advanced cancer of his liver. Stunned, Bob protested he felt great. The specialist told Bob his liver was at only 20% of its normal operating capacity and that the cancer was inoperable and terminal. Bob´s death was so imminent, the specialist told him, he was making arrangements for him to enter a hospice that day.

    Bob, determined he would die at home and not a hospice, went home and went straight to bed. He family gathered around him, mourning Bob´s imminent death. Bob died less than twenty-four hours later. Instead of hiking that week-end, as he´d planned, Bob was buried.

    Bob´s regular doctor was furious. "If anything demonstrates the power of the mind, this does!" he exclaimed to us. "Bob should be alive right now. That damn specialist telling him he was as good as dead and his family carrying on like he´d already died. That´s what killed him! I examined Bob myself. He was healthy in every other respect. His liver was still functioning. There was no toxicity indicating liver shut down. He had weeks to live, possibly months. Hell, who knows, if Bob´s mind could fix so strongly on a doctor´s opinion like that, I might have convinced him he could live for years." Or, we might add, he might have convinced Bob´s subconscious mind to heal his liver just as we have watched other people do.

    A medical specialist was the ultimate authority to Bob´s mind and that specialist´s actions so shocked Bob, he instantly focused on death, which convinced his subconscious mind to shut down the body processes. Belief and results are directly linked. There is no equivocation in this. If there are doubts in the conscious or subconscious mind, the results will be mixed. If all levels of mind are convinced of something, that "something" will manifest.

    To understand just how profoundly medical professionals can affect your body through your mind, read about the Placebo and Nocebo effects in Dr. Deepak Chopra´s breakthrough book, Quantum Healing, Exploring The Frontiers of Mind/Body Medicine. Actually, we strongly recommend you read the whole book. Even if you´ve already read it, we recommend you read it again, but this time with the added recognition that thought, belief, emotion, and behavior can be subconscious as well as conscious.

    People who have grown up with abuse (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, sexual, or verbal) often have difficulty achieving "quick" or "easy" results with any kind of technique, therapy or counseling, whether spiritual or temporal. Their "inner children" need very careful, professional, and skilled help in learning to trust themselves and others before they will let go of negative thoughts, emotions, and behavior created by their abuse.

    Clients sometimes ask us how they can be certain we aren´t "suggesting" all of this "complicated inner stuff" in order to get more sessions from them and, thus, more money. Pamela always laughs and says: "It´s not like we don´t see results with our clients, because we do; sometimes instantaneous and spectacular results. So here is my wish. I wish everyone who comes to our offices would cure, heal, fix, and transform themselves in one session. Imagine how the word would spread! We could charge hundreds, even thousands, of dollars for one session and everyone would be rich, slim, healthy, youthful, and happy. Since each one of these goals have been accomplished by some clients with the techniques we use, why can´t everyone accomplish them using the same techniques? Why does it take some so much longer than it takes others? Believe me, if I could, I´d make every client we see accomplish their goals in one session, without all the complicated stuff."

    Dr. Harmon is more apt to answer gently: "You can accomplish what you came to do in an instant, and you certainly don´t need anyone else in order to do it. All we are here for is to help you uncover and change what stands in your way of doing just that. How long it takes and how complicated it becomes is up to you and your inner levels."

    We have many clients who testify that no matter how long it took them, it was worth it. One woman reported she´d recently attended a meeting and a colleague had commented on how happy she looked and asked what she´d been doing to get that way. This woman said to her colleague: "Look at me! I´m wearing a size 18! I feel better than I´ve felt in my life! What I did was a year of intense inner therapy." This client had come to therapy to deal with sexual abuse throughout her childhood. A size 26 when she began her therapy, her weight had steadily diminished over the course of her healing work with sexual abuse.

