Chapter 6   -  The Dragon Slayers

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Hypnosis can access any event in ones past; whether it happened yesterday or a millions years ago. Regressions can be done to past lives, past deaths, the spirit state between lives, conception, the womb, birth; infancy and up. Usually regression therapy is done because someone has a problem or dysfunction today that has its roots in the past.

    A man called one day saying he had difficulty beginning and finishing projects. He said this caused him extreme stress and tension, both personally and professionally. Pamela asked him if he´d been born by cesarean section. After a short pause, he said, "Yes, how did you know?" Next she asked if he had a fear of falling. After a longer pause, he said, "Are you psychic." Pamela laughed and explained people born by cesarean section frequently have difficulties setting goals, beginning projects, finishing projects, and a fear of falling. She suggested he come for a consultation to learn more.

   Amazed to find in his consultation that his birth could have such an effect on the rest of his life, Phil, was eager to do a birth regression, but feared he could not "be hypnotized deeply enough to go back that far". Like Phil, most people believe the further back you go in a regression the deeper you have to be hypnotized. This is as great a fallacy as the belief deep hypnosis means to be unconscious. Regressions can be done in light, medium, or deep hypnosis.

    Pamela suggested that Phil have two sessions; the first to practice hypnosis by learning self-hypnosis and the second to do the regression. Phil agreed and a self-hypnosis tape was made for Phil in that session for him to practice with at home. When Phil returned for his second session the next week, he remarked, "You know, this hypnosis stuff is great. Just listening to the tape every night has eliminated the pain in my neck and shoulders, even though you didn´t say anything about that on the tape. Relaxing deeply like that takes away stress and tension. I even sleep better now."

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    "Great. Let´s see how relaxed you can get with me staring at you," Pamela teased. "Do you like to start with your eyes open or closed?"

    Phil grinned. "Isn´t it great? I´ve only been here once and already I know what it takes to hypnotize me! Eyes closed and raised as high as I can to begin, just like you taught me."

    "Excellent," Pamela congratulated him, "now breathe deeply and listen to my voice; you don´t even have to focus on my words. If you become aware of me asking for a response, just let yourself speak whatever thought comes into your mind. You can analyze what you said later. You have a tape to help you recall everything exactly. Right now, your wonderful analytical mind wants to know what the subconscious knows. It can know that best by allowing itself to drift into the comfortable security and serenity of your own heart beat, as your chest rises and falls as you breathe. That´s good."

    Phil was not only an analytical type, he was very nervous about this regression, which is why Pamela wisely suggested two sessions and made a tape for him to become comfortable with her and with hypnosis. Thanks to careful preparation, Phil - who would normally be considered a "difficult" subject - was "in the womb" in less than four minutes. "Be there now, just as you are ready to be born," Pamela instructed Phil. "Tell me what is happening."

    "I can´t move! I can´t move! Something´s wrong!" Phil began whimpering. "I can´t feel anything. Help! Help!" Pamela asked the baby to go inside its mind and ask why its body couldn´t move. "I see," the baby said, calming down, "it´s what they are giving to my mother to numb her. It´s coming into me now, I can´t move."

    There is always knowledge from the Higher Self available at the inner levels of the mind. The soul tends to "forget" this; especially when it is focused on emotional feelings or physical sensations. The hypnotist helps the soul "remember" to call on its inner knowledge.

    "Tell me what´s happening to you now, baby," Pamela continued.

     "I don´t know! I don´t know!" the baby cried, shifting back to its emotional and physical focus again. " I´m going to fall! I´m going to fall!"

    "Look around you carefully, baby, and tell me where you are," Pamela instructed.

    "I´m high up in the doctor´s hands, but I can´t feel his hands. I only see the floor and I´m afraid I´m going to fall because I don´t feel anything under me. Oh, now the doctor put me down. I´m on something cold and I´m shivering. I don´t like it here," the baby whimpers.

    "Do you tell anyone you are cold?" Pamela asks.

    "I cry, but they don´t understand me," the baby cries sadly.

