Name at birth: ____________Date of birth: ________ Place of birth: Nairobi, Kenya

Pamela Note: My comments/notes are in italics.

Pamela: Is he free of spirit attachments?

Higher Spirit: At this moment,

Pamela: Does that mean he has spirits that come and go to him?

Higher Spirit: Yes.

Pamela: I this to his Higher Good?

Higher Spirit: No.

(Pamela Note: We are speaking of spirits in the spirit state that enter into your personal energy fields, such as your body’s energy fields, the energy fields of your home, or your family in your home with you. These spirits can be family members who have died and are now in the spirit state or they can be spirits that are unknown to you. Generally, this is not to a person’s higher good as the vibrations of the energy fields of disembodied spirits are disturbing the energy fields of the brain and body of those who are embodied. …..I strongly suggest you make it a practice every day to remove all spirits from your person, your home, and your family. You can do this mentally or aloud. Just ask LIGHT (or GOD’S LIGHT or THE CREATOR’S LIGHT, as you prefer) to “Remove from me, my home, and my family all spirits that are not to our highest good.”)

Pamela: His next question is: “Almighty God the Creator, What is the Will of God in my life?”

Higher Spirit: God gives you the freedom to learn the lessons you choose to learn in any life you choose to live.

Pamela: His Question: “I seek love, wisdom, knowledge and understanding that comes from Almighty God. I pray to be granted these Blessings.”

Higher Spirit: Always good to seek the positive if that is the lesson to be learned. It all depends on the lesson the spirit is here to learn.

Pamela: In this lifetime, what is his spirit here to learn?

Higher Spirit: His spirit is seeking to learn what’s available and to pursue a level of facing parts of that for him.

Pamela: Is there a particular area of seeking in which he is looking to learn?

Higher Spirit: Enlightenment about his options, his abilities, his limitations. In other words, he has to know what the spirit is. But he wants to.

Pamela: Does he have a life lesson in this?

Higher Spirit: I just told you his life lesson.

Pamela: Oh, it’s to learn more about the spirit?

Higher Spirit: Yes.

(Pamela Notes: Spirit is an expression of The Creator aspect of God’s Light. The essence of Spirit is creator light. The purpose of Creation is for spirit to express, explore, and experience creator light. To do so, God has given spirit the right to direct creator light within Creation. This is the meaning of free will: That GOD gives freely of its creator light to spirit; thus, whatever a spirit asks for the answer from GOD always is, “Yes, let it be done according to thy will.” ….

.However, every spirit has more than one level of will: There is the higher will—which is the spiritual will. There is what a spirit thinks it wants and what it wants emotionally (which can be quite different from the rational thoughts). There are also the mental and emotional beliefs that a spirit imprints in its mind. One level of the will can block another level of the will. To have what one asks for, all levels of the will must find that desire acceptable….

.When a spirit embodies in a human form, there is also the cellular level of this will. This is part of the limitations of being in physical form in the physical realm. A spirit can overcome the limitations of being in a physical form as Jesus and others have done…when one’s lower thoughts and emotions are aligned with (in agreement with) higher thoughts and emotions….

.All spirits can ask for higher spiritual guidance and higher spiritual information and will mentally receive the answers through thoughts, visions, and/or dreams, or more indirectly by being guided to the teachings of spirit teachers. Dreams and visions are often symbolic, which means they must be interpreted correctly to be understood correctly. The more knowledge a spirit has, the better its ability to be aware of and understand what it receives.)

Pamela: How would you define spirit, Higher Spirit?”

Higher Spirit: Again, it’s a learning process. Experiential learning. It is why Earth has provided that level. (Pamela Note: Earth provides the opportunity to “learn by doing”; i.e. experiential learning.)

Question: He would like to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. He asks ‘how would I go about it?’ .

Higher Spirit: He would have had to have lived long ago because Jesus has gone to another level of learning. Or the spirit thereof that was known as Jesus to him.

(Pamela Notes: Jesus’s soul has ‘ascended’, meaning it is now in Higher Spirit, has more of a universal consciousness than the personal consciousness it had as Jesus.)