    We watched another abuse client who´d survived extensive and extreme torture and abuse blossom before our eyes over her two years of one session a week with Pamela and one session a week with Dr. Harmon. This client is the one with whom Pamela first began using the term "Dragon Slayer" to honor her inner children and teens for their courage in surviving and healing. Naturally filled with anger at her abusers, this woman´s Higher Self response to her query "How can I forgive them?" was:

    "Is the log mad at the carver who carves it into a beautiful totem pole? Is the rock mad at the sculptor who shapes it into a beautiful sculpture? Is the canvas mad at the painter who creates on it a beautiful painting? The same was done for you, but with your permission. Before entering this life you asked for those who know how to mold and form a child using the dark tools. You asked people of Light to do things that they, in their spirit form, did not want to do. You walked up to the Dark, touched it, walked through it, and walked away healed. You learned many things in this life, and I ask you again, how can you fault the teachers who taught by your guidelines? This is the final step in your healing; for you and your inner children to realize you always had control over your life. You directed everything. Now you know and you can help others. You know what it feels like to be hurt, how it feels to walk through the fire, how it feels to be surrounded by the fire. Teach others how to keep their light strong and not cover up the light within them. Teach them how to be dragon slayers; how to awaken the dragon within; how to comfort and heal the inner child; how to find joy in every situation; how to grow flowers in infertile soil because the plants are watered with love and hope and joy; and how to make infertile soil fertile soil."

    As therapists, we must point out that, as the Higher Self above indicated, forgiveness is the final step, not the first, in healing deep inner pain.

    Another client, after finishing his healing work, wrote to Dr. Harmon, his therapist,: "I used to be a very angry person. I would cut anybody´s throat to get ahead. I used to enjoy fist fighting. After I fought, a peace would come over me. As far as nature goes, beautiful flowers, trees, etc., were no big deal to me. If it was in my path, it paid the price. After four sessions of regression to a past life, I noticed more color in the mountains and even found myself being careful when walking through the desert not to step on the wild flowers. My tolerance for other people is very high now. NOTHING ruffles my feathers. I also found out why I hated to be with people and always could not wait to get as far away from them as possible. I´d been a flier, an English guy, in a past life and my plane crash landed on April 7th, 1923. Natives of the place where I crashed captured me and kept me in a wooden cage. They would carry me in the cage to the river to bathe. They never let me out. They left me alone, never poked sticks or anything, but they would watch me and laugh at me. They fed me some kind of nut all the time. It was small, less than one inch, and heavy, maybe five grams. It had kind of a earth clay color and a kind of hairy, rough texture and it was very sour tasting, but seemed to water your mouth. It made me feel like the size of my cage didn´t matter and I wasn´t so cramped. It made me dizzy, too, and I would forget things about myself and where I came from. I think I got addicted to that feeling. That addiction carried over into this life. I know I began my drug use early in this life. I was always looking for a more powerful drug. I spent more money on drugs than some people spend on home furnishings, or even a car. Countless times I told myself I could quit, but that thought wouldn´t last long. Now I know drugs will NEVER, NEVER play a part in my life again. I also enjoy being with positive people now. I feel my friends enjoy being with me and when they leave my presence, I think they might even feel uplifted. I really enjoy making folks smile now."

    As our clients so beautifully demonstrate, there is great truth in the words of William James who wrote: "The greatest revolution of our generation is the discovery that human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their mind, can change the outer aspects of their lives."

    Therapy can be disruptive, but this disruption is temporary. Clients working on feeling emotions, instead of repressing them, often find themselves uncertain as to the benefit as they begin to feel "bad" feelings. Soon, however, they realize that recognizing the "bad" feelings helps to release them and replace them with the "good" feelings they could never feel before. Relationships disrupted by the purging of the past frequently re-bound with greater intimacy and bonding than previously experienced. During the course of therapy, as clients release negative energies from their minds, spirits, and bodies, they will sometimes experience nausea, upset tummies, dry heaves, throwing up, diarrhea, increased urination, sweating, and shakes - among other purging symptoms - either before, during, or after a session. (We´ve never had anyone actually throw up in the chair, though clients have had the dry heaves during a session.)