    The soul, in its spirit consciousness, is more advanced than the body/brain into which it is born. While the brains of babies, infants, small children, and animals are not capable of advanced verbal communication, their minds are capable of advanced mental communication. Adults have, sadly, forgotten this.

     "Where is my mother? I want my mother. Oh no, oh no", the baby begins to weep piteously.

    "What is happening now?" Pamela asks.

    "Some one is taking me away. It´s not my mother. My mother doesn´t want me. I don´t know what´s happening. Oh, I´m in a box. There´s other babies here. Their mothers don´t want them either. We all cry."

    The emotional mind is not the reasoning mind; it is the perceiving, feeling mind and its feelings can cause it to make mistakes in its perceptions. It is the "healing" or "correcting" of these perceptions that regression therapy seeks to achieve.

    Phil and Pamela went back over his birth. This time Phil used his "divine power" to create reality and created a different birth; the one his mind, body, and soul needed to complete their connection. The journey through the birth canal is a difficult challenge. To succeed in this task builds confidence and faith in ones self. To fail this challenge creates internal programming that says one cannot succeed; that one is a failure.

    Procrastination and the inability to complete projects are common with clients who have had cesarean births. The internal programming, in addition to failure, is ´what´s the use of planning if someone or something can step in and take things over at any moment´. Cesarean births can also lead to learning disabilities like dyslexia, attention deficit disorder, and other difficulties in the brain/body connection. So crucial is the journey through the birth canal to the body and brain that "old time" ob/gyn doctors, nurses, and midwives would use the palms of their hands on cesarean newborns (after the anesthesia in their systems had worn off) to press against their heads and bodies to duplicate the journey through the birth canal. Modern medicine would do well to return to this practice as c-sections become (sadly) more prevalent.

    The first breath is a crucial part of birth, for it tells the brain, the body, and the subconscious the human is "ALIVE!" It "sets up" the brain, body, and mind connection that affects the whole rhythm of life. When the first breath is "off" (due to drugs or other birth trauma) that rhythm is interrupted.

    We often find clients who suffered a lack of oxygen in the womb or at birth to have learning disorders, prematurely thinning hair or balding, and what is referred to as a "walking zombie" syndrome. This is a post traumatic anxiety state present with people who have had an experience that has falsely convinced the brain it has died. The addiction to the "high" of alcohol, drugs, tobacco, orgasm, exercise, thrill seeking and other energy "highs" can be a subconscious attempt to counteract a "walking zombie" anxiety state.

    Interestingly, we find many smokers are actually more addicted to the deep breathing they do when taking long drags than they are to the substance they inhale. The deep breath triggers the thrilling "high" of the subconscious thought: "I´m alive!" Consciously taking several deep breathing breaks throughout the day is an easy way to "kick the habit" with these types of smokers. (If there are other subconscious or conscious motivations for smoking, however, these will need to be dealt with as well in order for it to be "easy" to let go of the habit and desire.)

    For more information on the importance of birth and the first breath, read Dr. Fulford´s Touch of Life, listed in the book list at the back of this book. Dr. Fulford also outlines exercises in his book for correcting the imbalances caused by birth trauma. Another book listed in our book list is one on "Brain Gym" another powerful technique for correcting brain/body imbalances.

    Many hypnotic techniques are very powerful in correcting brain/body imbalances and hypnosis regression therapy to trauma that has blocked the brain/body/mind connection, or disconnected them, can heal those connections.

    NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) are two techniques that either involve hypnosis or lead to hypnosis. They, too, are powerful techniques for reprogramming the mind, body, brain connections.

    Like regression therapy, EMDR is a powerful tool for healing post traumatic disorders, anxieties, and phobias. (We have included a book by its originator in the book list. If you go to a therapist that uses EMDR, make certain that therapist is either EMDR certified OR is a professional hypnotherapist that thoroughly understands EMDR and regression states.)

    Phil called two months after he had been "born again" to report he was starting and finishing projects in a timely manner at both work and home. He had also tested his fear of falling, he reported, with a roller coaster and ferris wheel ride, both of which had terrified him previously. "It worked," he said. "I was fine. I´m still amazed my birth affected me so strongly, but I can´t argue with success."