----Jesus spoke of the “the “Father Within” and “God Within” and “The Light Within”. All of these expressions are references to every soul’s direct link to and connection with THE SOURCE, or GOD as you and I name THE SOURCE. The strongest link and connection is the spiritual level of a soul’s consciousness, which we refer to as the Higher Self. You can speak to God, or Higher Spirit, or Jesus, if you prefer, and the response will come to you through your Higher Self..which will give you the message in words it thinks you will best understand….

.Your Higher Self guides you through your intuition, your hunches, your dreams and it communicates with you in your thoughts. When you get Higher Self guidance there is a calm, quiet, sense of KNOWING. This is why the Higher Self can also be called the Knowing Self. It can also be called the “Christ Self”, as Jesus did. Developing the ability to recognize your Higher Self guidance is your best way of determining when information you receive…..including this reading…is or is not truth for you. )

Pamela: Was he alive in the days of Jesus?

Higher Spirit: Prior to (the lifetime of Jesus) he (you) was part of the same tribe (Essenes).

Pamela: So he was helping, as an Essene, to prepare for the incoming of what they named the Messiah.

Higher Spirit: Yes, you could say he was part of the tribe (Essene) that supported that (bringing in of a ‘master soul’ or Messiah.)

Pamela: How many previous lifetimes has he had?

Spirit State: 13 Embodied State: 5

(Pamela: A lifetime in the spirit state is when a spirit so closely observes and/or attaches to an embodied person that it emotionally identifies with that person’s life. Beliefs/programs and emotions, as well as lessons, in a lifetime in the spirit state can be brought forward into an embodied life.)

Pamela: He asks when and where was his last lifetime before this one?

Higher Spirit: He had one during the time that was known as the Civil War in this United States, where you are living now.

Pamela: What was his date of birth in that lifetime?

Higher Spirit: Date of birth, he was born 1840.

Pamela: His gender in that life.

Higher Spirit: Female.

Pamela: Where was she born?:

Higher Spirit: In a Southern area that would be known as the state of Georgia today.

Pamela: Was she Caucasian, Negroid, or another race?

Higher Spirit: Caucasian.

Pamela: What was her name in that life?

Higher Spirit: Elizabeth Randall.

Pamela: Was that her maiden name?

Higher Spirit: Yes, never married.

Pamela: Randall would be spelled?

Higher Spirit: Two L’s. Randall.

Pamela: And never married. What was the date of death?

Higher Spirit: 30 years to the day after birth. A school teacher—or a teacher of children.

Pamela: What was the day of her birth?

Higher Spirit. January 13th.

Pamela: What was her manner of death? What did she die from?

Higher Spirit: There was an illness they call the plague, it was a major illness of respiratory problems.

Pamela: What was the life purpose in that lifetime?

Higher Spirit: The primary purpose was to learn how to give in the process of taking…giving and learning, teaching and learning.

Pamela: Was that life purpose completed?

Higher Spirit: Yes.

Pamela: He asks, what has he done well in this lifetime that is consistent with his purpose in this lifetime?

Higher Spirit: He is a consistent seeker. If he would learn to understand the limitations of his communication and learning here, it would be of felicitous purpose for him now.

Pamela: He asks, “What have I neglected and not done so well that requires improvement on my part to achieve my life purpose?”

Higher Spirit: To understand, when we (spirit) choose to come into this life, there is a primary and secondary reasons for coming in to learn in specific, embodied, until we leave the body as spirit once again.

Pamela: So his primary (reason) you have said is to gain greater knowledge of spirit and communication with spirit.

Higher Spirit: Yes. And teaching is a very good way of learning.

Pamela: “What changes can I initiate,” he asks, “to have a purpose filled life?”

Higher Spirit: To create the focus of the primary purpose—to learn. To put your energy into that area.

Pamela: He asks, “What miracles have I experienced in this lifetime?”

Higher Spirit: What is a miracle?

Pamela: I know that Light defines a miracle as that which is not yet fully understood.

Higher Spirit: Correct. That answers the question.

Pamela: He asks, “How has my soul developed?”

Higher Spirit: I am not here to judge, but he seems to be eagerly pursuing a path which is very positive for his learning.

Pamela: Does he have a soul mate in this current lifetime, he asks?