    Physical phenomena during regressions is a dramatic example of the power of thought. For example, clients have "paled" and even "turned blue" in regressions where they have "died" or "lost their breath". Clients have had rashes and marks appear on their skin. Stutterers have stopped stuttering in regressions and non-stutterers have begun stuttering during a regression.

    Of course, ridding oneself of physical symptoms is often the reason for a regression. One woman came to her session saying, "I can´t control my bowel movements in the shower or tub. Why?" The answer was her "inner infant" had heard her say to a friend that her therapy was all finished. The "inner infant" disagreed. After working with the inner infant (it took only one session), normal control of her bowels returned.

    One day, Pamela, shortly before her own scheduled therapy session with Dr. Harmon suddenly became blind in one eye. Panicked, she rushed into his office. "I can´t see out of my left eye!" she cried. As she sat down in the therapy chair, she abruptly realized she could see only the right side of his body out of her right eye. The left side of his body was missing, as was the left side of everything else she looked at. As she was explaining this to Dr. Harmon, she began to see wavy lines out of her left eye. Stunned, she exclaimed a moment later: "The wavy lines are becoming hieroglyphics! Egyptian hieroglyphics, like you see on pyramids! Oh my God, they´re so clear! What is happening?" Dr. Harmon gently asked her to close her eyes. Soon, she was deep in a regression as a Pharaoh of Egypt.

    The Pharaoh described vividly his poisoning by a rare snake venom that left him in a catatonic and comatose state the royal physicians mistook for death. Locked within his paralyzed body and unable to alert anyone he was still alive, the Pharaoh was prepared for embalming. Throughout the process he could see, out of his left eye, his High Priest, whose sly and knowing look told the Pharaoh he had been the one to poison him and he knew the suffering he was experiencing. As the Pharaoh, Pamela described a searing pain and pressure in her nose and head at the moment of death. (Though she was not aware of it at the time of the regression, during the embalming process, the brain is sucked out of the nose.) The last sight the Pharaoh saw before his death was the sight, in his left eye, of the High Priest enjoying his suffering.

    Pamela had scheduled this session with Dr. Harmon to find the cause of a muscle twitch under her left eye that had begun after she developed distrust for a long-time friend of Dr. Harmon´s. Pamela admired and liked this woman and felt her to be important to the work of Spirit, so she sought to understand, and hopefully heal, her distrust of her. She also wanted to be rid of the muscle twitch.

    After the past life regression to the Pharaoh, Pamela´s vision returned to normal and the muscle twitch under the left eye never returned. NMR, done after the session, indicated the High Priest in that life had been the friend of Dr. Harmon´s that Pamela distrusted. The regression had healed that past life, NMR indicated, but there was another life, an ancient one, with that person that also needed healing. After a regression to that past life, Pamela felt her inner animosity toward the woman end. (Although she added she wanted the woman to do her own regressions to those lives before she´d trust her completely.)

    We have another dear friend who is an RN at UCLA´s research and teaching hospital. A metaphysical and practical woman (yes, it is possible to be both), this friend had scheduled an appointment with Pamela to gain understanding of a past relationship with a very controlling man who had caused her a great deal of pain and grief. The morning of the session she woke and looked in the mirror. There, on her chest, were raised, red welts that looked like a severe burn. She could not recall burning herself and as they were not painful she chose to ignore them until after she´d had her session later that afternoon

    In her session, NMR indicated the relationship she wished to understand and heal had begun in the 1200´s on the continent of Africa. She had been his daughter and he had been a powerful chief who ruled his tribe with warrior skills and the "black arts". The regression began with her sitting on a blanket in her father´s hut. She was named Rutawana and was his favored elder daughter. She was also his sexual mate. As he had no sons, she was being trained by him to rule the tribe after his death. Her training included human sacrifices and the casting of spells over men, women, and children. Shortly after her father died, she gave birth to her father´s son.