    We know alot about the experiences of the soul as so many souls have shared with us their experiences. For instance, we know:

  • The Higher Self chooses the "gene pool" the soul will have access to in a particular life experience. The Higher Self further manipulates and influences the genes chosen during conception and gestation. Some souls participate in and are aware of this.

  • Some souls pay attention to their parents copulation during conception and some souls are not interested. One woman said her parents had "pretty, bright colored lights floating all around them" at her conception. A man described his father´s forced sex with his mother on the night of his conception. His soul vowed right then never to be sexually forceful or aggressive in any way. (He came to therapy because his wife complained his sexual passivity was wrecking their marriage.) Another woman described, in vivid detail, the rape of her mother by her mother´s father at her conception. She went on to describe how her mother had sex with her boyfriend the next night. Her mother had sought out that coupling on a conscious and subconscious level. Consciously, she had needed the emotional support and comfort after her traumatic rape. Subconsciously, she´d been driven to find a more "acceptable" father for the child she already knew, subconsciously, she´d conceived. (Interestingly, the woman´s Higher Self said the impregnation by the grandfather had been unplanned, but could be used for its purposes, and that it was "incorporating genes from the chosen father with the genes already received from the grandfather in order to have genetic programming from both men. This is possible to do within a certain time span," the Higher Self added, "though your scientists haven´t discovered it yet.") The woman was very shaken after her regression. "I didn´t expect this," she said, "but it certainly explains why my mother was always so angry and bitter and depressed. She´d had such dreams for her life. She´d loved my father, but wanted to pursue her dreams before marriage. Her own father impregnating her, which forced her marriage and ended her dreams! My poor mother. My poor father."

  • Babies in the womb are aware, if they are awake, of their parents´ sexual copulations. Violent and aggressive copulation feels very abusive to the babe within. One man described his father´s constant "banging away" at his mother as "he keeps hitting me on the head with something. He´s trying to hurt me just like he´s hurting her. I hate him." Another man felt very soothed whenever his parents had sex and would fall happily asleep with the gentle, rhythmic movements of their bodies.

  • After birth, babies and young children who are sexually stimulated by their parents or others have a difficult time with the intense sensations this creates in their little bodies. Babies and children can orgasm, but the orgasm feels very painful as the brain is not yet ready to process this properly. It is amazing how many clients we have had who have discovered their parents and baby-sitters played with their genitals while they were changing their diapers, giving them baths, or trying to quiet or soothe (?!) them. It´s truly shocking how many decent people use babies and small children to gratify themselves sexually, rationalizing that the "little ones" won´t remember and will enjoy the pleasant sensations. Sexually titillating "little ones" or using them for sexual gratification is abusive. And they do remember.

  • Not all souls "enter" the physical body at the same point in time. Some enter at conception, some during gestation, some even wait until after birth. Some say they are "half in and half out" of the body or "go in and out" of the body until the choice is made to "stay" or "stay put". Some souls have told us they "exchanged" with another soul at some point as they didn´t need to experience certain parts of gestation or birth and another soul did. (However, we have found it is important for the soul that will have the body to be in the body when the first breath is taken so the mind/body/brain connection is firmly established. A birth regression can accomplish this.)

  • Souls frequently try to mentally "impress" the name they wish on the parents they have chosen. Most often, one or both parents "get" the desired name, though we have often found the middle name to be the one the soul was trying to impress on the parents.

  • The choice of sexual gender and sexual gender preference is made by the soul while in its spirit state. Though Nature programs all bodies to be heterosexual for the propagation of the species, the genes can be manipulated by the spirit during gestation to change that sexual preference. This preference can be repressed at any time after birth, but it does not go away. (Abuse by a particular gender often programs a sexual preference and/or distaste for that gender. This can be corrected.) In general, it is more emotionally fulfilling and physically gratifying to follow the sexual preferences chosen from the spirit state. (NMR with the Higher Self can determine what that choice was.) Multiple personality disorder - and spirit attachments - can complicate sexual identity and preferences. They also can interfere with the NMR unless very precise wording is used and careful attention is paid to polarity.

