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Edgar Cayce 1877—1945

Often Called “The Sleeping Prophet” because of his ability to lie down,

go into a self-hypnotic trance state and bring forth information about people—their

health & their past lives—as well as predictions about the future. 

Books about Edgar Cayce and his life’s work line shelves in libraries and bookstores.  Cayce devoted much of his free time to his church and he had a photography shop that provided him a modest living.  His life’s work, however, was helping people in a self-hypnotic trance state, during which he gave what were named “health readings”.   Detailed information about a person’s health would be given, as well as remedies to cure their illnesses or injuries.  When surgery was indicated, Cayce, still in a trance state, would outline the exact surgical procedure needed, despite never having had any medical training.  Cayce frequently did not know those for whom the readings were given nor did he meet with them personally.  No one was present during the readings except Cayce and his wife or his secretary who would faithfully write down what Cayce was saying while in the trance state. 

The accuracy of the health readings was remarkable, as were the cures when the formulas and advice given for them were precisely followed.  It was the success of the health readings that led to what became known as “life readings”, in which Cayce would give detailed accounts of people’s previous lives gained from their soul records, which Cayce often referred to as their Book of Life. 

 Reincarnation and Past Lives were not comfortable concepts for Cayce, but after much prayer on the matter, Cayce decided he could not embrace the health readings, which had proven to be great accuracy and benefit, then deny the information coming forward about their past lives.  Of course, the life readings could not be validated as the health readings were, but they were fascinating, life affirming and brought great spiritual benefit to many.   

Hugh Harmon, Ph.D.  1930—Present

National Radio Talk Show Host Lowell Ponte introduced Pamela and Dr. Hugh Harmon to talk about their book, Odyssey of the Soul, with these words:  "Co-authored by the man many are calling the modern day Edgar Cayce and the woman who helped him develop his remarkable gift.” 

That gift is the ability to channel Higher Spirit while in a hypnotic trance state and to give both Health Readings and Life Readings that are very similar to Cayce’s with the following differences:

Edgar Cayce’s Health Readings were channeled through him by the spirit of a deceased English Doctor who could determine, from the spirit state, a person’s illness or injury and the best cure for them (usually old fashioned ‘country doctor’ remedies).  The good doctor would consult with surgeons, also in spirit, when surgery was indicated, and give these instructions through Cayce.  The Life Readings were given by Cayce directly accessing the Soul Records of a person and/or by a Reverend in spirit who also consulted these records.  Future predictions were made based on energy imprints of the future (although sometimes the future was confused with energy imprints of the past). 

Dr. Hugh channels Higher Spirit for both the Health Readings and the Life Readings.   Higher Spirit introduced itself to Pamela as Higher Spirit, speaking through Dr. Hugh while he was in a trance state.  Pamela dubbed it Master of Spirit when it demonstrated extraordinary mastery of higher knowledge and guidance.

Higher Spirit also introduced Light to Pamela through Dr. Hugh, again while he was in a trance state.  Thinking Light was a spirit and noting it had the ability to manifest lights and colors, Pamela dubbed this one Master of Light.  Only later, did Pamela and Dr. Hugh realize and accept that what was communicating to them was actually Higher Spirit and The Light, designations they now use instead of Master of Light and Master of Spirit.  (See chapter 3 of Odyssey of the Soul, Apocatastasis for the story of their introduction to Higher Spirit and Light.  You can read it for free on the website, www.odysseyofthesoul.org or order it on the same website or through amazon.com and barnesandnoble.com.   

HIGHER SPIRIT is the highest level of spirit and its guidance is second only to the guidance of GOD and GOD’S LIGHT (that which is The Light and was first dubbed Master of Light by Pamela).  Neither Higher Spirit nor Light interfere with the destiny or the fate of souls, including humans, by giving them information that would interfere with their spiritual lessons, including the soul’s main “life lesson” in each incarnation.  This is why they do not give information on presently unfolding events that would interfere with those events or the people involved in them.  Sadly, this includes the abduction of children.  Difficult to embrace, but even “evil” and “bad” have their place in the spiritual progression of souls.