Higher Spirit: That is a definition that is hard to define….soul…mate. He has many cognitive connections—unconsciously, consciously, and physically. He is a very eager and intelligent man. He will do well.

Pamela: He asks if any of his dead relatives have reincarnated.

Higher Spirit: Well, if he goes back to his very first relatives, yes. Is he speaking of the immediate past life?

Pamela: Well, let’s ask that, people that were with him in his past life, are they with him today-some of them?

Higher Spirit: No

Pamela: People in this life, hmmm, I don’t know if his parents are living or his grandparents.

Higher Spirit: I believe his mother’s living.

Pamela: Okay so his father?

Higher Spirit: No.

Pamela: So he’s not reincarnated?

Higher Spirit: No.

Pamela: “Which individuals in my life today have been consistently present with me in my previous lifetimes?”

Higher Spirit: None that I can account for.

Pamela: He wants to know if he has had a previous relationship with his wife and children today.

Higher Spirit: None noted.

Pamela: “How can”…oh, I see (by his question) that his father did die “how can I be a blessing to my wife, children, siblings and Mother in this current life?”

Higher Spirit: By letting them learn their life lesson and supporting them in their seeking such.

Pamela: Higher Spirit, when you say he’s had 5 lifetimes in the embodied state, does that include today?

Higher Spirit: Yes.

Pamela: We know (now) about his most recent and we know that he was an Essene at one time…was that (Essene B.C. or A.D.? Well, it must have been B.C. obviously (as it was before the birth of Jesus).

Higher Spirit: He lived just before, shortly before. Two previous lives were in early mankind.

Pamela: Like Cro-Magnon man?

Higher Spirit: Yes.

Pamela: So the Essene life, was he male or female?

Higher Spirit: Hmmm. He was a male, but he felt more female energy than male energy.

Pamela: In that lifetime what was his work, what did he do in that lifetime?

Higher Spirit: He was a teacher.

Pamela: What did he teach?

Higher Spirit: Spiritual communication…spiritual communication with higher levels. (Meaning communicating with higher levels of spirit.)

Pamela: And yet in this lifetime he doesn’t know much about spirit. How is it we forget so much?

Higher Spirit: Because we are here to learn about different aspects of different subjects chosen by us.

(Pamela Note: When a spirit embodies in human form, only part of the spirit is in the body. The higher consciousness of the spirit—the Higher Self—is not in the body. The limitations of the physical form of the body cause the part of the spirit in the body (Lower Self) to consciously forget past lives and what was learned in them. However, the subconscious remembers, as does the Higher Self, and when information that has been learned in the past is presented again in the present, the Lower Self can usually embrace that information more quickly and/or alter it with new awareness and understanding gained in the present.)

Pamela: I would also ask, the lifetimes he had in the spirit state, are there one or more that have a strong influence on this life?

Higher Spirit: Not in particular, but he’s been seeking more knowledge of higher communication, whether he’s been embodied or in spirit.

Pamela: In any of those lifetimes, is there something that would give him inspiration today, or a hidden skill or talent or ability that he is not aware of?

Higher Spirit: Yes. He’s been very supportive of learning about the abilities of the spirit called Man—the humanoid in the body and the spirit not in a humanoid body—always seeking to learn more.

Pamela: Have you any other messages that you would give him at this time as we end this session?

Higher Spirit: To ask his Higher Self to give guidance to his cell structure in the human body and in his seeking the information he seeks and to embrace it not as a mysterious thing but as what you would learn in your quest for knowledge above the spirit and the human and the connection between those two.

Pamela: Thank you Higher Spirit

Higher Spirit: You are most welcome.

Pamela: Oh, I forgot, he added he does not wish to show disrespect to Higher Self but asks if asking a question to which he knows the answer would be an acceptable means of validating the information received?

Higher Spirit: He may use that information to validate his own ability to expect, receive and embrace that which was given him. I’m not here to prove anything and I don’t like to be challenged. But he is a person who constantly questions things. I will give the information that is requested and it is up to the receiver to accept and prove to themselves.

You know, Pamela, that if you keep questioning and denying and trying to prove things it becomes a human game of life. I am not a human. I am not involved in the game of life. If you prove to yourself the power of your own then you may do what I do for yourself.