  • Souls choose one or both parents, though this choice is often made from the Higher Self level. The choice of parent(s) is usually to finish up unfinished business from one or more past lives and/or to teach or learn (or both) something with one or both parents. Sometimes a bond with one or both parents is meant to be lifelong and sometimes it is not.

  • At times, the soul can only get to the chosen parent(s) through adoption. The soul may "forget" this at the emotional level of mind and feel rejected and betrayed by the birth parent(s). This can greatly complicate ones whole life experience. Regression therapy helps a soul to remember why he or she chose adoption, which is very healing.

  • Souls are sometimes eager to enter human consciousness, sometimes extremely reluctant, and sometimes "somewhere in between". A great deal of planning for the life experience is done at the Higher Self level and, at times, the soul will regret the choices it made at this level. (As Pamela says, "things look at lot easier from there than they feel living them here.")

  • While a soul can choose to leave at any time, actively taking ones own life is deeply regretted by souls who have done so. The Higher Self keeps the life force present in the body until the soul has learned and taught all it has come to teach and learn. Sometimes that teaching and learning involves giving other souls the opportunity to care for the welfare of another. Sometimes it involves great pain. Souls that escape the opportunity to learn what the pain had to teach them (or others) tell us they are very sorry they gave up that opportunity and that they plan to meet it again.

  • Abusers and the abused make a kind of "soul agreement" at the spirit levels to play these roles with one another. How long it will take their souls to move out of this agreement is up to them. Sometimes souls will switch back and forth between the abused and the abuser roles in several lifetimes as each attempts to "get even" with the other. Realizing this helps abusers to forgive themselves and the abused to forgive their abusers, which ends the cycle of abuse. HOWEVER, true forgiveness can never be reached as long as anger, sadness, guilt, shame and other pain remains from the abuse. All subconscious levels must be healed before true forgiveness can be reached and the cycle ended. Expressing and releasing anger at ones abuser(s) in the subconscious levels is a very important part of this process. This is difficult for many loving and spiritual people to do, but our experience shows it is necessary and important if the cycle of abuse is to end.

  • Most abusers have themselves been victims of abuse in this life or another. Helping abusers to recognize and deal with their own abuse often is the only way they can feel remorse for their victims, release their abuser energies, and heal themselves.

  • Some souls choose to experience the trauma and rejection of abortion. Other souls, when the body they are in is to be aborted, leave before this happens as they have nothing to learn or gain by the experience. (Master of Spirit has said that the mother´s will takes precedence over the will of a soul seeking to use the mother´s body for birth.) However, by talking to the cells of women who have had abortions, we know abortion is very hard on the cells. Taking care not to conceive unwanted pregnancies is a very loving act for ones cells. (If you have had an abortion in the past, speaking to your cells and healing them would also be very loving.)

  • Woman who are clear, at all levels of mind, that they do not want a pregnancy can spontaneously miscarry if they make their intention to end the pregnancy clear to the soul seeking to enter and that soul leaves. (If there is any doubt in the woman´s mind about ending the pregnancy, her body will hold onto the pregnancy, even if the soul leaves, because this is what the body is programmed to do.) The longer a woman waits to make this decision, the more difficult it is for her body to let go of the developing embryo/fetus. We have had great success in speaking with the souls of the unborn, through their mothers, and convincing them to leave when they are not wanted by the mother. (Women´s Bodies, Women´s Wisdom, by Christiane Northrup, M.D. is listed in our book list. It provides further illustration on the natural phenomena of miscarrying unwanted pregnancies, as well as a great deal of other information for women and those who love them.)