Higher Spirit will not give medical diagnoses in the Health Readings.  What it will do is state what is compromising a person’s health, as well as give the origin and contributing causes of illness, disease and injuries.  Origins and causes can be physical, emotional or spiritual or a combination of these.  Cures are offered only when it is seen a person is open to acting on the “message” of the condition, meaning there are few “random” experiences in a person’s life.  Even an injury can be a message to ‘watch where you are going” physically and/or emotionally, mentally or spiritually. 

When cures are offered or given for conditions without the message being attended to, there will be a return of the condition or a similar challenge to the physical health and emotional/mental well being.  After all, illness, disease and injuries caused by a harmful diet or harmful environment reoccur even after the condition is cured when people continue to expose themselves to the diet or environment that made them sick.  The same is true when illness, disease and injuries are caused by harmful thoughts, beliefs, emotions and behaviors. 

As the highest level of spirit consciousness, Higher Spirit has a highly accurate access to the Soul Records, which Higher Spirit refers to as The Universal Records, stating they record the experiences of all beings within Creation, not just human beings.  Through Dr. Hugh’s channeling of Higher Spirit, we can receive many details of a person’s past lives, including dates of birth and death, gender, name, manner of death, life lesson and whether that life lesson was completed or carried forward into another life and/or the present life.  The soul’s life lesson for this life is also given, unless finding that lesson for oneself is a part of the lesson.  Acting upon the life lesson to the degree that completes it is the biggest spiritual challenge and most difficult emotional, mental and often physical challenge in a person’s life.

Soul Records, Akashic Records, Book of Life, Universal Records

All are names for the same thing; these Records are not physical, although many who access them see symbolic images (like books in a library) for them.  They are energy imprints in the astral realm (the non-physical realm in the “spaces” in and around physical matter).   They can be accessed mentally or in altered states, such as hypnosis and many dream states.  They can also be accessed in the spirit state.  When activated by consciousness, they can be experienced, in much the same manner that holographic images can be experienced.

The lives of the famous and infamous fascinate many, which is why the Records of the famous and infamous are accessed and activated by many.  This is one reason why there are many people who claim (and feel like) they have been the same person in history. 

Another reason is they may have been a spirit attached to that person or a spirit closely observing the lifetime of that person.  Marilyn Monroe, for example, had more than one spirit attachment with her, which is why there is more than one person presently embodied who “remembers being” Marilyn Monroe.  Higher Spirit says Marilyn herself is still in the spirit state.  It also says she accidentally overdosed and is sorry to have lost her body so young. Artists, authors, scientists, inventors, spiritual leaders and others involved in bringing forward information and knowledge for others often have observing spirits helping them from “the other side”.

It is only when a spirit enters into energy field and/or body of a person and remains there that it becomes a spirit attachment.  This is not always a spirit possession in which the spirit tries to take control of the body; however, it can be emotionally and mentally confusing to a person to have someone else in his or her body. It can also have a negative impact on the cells of the body, which is why we always ask in the Health and Life Readings if a person has one or more spirit attachments, who the spirit or spirits are, whether their presence is or is not beneficial, and if not, where is a better place for them to be. 

Higher Spirit does not predict the future in the Readings, stating while there are energy imprints of the future that can be accessed, the future is not fixed and can change in an instant. 

Higher Spirit does offer guidance regarding the course of direction being created by thoughts, beliefs and actions in the present. 

Light and Higher Spirit have given guidance on the course of direction presently being created for all humans by human thoughts, beliefs and actions.  This information is available in Book I (Chapter 8) and to a far greater degree in Book II of the Odyssey of the Soul Trilogy. 

For Higher Spirit Health Readings , Life Readings, Dream Interpretation, and Guidance, please contact Pamela via email (below).  Suggested donation for the Readings is $4 per minute. Readings vary from 10 to 30 minutes and are recorded. You will receive an mp3 recording link of your session via email, as well as a link that allows you to listen to a temporary recording via the internet. (Yes, your reading is private; no one else can access it but you.) If you have no means of accessing these links via email, you can arrange for a CD recording to be mailed to you.