    As her son grew more and more in the image of their father, she became convinced his soul was that of their father. When her son, cruel and ruthless, grew into his power, he wrested control of the tribe from her. She was exiled to a hut not far from the village and slowly starved to death. As difficult as the starvation was, it was more difficult for Rutawana to contemplate the many deaths she had caused. She particularly despaired of the deaths of the children. As she died and left her body, Rutawana, in great despair, cried out: "I feel their deaths burning holes in my heart!" Rutawana´s spirit was helped to review and understand the greater purpose and lessons in her life so she could heal of her guilt and pain.

    After the regression, our friend exclaimed, "I could feel that burning on my chest. I still can. Right here, look!" She showed Pamela the burn marks on her chest she noticed that morning. They were right over her heart. Over the next several months the burn marks slowly faded, leaving very faint outlines on her skin.

    Another client, a man in his 60´s who had not been able to trim his paunch belly, no matter what he tried, was asked, in hypnosis, "What is the resistance to letting go of the excess fat in the abdomen?" The response was, "a fear of injury." The subconscious was directed to go to the time of the injury. The client found himself in a past life as a warrior in Mesopotamia. He was killed on the battle field when a lance was thrust through his belly. He had been betrayed by his commander. After healing his cell memory and his emotions in this session, the client lost several inches in his belly within a few weeks.


Are past lives real? One man, a stock broker, cornered Dr. Harmon at a party and told him, "If you can prove to me past lives are real, I´ll quit telling everyone you´re crazy."

    "I can´t prove anything," Dr. Harmon rejoined, "but why not experience a past life regression and make up your own mind? And I must be crazy because I´m not going to charge you for it."

    The man took him up on his offer, making an appointment for a past life regression. In that regression, he experienced himself returning to a miserable life, full of drudgery, tedium, and squalor. Afterwards, he said, "I would never, in my wildest fantasies, make up such a life. It was awful. I can´t imagine how I survived it as long as I did. You win, I believe past lives are real alright."

    Do people "make up" past lives? A past life regression can be:

  • A mental review of memories stored in the memory banks of the subconscious. Such a regression will involve little emotion (unless present life emotions are triggered), and will lack the feeling of "being there" (unless the imagination is triggered).

  • A story the inner mind weaves to symbolically illustrate or trigger thoughts and emotions it wants the conscious mind to understand, release, and transform.

  • A "tuning into" the memory banks of someone else and a "reliving" or "reviewing" of that life as though it were ones own.

  • A total fabrication; though this is more likely if the person is only pretending to be in hypnosis.

  • A "coming forward" of a past life personality. This type of past life regression can truly feel as though one is "there".

    People frequently ask why, if a different language was spoken in the past why they can´t speak, in the regression, the language they spoke then. Actually, we have had clients begin speaking a different language in past life regressions and have had to ask them to speak English. Many people report they can "hear" or "see" the language they spoke in the past, but can´t seem to "speak" it. This is probably due to conscious interference.


Channeling is to be a conduit, or a channel, for energy. In hypnosis, people channel many levels of their own minds and spirit (like past lives), and, sometimes, the minds and spirits of others. Channeling can be done in one of two ways: 1) The spirit or mind being channeled moves into the energy field of the one through whom it will speak. It then uses the voice box of that one. The voice speaking will sound, of course, like the channel´s voice, although the inflections, intonation, pitch, even the accent and choice of words may be quite different from the channel´s. 2) The spirit or spirit mind being channeled stays outside of the energy field (it can be any distance away), and mentally impresses its thoughts on the subconscious mind, or voice box, of the channel. Again, the voice speaking will sound like the channel´s voice. In this case there will usually be little, if any, difference from the channel´s normal speech patterns. The second way is far easier on the nervous system and body of the channel and far safer in avoiding spirit attachments.