  • Babies who are not in the proper position for birth (such as breech babies) or who are over due for birth are frequently fearful of being born. We have had great success in speaking with these babies (again, through the mothers) and helping them to feel welcome and safe enough to be born, and in the proper position. Even "straight hypnosis" helps babies to shift themselves from the breech position. In a study at the University of Vermont College of Medicine, Lewis E. Mehl-Madrona, M.D., Ph.D, hypnotized 100 women between 37 and 40 weeks of pregnancy whose babies were in the breech position. He suggested relaxing the tension in the uterine muscles that may have been preventing the baby´s head from settling into the pelvis. Of the 100 babies in the hypnosis group 81 babies converted to the head-down position by the time of birth; in a control group of 100 breech-position babies whose mothers were not hypnotized, just 48 changed position before birth.

  • Babies in the womb and their cells do not like sonograms which are very damaging to the brain and the nervous system! We have found in talking to babies in the womb that sonograms are very painful and traumatic to them. Several Higher Selves (and Masters of Light and Spirit) have verified the damage done by this. One Higher Self said, "though your modern medicine believes, in all good faith, that it is helpful, it will eventually find how damaging this is to the brain. It is the beginning, they will find, of the frying of the brain." Dr. Willix, in his 1994 issue of Health For Life, reports: "Studies show ultrasounds produce cell damage. A 1984 study showed higher dyslexia among children exposed to ultrasound in the womb. The FDA, the American Medical Association, and the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology ALL say pregnant women should not receive routine sonograms, but doctors do them anyway. And we all pay for it, over one billion dollars a year, according to The Wall Street Journal. It´s a sorry waste of money and a threat to health".

  • The baby in the womb is very tuned into the mother and the father and can experience a great deal of rejection and hurt when it perceives it is not wanted, welcomed, or is of the "wrong" gender. (even thoughts or conversations such as "How can I afford this baby?" or "We can´t have a baby now!" or "I hope it is a boy (or a girl)" can be perceived by the baby to be a personal rejection. This can negatively impact ones whole life until the "inner baby" is reassured, loved, and welcomed.

  • Divorce and adoption can also trigger strong programs of rejection. Babies and children believe, inwardly, that if they had been "better", "brighter", or "perfect", the parent who left would not have gone and the parents would not have been divorced. They feel great guilt, believing subconsciously they were they cause of the divorce (Healing of these "inner children" is important.)

  • People receive alot of subconscious programming about money in their childhood, often starting from the womb. People who have difficulties making or holding onto money would do well to investigate their subconscious programming and heal any negative thoughts their "inner children" are holding onto. (Children whose parents fight about money have a lot of negative programming in regards to money.) There are also many "generic" subconscious programs about money from often repeated phrases used by many. Some of these are: "Money is hard to get", "You have to work hard for your money", "Money doesn´t buy happiness", "The rich get richer and the poor get poorer", "The rich are greedy", "Money is all that matters" "Men make more money than women".

  • Experiences in past lives with money can affect the present life finances. One woman, as she left her body in a past life where she had been extremely wealthy and extremely sheltered because of that wealth, vowed, "I will never be rich again."

  • Starvation in a previous life can be a cause of overweight, obesity, or a fixation with food. Interestingly, we have found many souls in body today who died during World War II. Many of these were in concentration camps and have difficulties with weight and food today. Healing of the fears generated by starvation and reprogramming cells that hold onto fat in the body is very important.


Subconscious programming is what the subconscious mind has accepted as the thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and behavior that are to take precedence over all other directives from the conscious mind. This programming (sometimes called the automatic programming) is fiercely protected by the subconscious mind. (The autonomic nervous system of your body is part of the automatic programming.)

    The subconscious programming of the personality has been largely "set" by the time children are five to six years old. Naturally, this programming affects the way children relate to and perceive the world which affects their experiences, which usually validates and reinforces their subconscious programming.

    It is also true that people are as complex as their minds and as evolved as their consciousness. People react to similar experiences in different ways, even when they are in the womb. People do not stop growing - physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually - at five or six years of age. Nevertheless, early programming is very powerful and continues to affect humans throughout their lives. Changing negative programming is an important part of the soul´s progress.

    People programmed to believe they are not worthy sabotage their own happiness, often to the point of sabotaging their very lives. People programmed to compare themselves with others punish themselves when they don´t "measure up", even as they either try to "outdo" others or don´t try to do anything at all. People programmed to believe they are powerless become victims to the power of others. This creates anger and fear that causes them to subject those they can control to their power.