Email:  odyssey at odysseyofthesoul.org  Replace ‘at’ with the @ sign and put Spirit Reading in subject line.

** If you have questions after your reading about the information given in it, you are welcome to ask Pamela or Dr. Hugh about this via phone or email.

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Higher Spirit (called "Master of Spirit" in Chapter Three in Odyssey of the Soul, Apocatastasis) gave the following information about itself and the Records in the following Spirit Session:

Pamela: You have told us that there is an energy level, or an energy field, where the records of the universe are contained. Is this correct?)

Higher Spirit: Yes.

Pamela: We have on this level called this the Akashic Records or The Book of Life. You name them the Universal Records.

Higher Spirit: They are the same.

Pamela: Do the past and present conditions of the earth and each life form upon it exist within these records?

Higher Spirit: No. The history or information of those incidents living incarnate state, spirit, or in some other element of awareness are recorded

Pamela: Human mind when aligned with Spirit can access the Universal Records?

Higher Spirit: It can.

Pamela: Doubts, fears, preconceived notions, ego can affect accuracy of information received?

Higher Spirit: It may block that. One must have no doubt when working on the higher levels, as you have made discovery. One must be totally aware and accepting of the reality and truth so that there is no protective coating, no interlocking, blocking, energies. When one focuses it must be total and complete without any level of question.

Pamela: Is accuracy greatly increased when individual consciousness removes itself entirely?

Higher Spirit: Of course, answer is yes.

Pamela: Is it always Higher Spirit that accesses these records for the human mind?

Higher Spirit: If the energy is high in the body, then the information can flow through more easily. Again, the energy is a pertinent and consistent part of communication.

Pamela: I have written that Higher Spirit is a higher vibratory rate than the spirits of those who are or have ever been incarnated in the body. Is this correct statement?

Higher Spirit: The statement is correct in its substance, but perhaps not in the belief of many.

Pamela: Would it be better not to state it or would it be better to educate that this is so?

Higher Spirit: These choices I cannot make for you. I can only tell you what is available.

Pamela: Is Higher Spirit of a Higher vibratory realm than even the Higher Self.

Higher Spirit: I believe we have indicated that before.

Pamela: And how would you name the energy that you are?

Higher Spirit: I am the spiritual aspect that works through Higher Self.

Pamela: What would I call you, in speaking to others?

Higher Spirit: As I have said, I am one of the Spirit energies. I am neither the Highest Spirit, nor do I represent other spiritual energies that are also available.

Pamela: And when I wish to call you as opposed to other spirits I ask for simply Spirit?

Higher Spirit: You would ask to speak to Spirit that is appropriate for giving you the answers you are seeking. Just designate that by your needs. Words are only that which you use and we use to communicate with you.

Pamela: Would it be correct then to state that this communication is a higher vibratory level than Higher Self communication?

Higher Spirit: When you speak of communication, you are speaking of transmittal of information?

Pamela: Yes.

Higher Spirit: And we do exist on a higher vibratory rate than spirit in the human or other animal forms. When Higher Self is in place above the physical being, their vibrations are higher than yours and lesser than mine.

Pamela: Yours is not an energy that incarnates into form, am I correct?

Higher Spirit: Never. Oft-times people will ask for and get a thought communication from this level without going through a process. It is sometimes called a flash or intuition or a message from God. It is only they have asked for and received directly the information.



People often ask about "soul mates" in a Spirit Session. Perhaps the above information is helpful in understanding this concept. Information from another Spirit Session may be helpful as well. This answer was from Light in response to her question "When will I meet my soul mate?"

Light: "Her Higher Self is amused by this question, but says she has already met three. She wants a physical mate? Hmmm. If she would send light - and this is not from her Higher Self, but from this knowledge of Master of Light - send light with the thought of the magnetic attraction of energy, she will attract that one as soon as she gets her disbelief out of the way. Sending, not the description of what she would have in her conscious mind, but just send the light asking for the perfect, compatible, physical mate for her."

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