    In all channeling the subconscious mind of the channel translates the thought forms of the spirit, mind, or personality being channeled into the language that will be understood by those listening. (Unless the subconscious is told, consciously or subconsciously, not to do so, such as in speaking-in-tongues.) Interestingly, channels seem unable to channel languages of which their own subconscious mind has no knowledge.

    Everyone is telepathic. You are telepathic. You are subconsciously receiving and sending messages from and to other minds all the time. Some messages do reach the conscious levels. However, it is usually in a dream or the form of a thought and people often discount or dismiss this as either meaningless or their own thoughts.

    Dr. Harmon and Pamela frequently contact the Akashic Records through Masters of Light and Spirit. These Records exist as thought form vibrations and in them are recorded the records of all souls and spirits, which is why Master of Light and Master of Spirit call them The Universal Records. We are told the more advanced in consciousness a being is, the greater the depth and accuracy of information it can access from the Records, which is why Dr. Harmon leaves his body for the use of Master of Light and Master of Spirit for accessing these Records.

    A woman called to ask if we would contact The Universal Records to find where her daughter, who had died at 16 years old, was now. We said we would ask. "Tell her", Master of Light said, "that her daughter has been contacting her. She thinks this communication is ´just dreams´ or her own mind ´fooling her´. It is not. They are thoughts being communicated from Karen to her. Karen cannot speak directly to her mother as she has no vocal chords. She is Spirit. She is being worked with on this level to help her realize she died because she had accomplished all she had planned to do on the earth plane. Part of that plan was to help her mother learn to cope with the human emotions of loss and grief. She wants her mother to know that death is freedom, once the soul accomplishes what it goes to the earth planes to do. Karen is saddened by her mother´s loss of joy in life. She wants her mother to know that life is a wonderful opportunity for the soul to enjoy being in the body. It is not as easy to get in the body as some people think. Karen wants her mother to take full opportunity of this life experience. They will be together again. They have been together before as well. If her mother wants to, she can remember this. Perhaps you can help her. Perhaps you can help the mother by sharing information another young woman on this side, gave you about Light. Perhaps this will help the mother."

    We called Karen´s mother to give her this information. She responded, "I HAVE had a dream with Karen speaking to me and I DO hear thoughts in my head that I think is her talking to me, but I thought that couldn´t be real. Once I thought I heard her say in my head, ´Mom, I wish I had my body, but its wonderful here. I see and talk to you whenever I want to, but you don´t listen. Please listen!´ I thought I was making it up, her talking to me. But let me tell you about my dream. I had it two weeks after my daughter died, at Easter Break. In my dream, the phone rang and when I answered it, I heard Karen crying. It was very clear. I said, ´Oh Karen, don´t cry!

    "I just found out I died! I´m so sorry, Mom. I´m so sorry," Karen said to me still crying.

    "What do you mean, you just found out?" I asked.

    "I just read it," Karen said, "I didn´t know. I´m so sorry."

     "What do you mean, you didn´t know? What have you been doing?" I asked.

    "Finishing my Easter Break," Karen said.

    "What is it like where you are?" I asked my daughter.

    "It´s nice," she said. "Somebody is with me, helping me to adjust." When I asked her to explain, she said, "It´s similar to a Lucy Circle."

    That´s when I woke up. I kept trying to figure out what a Lucy Circle meant, but I didn´t know. Anyway, I thought it was just a dream. About six months later, I was lying on the couch. I had a strong thought that told me to go in Karen´s room and look on her desk. I finally did. There were two books there. One, an ESP book that I could see by the receipt in it she had bought the day before her death, the other a big encyclopedia of names. I looked up Lucy. It means Light. Do you think my daughter was telling me she was in a circle of Light?

    Yes, we think so. Karen´s mother also told us about a dream she´d had when her daughter, Karen, was three years old. Karen´s mother had dreamt of a boy she´d grown up with, who had recently died. In her dream the young man was very bright, with Light all around him. He asked her to tell his mother that it was very wonderful where he was. Karen´s mother then asked him, "Do you think Karen will like it there?" The young man smiled and nodded. We think Karen and her mother both knew, at a soul level, that Karen planned to leave the earth plane young.