    People can change their subconscious programs. When energy is withdrawn from a subconscious program, that program gradually fades. Life is about changing old programming. However, it is a process humans have made so complex, they need multiple lives to do it. Hypnosis and regression therapy are methods of quickening that process. It is why Pamela calls our work "soul work" and sometimes calls us "soul doctors". .

    People want to believe they can simply will themselves to stop giving energy to their old programmed thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and habits. They want to believe they do not have to address their childhood "stuff", let alone the "stuff" of past lives. Unfortunately, this is often not true. One difficulty is subconscious personalities like the "inner child" are real. At least, they´ve convinced us they are real. Whether real, imaginary, symbolic, or "psycho-babble", there is no denying their power to feed energy into subconscious programming to which they are attached.

    Mary was a college student who was taking some courses from us. Mary had frequent anxiety attacks, particularly in restaurants, and whenever she was feeling, in her words, "ugly and unwanted". She also could not leave town, unless she was with her parents. She would frequently try to drive (with a friend along) to L. A., which would always result in a major anxiety attack. She would have to pull off the freeway, spend several minutes using the coping techniques her psychologist had taught her, then have her friend drive her back home. As a result, she attended school at the local community college, even though she´d been accepted to two Universities on the coast.

    One day, in class with us, Mary had an attack. Breathing deeply, she announced she had to go straight home, as she´d been taught to do by her psychologist whenever she had an attack. Pamela, aware that anxiety attacks and phobias are triggered by subconscious memories from the past, walked over to Mary and said, "Oh yes, I think you are right It is time to go home. Is your name Mary?"

    "Yes," Mary answered in a little girl´s voice.

    "Good, are you a little girl?" Pamela asked softly. Mary nodded. "Well, little girl," Pamela continued, leaning down to take Mary´s hand, "how about we let adult Mary go home now, and you come talk to me. I know a very safe place for a special little girl like you." Pamela led Mary into her office and said, "Here, little girl Mary, you sit right down here in this soft, safe chair and nobody can hurt you." Mary sat down obediently. "How old are you, Mary?" Pamela asked in a quiet voice.

    "Three," Mary said, and started to cry.

    "That´s good, Mary," Pamela said soothingly, "it´s good to cry when you´re upset. You just keep crying and when you´re ready, tell me what´s making you so sad." (Stopping emotions is not therapeutic. Part of the healing is to release repressed emotions.) Soon, Mary was telling Pamela about her pre-school teacher who hated her and about the ghost who had pushed her off the Jungle Gym and hurt her.

    "Be there now, Mary," Pamela instructed her. "Just close your eyes and be right in the place where the ghost pushed you and the teacher hated you. I´m right there with you, so no one can hurt you. Just tell me what happened now, three year Mary."

    "I´m sitting on the top of the Jungle Gym," Mary said. "I´m swinging my legs and looking down."

    "What are you thinking?" Pamela asked.

    "What it would feel like if I fell. Maybe I would fly. But I am afraid I would hurt myself if I couldn´t fly."

    "I see, what happens next, Mary?"

    "I keep looking at the ground and then the ghost pushes me!" Mary says and starts crying again. "I hurt myself real bad."

    "How do you know it was a ghost, Mary?"

    "There isn´t anybody there when I feel somebody push me. So it must be a ghost. I´m not going there anymore."

    "I don´t blame you, Mary. I wouldn´t go there either. What happens next?"

    "My teacher runs over to me and yells at me. She hates me."

    When Pamela asked Mary to tell her what the teacher is yelling, Mary said, ´Oh no! No, no, how terrible! Get away from her! Don´t look at her! Oh no, an ugly one. I´ll stop this right now! Call her mother to come get her!"

    "What is she talking about Mary?" Pamela asked.

    "She´s talking about me. She thinks I´m terrible and ugly. She tells the other kids to get away from me and not look at me. She wants to stop me from being here. So my mommy comes and takes me away."

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