    People are not only telepathic with each other, they are telepathic with their Higher Selves. The Higher Self communication is frequently received in dreams and thought. We have had many clients ask their Higher Selves, in hypnosis, how they can discern their Higher Self thoughts from all the others they have. Answers that Higher Selves have most frequently given have been: "I am the first thought." "I am the calm, quiet, peaceful thoughts." "I am the sense of knowing." It´s important to recognize that the Higher Selves do not argue, cajole, beg, or order. They guide. Whether we deny, accept, or ignore that guidance is up to us.

    We could fill this book with Higher Self information and regression sessions. We´ve chosen to limit ourselves so you will have more of a sense of "discovery" with your own regressions and channeling of your own Higher Self. (Actually, Master of Light and Dr. Harmon had to fight Pamela on this one, so you can thank them for this forbearance. Pamela loves to share as much information as humanly possible.)

    We share, in the next chapter, more of our knowledge of spirit. Remember that ALL spirit is of the Light and that the Light has many vibrations, including Dark. Finding the Light is the challenge and path of Spirit. Below is a Higher Self Spirit speaking of the entrance of the soul into the earth planes. We think it is a message applicable to all.:

    "I impress upon the chosen parents my name and I am choosing those who would facilitate my entrance. I choose a young woman of great life force with dreams, ambitions, with strong physical forces. Dark forces which I have need of. There is in her strain dark energies and in his. There will be trials, challenges, tribulations. This is part of the demonstration. For Man´s lot is one of doubt, fear, limitation, and ever it becomes man´s quest to move through the dark, the doubt, the fear, the limitation, the sordid influence of others to make a way into the light. For Man does not die and move into the light. Man leaves the body at death and steps into the degree of light Man has entered while in the body. The light attracts the light. So the level of consciousness at which one leaves is the level of consciousness one enters. The light must be found on the plane of physical material and matter. I choose to demonstrate the growth from darkness to the light. For a Being of Light such as I am to come down and appear before man as the Being of Light that we are is not nearly so instructional as to allow ourselves to share Man´s miseries and then become as we begun. For each Man does spring from Divine Consciousness of Self and of Creation. And this one, this Being that I am on your plane, shall show that if all proceeds as I have written it. She must break down the barriers of doubt, of fear, of the need for finite answers. She must soothe and heal the babe within and open to that which she craves, senses, is aware of, and sensitive to and fears. She must open to Spirit."

Special Message For Adults

Check out the young people today and note what an advanced lot they are. Educating them is a challenge. They are bored and restless as educators try to teach them - over and over - what they already know. They only need to be reminded of what they know and then motivated to do something challenging with that knowledge. The physical world doesn´t interest them; they have lifetimes of physical knowledge and experiences. Metaphysics - the worlds beyond, behind, above, and below the physical - interests them. Motivate them with that. They need advanced skills in many disciplines to master metaphysics.

Special Message For Young People

Drugs are an easy escape from the physical into the metaphysical; too easy. Your mission is to advance human consciousness, not escape from it. Masters of Spirit and Light are right, you ARE the hope for the future. Help us figure out how to excite, incite, and propel you into that leadership. After all, you´re the ones with the advanced minds. Get ´thee´ to a good hypnotherapist to get past your negative programming (hypnotherapy will work quickly for you), then get going. The world doesn´t have much time left if you don´t do what you came to do. (Read Chapters Seven and Eight.) Do it now or you´ll have to wait around another couple hundred millennia for human consciousness to reach this point again. Aren´t you tired of doing that? It´s not the first time. Remember? Besides, there are other beings who are tired of waiting for humans to finally get it together. They are considering "helping" us. You know what that means. Do you want them to master humans before you´ve figured out how to master the realms of human physical reality yourselves? What good is advanced consciousness if you don´t use it? WAKE UP! WAKE US UP! LEAD US!

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